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Dwarf Language: English to Khazalid Dictionary

This English to Khazalid dictionary is intended to make it easier for those searching for a specific word or for a specific translation without having to skim the Khazalid lexicon all the time in search of it.

Some of the translations are an aproximation as several concepts of Dwarfish culture are hard to translate literally. The translations given however should make it easy to understand the word if not the underlying context of it.

It is also intended to be a kind of 'living document', to be expanded upon as GW releases new words and phrases and to added to as well by the community.

Have fun browsing through it!


Posted by Dourin on Jun 15 2012 03:27 PM
!: Ha (to be added at the end of the last word of the sentence)
?: Wan (to be added at the front of the first word of the sentence)

Ale: Gorog (also used for high spirits, drinking binge), Grizdal (ale which has been fermented for at least a century), Grog (inferior, watered ale; mannish brew), Grumbak (short measure of ale), Hazkal (ale brewed recently, also fiery young warrior)
Alive: Karu (see ‘ancestor’)
Ambition: Drek, (see ‘enterprise’ ,‘far’)
Ancestor: Gromthi, Karugromthi (Living Ancestor)
And: Un
Anvil: Grong
Approximately: Umanar (see ‘indecision’)
Armour: Klad (iron armour, iron plating)
Army Drangthrong (Huge Dwarf Army):, Throng (see ‘clan’)
Arrival: Katalhüyk (end of a journey)
Art of inscribing runes on precious metal with a Troll’s Tooth: Arkhandrazkal
Art of stalking Goblins in caves: Grobkull
Art of hunting and catching Trolls: Khulghur
Art of cooking Troll: Kulgur
Artifact: Gromdal (ancient artifact)

Back: Krink (bad back due to continual stooping)
Banging (one’s head on the roof of a low tunnel): Bok
Banishment: Ghull, Ghull-dreng (see ‘exile’)
Banner: Fleg (see ‘standard’)
Barren: Grimaz (barren place), Norn (barren earth, area with limited resources)
Battle: Kazak (see ‘war’)
Beard: Skruff (scrawny beard, outrageous insult), Tromm (also respect due to age or experience)
Bearded: Gorm (see ‘old’)
Beast (wild), Beastmen: Gor
Befuddled: Werit (Dwarf who has forgotten where he placed his tankard or ale)
Bet: Dar (see ‘challenge’)
Belly (large, fat): Bolg (also refers to state of extreme wealth, age and contentment.
Berserker: Bakraz (see ‘nutter’)
Beside: Bin (see ‘in’, ‘on’)
Bird: Kro (black bird, see ‘crow’, ‘raven’)
Black: Drazh (see ‘night’), Kol (colour)
Blood: Zan (see red)
Blue: Skarrenruf (see ‘sky’)
Boarding house: Tiwaz (see ‘inn’, ‘rest’)
Bond: Baraz (see ‘promise’)
Bones: Uzgul, Uzkul (see ‘death’)
Book: Kron
Brave: Grom
Brawl: Skuf (see ‘skirmish)
Bread: Brog (see ‘cake’)
Breezy Zilfin (see windswept)
Brewery: Valdahaz
Brilliant: Bryn
But, bear in mind, except for: Bar

Cake: Brog (see ‘bread)
Candle (that blows out unexceptedly plunging tunnel into darkness): Boga
Cannon: Barag (see ‘siege machine’, ‘war machine’)
Capture: Und (see ‘keep’, ‘hold out’)
Carry (verb): Hunk (carry heavy rocks or other burden)
Cavalry: Kazhunki (see ‘knight’, ‘rider’)
Cavern: Ungor (see ‘tunnels’), Vulkhrund (cavernous hiding place)
Cave-in: Rikigraz (see ‘landsldie’)
Challenge: Dar (see ‘bet’)
Chaos: Dum
Cheese: Chuf (old cheese used in emergencies by Dwarf miners)
Chisel: Klinka
City: Kazad (see ‘fortress’)
Clan: Throng (see ‘army’)
Cleave: Zank (see ‘cut’, ‘divide’)
Cleaver: Maraz
Clever (alert, mentally sharp): Bran
Clothing: Ragarin (coarse, uncomfortable clothing made from the hide of a troll)
Cloud: Orrud (red cloud, volcanic plume)
Complaint: Grumbak (trivial complaint)
Conquer (verb): Drung
Construction (that looks like it is about to collapse): Elgraz
Consume (verb): Guz (to consume food or drink, see ‘eat’, ‘drink’)
Contest: Rorkaz (informal shouting contest)
Copper: Izor
Could: Sar (see’may’, ‘might’)
Craftsman: Okri
Crazy: Zaki (crazed dwarf who wanders in the mountains)
Crescent: Lhune
Crow: Kro (see ‘raven’, ‘bird’)
Crown: Gron
Cruel: Grimaz
Cunning: Gorak (see ‘uncanny’, ‘magical’), Ok (see ‘skilful’)
Cut: Zank (see ‘cleave’, ‘divide’)

Danger: Khatül (lurking danger)
Dark: Dhark
Dark (the dark beneath the world): Dharkhangron (see ‘underground’)
Darkness: Dum
Death: Uzgul, Uzkul (see ‘bones’)
Defeat (verb): Drung
Defiant: Grom
Dependable: Azul (also see ‘Metal’)
Desolate: Vlag (see ‘lonely’)
Desolation: Naggrund (desolate area where dragons or trolls live, see ‘devastation’, ‘ruin’)
Devastation: Naggrund (see ‘ruin’)
Did: Ad
Dirt: Onk (accredtion of dirt and grime on company of Dwarfs who have spent many days underground)
Disappointment: Kruk (unexpected disappointment)
Disaster: Krunk
Discover (verb): Gand
Disreputable: Wanaz (disreputable dwarf with unkempt beard)
Distance: Drek
Divide: Zank (see ‘cut’, cleave’)
Do (verb): Gronit (irregular verb ‘to o’, present tense: gronit; past tense: gird)
Dog: Varaz (mad dog)
Domain: Ankor
Dome: Ruf (underground dome, natural or constructed)
Done : Ad (see ‘Did’)
Doom: Dum
Door (fortified): Barak (see also ‘gateway’)
Dragon: Drakk (also used for ‘monster’ in general)
Dragon stew: Drongnel (stew with mushrooms marinated in strong ale)
Dragonslayer: Drakendrengi
Drink: Guz
Drink (verb): Guzzen
Dwarf, Dwarfs: Dawi

East: Nar (see ‘sunrise’)
Eat (verb): Guz
Elder: THrongrink
Elves: Elgi
Embellished: Lok
Enemy: Urk (see ‘ork’)
Enfeeble: Elgram
Enduring: Karaz
Engineer (Dwarf): Endrinkuli
Enterprise: Drek (see ‘ambition’, ‘far’)
Eternity: Azamar (see ‘forever’)
Exile: Ghull, Ghull-dreng (see ‘banishment’)
Explosion: Thrund (see ‘gun’, ‘gunpowder’)
Eye: Dok

Far: Drek (see ‘ambition’, ‘enterprise’)
Farm, Farmland: Vorn
Fearless: Garaz
Feast: Trogg (also heavy drinking bout)
Feed: Guzzen (see ‘insert’, ‘push’)
Fight: Runk (one-sided fight, a sound trashing)
Find (verb): Gand
Fire: Har, Zharr
Flood: Ruvalk (see ‘river)
Food (fragments found in beard): Gibal
Foolish: Wazzock (gullible, foolish dwarf, one who exchanged a valuable for an item of no worth)
Forest: Thingaz (dense forest)
Forever: Azamar (see ‘eternity’)
Forge: Grungron
Fortune: Akrak (see ‘luck’)
Fortress: Kazad (see ‘city’)

Gatehouse: Migdhal (see ‘outpost’)
Gateway (fortified): Barak
Guard: Undi (see ‘watcher’)
Giant, Giants: Gronti
Giant Slayer: Grontdrengi
Gift: Zaraz
Glass: Mizpal (volcanic glass)
Go (verb): Git
Goatherd: Kruti (insult, slang)
Goblin, goblins: Grobi, Grobkaz (goblin work, evil deeds)
Gold: Bryn (gold which shines strikingly in the sunlight), Frorl (lucky gold, known to bring good fortune and prosperity), Galaz (gold (of particular ornamental value), Gorl (gold which is especially soft and yellow), Gorlm (old gold, passed down through many generations and left undisturbed in guarded treasure vaults), Konk (gold that is reddy in colour), Kurz (unlucky gold, that has been used in misadventure or in which brings the recipient has fallen foul of circumstance, such as gold that has been used to pay for inferior goods), Ril (gold ore which shine brightly in rock)
Good: Dal (see ‘old’)
Good (as good without being proven over time and hard use): Dawr
Great Axe: Az-Dreugi (see ‘War Axe’,’Weapon’)
Green: Grob
Grudge [grievance, insult to be avenged]: Damnaz
Grumble: Grumbak
Grumbler: Grumbaki
Gullible: Doh (see ‘stupid’), Wazzok (see ‘foolish’)
Gun: Thrund (see ‘gunpowder’, ‘explosion’)
Gunpowder: Thrund (see ‘gun’, ‘explosion’)

Hall: Khaz (underground hall, palace halls)
Hall-dwellers: Khazukan Dawi (literally ‘stay at the Hold’ Dwarfs)
Hammer: Grund, Rikkaz
Hard: Durak, Grom (see ‘brave’)
Harsh: Grim (see ‘unyielding’), Grimaz
He (she): Ek
Headband: Thongli (worn by warriors who have slain an orc or goblin)
Hew (verb): Skrund (to hew rock with hammers and picks)
High: Gorm
Highway: Drin
History: Kron (see ‘book), Zagaz (see remembering, saga)
Hit: Stok (see ‘strike’)
Hold out (verb): Und (see ‘keep’, ‘capture’)
Honour: Thrynaz (code of honour) (see ‘law’, ‘rules’)
Horde: Vorkhul (migrating horde of orcs and goblins)
Horn: Goruz (Horn, made of horns), Hirn (instrument)
Hound: Varf (see ‘wolf’)
How: Ok
Humans: Umgi
Hut: Zak (isolated mountain hut)

I: Or (see ‘me’, ‘myself’)
Ice: Wyr (see snow, white)
In: Bin (see ‘on’, ‘beside’)
Indecision: Umanar (see ‘approximately’)
Industral work: Angaz (see ‘Ironwork’)
Inn: Tiwaz (see ‘rest’, ‘boarding house’)
Insert: Guzzen (see ‘feed’, ‘pusth’)
Intricate: Lok
Ironwork: Ang
It: Ek

Jewel, Jewels: Izril
Justice: Vengryn (see ‘revenge’, ‘vengeance’)

Keep: Migdhal (see ‘outpost’)
Keep (verb): Und (see ‘capture’, ‘hold out’)
King: Rik (also used for ‘lord’)
Kingship: Za
Knight: Kazhunki (see ‘cavalry’, ‘rider’)

Lady: Kvinn
Lake: Varn (mountain lake)
Landslide: Rikigraz (see ‘cave-in)
Lava: Haraz
Laws: Thrynaz (see ‘rules’, ‘honour’ )
Length: Langk
Lonely: Vlag (see ‘desolate’)
Long: Langk (see ‘length’)
Lordship: Za
Luck: Akrak (see ‘fortune’)

Machine (siege, war): Barag
Magical: Gorak
Make (verb): Grungnaz
March (verb): Got
Market: Urbaz
Masonry (in the sense of ‘massive masonry): Azkahr
May: Sar (see ‘could’, ‘might’)
Me: Or (see ‘I’, ‘myself’)
Meadow: Zorn (high meadow, see plateau, mountainous)
Meal: Skof (cold meal eaten underground)
Meat: Grizal (poor meat), Kuri (meat stew)
Merchant: Vithang (see ‘trader’)
Metal: Azul
Metalwork: Grungron
Might: Sar (see ‘could’, ‘may’)
Mine: Grung
Miner: Boki (slang)
Money: Wulthrung (see ‘payment’, obligation, reward)
Monster: Drakk (see ‘Dragon’)
Moonlight: Lhune (see ‘crescent’)
Mountain: Karag (barren mountain, see ‘volcano’), Karak
Mountain Pass: Kadrin
Mountainous: Zorn (mountainous land, see plateau, meadow)
Mushrooms (from back of a cave): Frongol
Myself: Or (see ‘I’, ‘me’)

New: Deb (see ‘untried’, ‘raw’)
Night: Drazh (see ‘black)
No: Nai, Na, Nuf
Nose: Konk (large and bulbous nose)
Now: Nu
Nutter: Bakraz

Oathbreaker: Unbaraki
Observe: Dok
Obligation: Wulthrung (see money, payment, reward)
Of : A
Ogre: Ogri
Old: Dal (see ‘good’), Gnol (see ‘wise’), Gorm (see ‘high’, ‘wise’, ‘powerful’, ‘bearded’), Karaz (see ‘enduring’, ‘strong’)
On: Bin (see ‘In’, ‘beside’)
Ork: Grob (greenskins), Urk
Orkslayer: Urkdrengi
Ourselves: Ut (see ‘we’, ‘us’)
Outpost: Migdhal (fortified outpost)
Own (verb): Bezek (see ‘posses)
Owner: Bezeki

Pain: Grik (pain in neck caused to continually stooping in low tunnels)
Parry: Klang
Payment: Wulthrung (see money, reward, obligation)
Plains: Gazan
Plaits: Grindal (long flaxen plaits worn by maidens)
Plateau: Zorn (upland plateau, see meadow, mountainous)
Polished: Ril (see ‘gold’)
Posses (verb): Bezek
Possesor: Bezeki
Power: Rhun (see ‘rune’,’word’)
Powerful: Gorm (see ‘old’)
Praiseworthy: Lok
Promise: Baraz (see ‘bond’)
Prospector: Skrati (poor prospector)
Proven: Gnol
Push: Guzzen (see ‘food’, ‘insert’)

Queen: Rinn
Quick: Alabrin (see ‘swiftness’)

Raiders: Vongal (raiding band of men)
Raven: Kro (see ‘crow’, ‘bird’)
Raw: Deb (see ‘new’, ‘untried’)
Realm: Ankor (see ‘Domain’)
Rebellious: Garaz
Record: Kron (see ‘book’)
Red: Zan (see blood)
Redstone: Rhyn
Reliable: Gnol
Remember: Zagaz (remembering, see history, saga)
Respect: Gnollengrom (respect due to a Dwarf who has a longer and more spectacular beard)
Rest: Tiwaz (see ‘inn’, ‘boarding house’)
Revenge: Vengryn (see ‘revenge, ‘justice’)
Reward: Wulthrung (see payment, obligation, money)
Rider: Kazhunki (see ‘knight’, ‘cavalry’)
River: Ruvalk (See ‘flood’), Zhuf (rapidly flowing river, mountain river, see waterfall)
Road: Drin
Rock: Duraz, Grint (waste rock left by mining excavations), Skree (loose rock on mountainside, rocky ground)
Ruin: Naggrund
Rules: Thrynaz (see ‘law’, ‘honour’)
Rune: Rhun (see ‘word’,’power’)

Sage: Zagaz (see remember, history)
Scar: Bok (scar from banging one’s head on teh roof of a low tunnel, see ‘banging’)
Scavenge: Skrat (see ‘search)
Sea: Varr
Search: Skrat (see ‘to search for gold amongst rock debrid or stream bed)
See (verb): Dok
Settlement: Kazid (see ‘town’, ‘village’)
Shadow: Mhornar
Shieldwall: Thrung
Shiny: Bryn, Ril (see ‘gold’)
Shoddy: Umgak
Shrine: Thryng (shrine of ancestors, see ‘temple’)
Silver (colour): Azril
Skilful: Ok (see ‘cunning’)
Skirmish: Skuf (see ‘brawl’)
Skull: Ghal
Sky: Skarrenruf (see ‘blue’)
Slag: Muzkhgrum (blast furnace slag)
Slay (verb): Dreng, Thag (to slay by act of treachery)
Slayer: Drengi
Smash (verb): Drung
Smithying (verb): Grungnaz
Snow: Wyr (see ice, white)
Song: Skaud (loud, booming sound)
Soon: Anu (also translates as ‘very soon’,’any minute now’)
Sombre: Kol (see ‘black’)
Splitter: Maraz
Stairway (descending belowground): Ekrund
Staff: Wand (magical rune staff)
Standard: Fleg (see ‘banner’)
Stone (slab): Duraz, Kol (black stone), Rikkit (small stone which falls on your head as you walk down a tunnel)
Stream: Stromez
Strike (verb): Stok (see ‘hit’)
Strong: Karaz
Stronghold: Karak (see ‘mountain’)
Stupid: Doh
Sturdy, Sturdy Dwarf: Azul
Sun: Zon
Sunrise: Nar
Sunset: Yar (see west)
Swiftness: Alabrin (see ‘quick’)

Tankard: Nogarung (drinking tankardmade from the skull of a Troll)
Temple: Thryng (see ‘shrine’)
Thane: Gov
Them: Um (see ‘those’, ‘these’)
These: Um (see ‘them’, those’)
They: Af
Thief: Skazi
Thievery: Skaz
Thin: Elgram
Those: Um (see ‘them’, ‘these’)
Thunder: Dron
Tomb: Grongol (tomb of the ancestors)
Tool: Makaz
Tooth: Tusk
Tough: Grom (see ‘brave’)
Tower: Barak (see also ‘gateway’)
Town: Kazid (see ‘village’, ‘settlement’)
Trade: Urbar
Trader: Vithang (see ‘merchant’)
Trading post: Urbaz (see ‘market’)
Traitor: Thagi (murderous traitor)
Travel (verb): Got (to travel quickly with purpose), Strol (travel leisurely)
Treasure: Azgal (treasure hoard)
Tribute: Thragh
Troll: Troll
Trolldrengi: Trollslayer
Tunnel: Duk (low, narrow), Girt (broad with plenty of headroom), Ungor

Unbearded: Elgi (see ‘Elves’)
Uncanny: Gorak
Underground: Dharkhangron (see ‘Dark’)
Underway: Undgrin Ankor
Us: Ut (see ‘we’, ‘ourselves’)
Unsuccesful: Wattock (unsuccesfull dwarf
Untried: Deb (see ‘new’, ‘raw’)
Untrustworthy: Ungrim (untrustworthy dwarf)
Unyielding: Grim (see ‘harsh’)

Vain: Ufdi (Vain Dwarf, overly fond on preening his beard)
Vampire: Zangunaz
Vanquish (verb): Drung
Vault, Vaults: Grongol (see ‘tomb’), Irkul (pillared vault hewn in rock), Thindrongol (secret vault in which ale or treasure is hidden)
Vein: Kruk (promising vein of ore that gives out unexpectedly, see ‘disappointment’)
Vengeance: Vengryn (see ‘justice’, ‘revenge’)
Village: Kazid (see ‘town’, ‘settlement’)
Volcano: Karag

Walk (verb): Strol
Wall: Barak (see also ‘gateway’), Huzhrung (massive city wall)
War: Kazak (see ‘battle’)
War Axe: Az
War Drum: Khrum
Wasteland: Gazan
Watch (verb): Dok
Watcher: Undi
Watchpost: Und (see ‘keep’, ‘capture’, ‘hold out’)
Watchtower: Mingol (tall watchtower on lowland)
Waterfall: Zhuf (see river)
Water pump: Kuchungkuchung
Water wheel: Kuchungkuchung (see water pump)
We: Ut (see ‘us’, ‘ourselves’)
Weak: Elgram
Weapon: Az (see ‘War Axe’), Makaz (see ‘tool’)
West: Yar (see sunset)
When: Wanrak
Where: Wanrag
Whiner: Grumbaki (see ‘grumbler’)
White: Wyr (see, snow, ice)
Why: Ok
Windswept: Zilfin (see breezy)
Will: An (also used for ‘shall’,’am going to’,’with purpose’), Anad (Will/shall have done)
Wise: Gnol (see ‘respect’), Gorm (see ‘old’, ‘powerful’, ‘bearded’)
Wolf: Varag (see ‘dog’), Varf (see ‘hound’)
Wood: Wutroth (wood from ancient mountain oak)
Word: Rhun (see ‘rune’,’power’)
Work: Ori
Wound: Thrag


Yellow: Gorl
Yes: Ai, I, Ap, Ip
You : Ek (singular), Af (plural, see ‘They’)
Young: Garaz


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