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Battle Of Sinkeldorf (Night Of Geheimnistag)

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#1 Glyfi Ironbeard

Glyfi Ironbeard

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Posted 30 October 2020 - 10:34 PM

So as my son has grown older, he has always enjoyed looking at my models and trying to smack them into each other to make them 'fight.'  Of course, that behavior was quickly frowned upon and he grew up.  Now he wants to play Warhammer with me!  Hurray, a proud dad getting his beardling out to play!


That said, today we played our very first game.  Not to overload him, we played the 6th edition Warband rules.  Longbeards may remember these rules but for everyone else, they were a set of rules released by GW that allowed low point level games.  We actually played a 125 point game, just so he could get use to movement and combat rules without having to worry about the more advanced aspects of the game.


He wanted to play undead, so his squad consisted of a wight lord, 6 skeletons, and 4 zombies.  I went with a thane, 3 quarrellers, and 3 warriors w/ shields.  I failed to take pictures, so I will just share the results of the battle instead...




The mist hung low as the sky darkened.  The last rays of light were fading fast as the various mothers called for their children to come in out of the fields.  There was never a reason to stay out on a night like this, on the night of Geheimnistag.


The village of Sinkeldorf was a small village in a picturesque valley.  A small dwarf brewery stood amid a number of dwarf and human hovels.  A nearby spring, flowing from the mountains to the northern hills fed a nearby lake.  Across from the village, at the edge of the low hills and forests of the valley stood the ruins of the old castle and the Temple of Sigmar.


The first warnings came as a scream from the Temple.  It was blood curdling but was cut short.  Silenced halfway through a breath.


The children turned back to see what was happening but begin to panic moments later.  From the crypt near the temple, a lone figure stood, silhouetted by a full Morrslieb rising into the sky.  As it raised its bony finger and pointed to the village of Sinkeldorf, it threw back its head and bellowed a dry cry that sounded like the rustling of aged parchment.


As its head returned back to view the village, glowing red eyes carried the vision of death across the greenish fog that seeped across the fields.  Cries of panic filled the air as the children turned and ran.  Mothers attempted to find their children as the undead filed out of the crypt.


From inside the brewery, a few stout-hearted dwarfs issued forth.  Ready to protect their maturing casks of ale, the dwarfs would also manage to save the villagers.


As the skeletons crossed the stream, a few of the dwarfs let loose with their crossbows.  Within no time, nearly half of the bones were lying strewn across the ground.  Still the undead shambled forward.


With a cry of rage, the master brewer led a few of the lads in a charge against the remaining skeletons.  Hacking them apart with ease, victory seemed assured...


Yet the dwarfs had not reckoned with the hatred of the wight that ruled that burial mound.    As the zombies of those recently deceased parted, the lord of the crypt ambled forward.


Raising his ghostly blade high, he plunged it down into the chest of the brewer and impaled him to the ground.  The boys from the bar, turned and fled as a handful of quarrellers looked on to watch the undead begin to drag off the living.


Fires leapt high into the air, as the humans and dwarfs fled from the reawakened dead...




So ended the battle of Sinkeldorf.  My entire force was fleeing, and a handful of zombies and skeletons remained with the wight lord in firm control of the battlefield.  My son was happy with the outcome and quickly accepted an offer of a rematch.  For the second game I fielded a squad of 3 slayers led by a dragon slayer.  The carnage was quick as the slayers smashed the undead.


While it wasn't necessarily a fair fight, points were the same but slayers are just able to smash through skeletons, he had a blast and learned a lot.  He originally thought that the undead were unstoppable, but with the second game he discovered that everything has strengths and weaknesses.  I'm now looking forward to playing more in the future and he has been reading through various old white dwarf battle reports and loving it.

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Posted 31 October 2020 - 01:52 AM

Awesome! I love these tiny battles, it’s so much more personal than a large war.
Did your son get to use a re-animate spell?

I’ll look forward to further adventures in Sinkeldorf!

#3 Glyfi Ironbeard

Glyfi Ironbeard

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Posted 31 October 2020 - 07:15 PM

I had him work with the wight lord to keep magic out of the game for the time being.  He is eight and I wanted to keep it fairly simple for a first game.  That, plus its been about 2-3 years since I last played so I barely remember how magic works.  :P

#4 HoR


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Posted 31 October 2020 - 07:30 PM

Pff, getting dwarf's to do a Witch Hunter's job ^^.


Glad to see that the beardling is interested in the hobby and the game looked to be consistent with the Halloween spirit.


As a huge fan of Lotr SBG my friend and I were considering using its ruleset to play war-band style fantasy games - indeed, that's one of my biggest gripes about AoS; GW, you could have just kept the fantasy range and lore intact and converted it into a skirmish game...


Anyhow, enough about that. Glad to see that you had a good time.

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#5 Glyfi Ironbeard

Glyfi Ironbeard

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Posted 02 November 2020 - 04:15 AM

With Mordheim, Skirmish rules for Warhammer, and the Warband rules I felt like they had enough to make an amazing game that scaled to any level.  Its how I got started, playing small games while we collected and painted up the armies.  Some of the scenarios and campaigns from sixth edition were amazing!  I've actually been on the wayback machine getting a few of those to play with my boy next.  I'm thinking the Dragon campaign where the dwarfs fight off the dragon might be a lot of fun for him.


4 missions that pit an increasing number of dwarf models against the dragon might be a good way of stepping up complexity in a fun manner.  The finale would allow us to play an actual game with a few different units.  He loves my dragon model so I think he would have a blast getting to play with it.

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