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Long Drong Slayer Pirates For 8Th Edition

dwarf dwarves dwarfs slayers pirates dogs of war mercenaries 8th edition long drong dawi

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Posted 15 September 2020 - 04:59 AM

0-1 Long Drong and 9 Slayer pirates (which include a First Mate, Standard Bearer and Musician) may be taken for 360 points and count as both a Hero and a Special slot.

Like Most Slayers, Long Drong can not be the army general, unless he is a part of Raiding Force of Barak Varr, in which case he may be the general, but he always deploys with his unit and cannot leave it. 

Slayer Pirates may be added at +15 points per model with a maximum of 40 models in total

(For VP calculations Drong is 110 points and the unit is 250 + 15 per extra model)



                     M WS BS S T W I A LD

Long Drong   3   6   5   4  5  2 4 3 10

First Mate      3   5   4   4  4  1 3 2 10

Slayer Pirate  3   4   3   3  4  1 2 1 10




Long Drong/Slayer Pirates/First Mate Special Rules:  Ancestral Grudge (only if taken in a dwarf army), Death Blow, Dwarf Rum, Relentless, Resolute, Slayers, Slayer Cult, Treasure Token, Unbreakable.


Slayer Pirates Equipment:  Festooned with Pistols, Long Drong’s Dread Pirate Banner


First Mate Equipment: Festooned with Pistols, Cinder Blast Bombs (page 42 of the Dwarfs Army Book)


Long Drong Equipment: Festooned with Pistols, Runtz the Parrot


Dwarf Rum

Dwarfs and boats do not mix.  Even Dwarfs who have been at sea their entire lives do not fully have their sea legs.  The only way they cope is by drinking copious amounts of alcohol.  When the ale runs dry, the horrible concoction called Dwarf Rum comes out.  The brew is a secret mix of sugar cane, iron bits, and gunpowder.  The Rum plays havoc on the insides, and only the constitution of a dwarf can handle the poisonous drink, but only barely.  The gasses and smells that come from the insides of the slayers, combined with their sanitation habits create a horrible alchemic stench.

Long Drong and His Slayer Pirates are -1 to hit in hand to hand combat.


Festooned with Pistols

Long Drong and his Pirates always use their pistols in battle, and their haversacks never run out.  They count as having a brace of pistols all the time, even in hand to hand combat.  They use their BS at range, and their WS in hand to hand as normal but all of their attacks are Strength 4 AP 1 including those made from Deathblow.  Long Drong Slayer Pirates do not benefit from the Slayer rule with their pistols.


Long Drong’s Dread Pirate Banner

The Slayer Pirates are always the first off the ship when battle is to be had, and few who witnesses the unfurling of Long Drong’s Dread Pirate Banner stand their ground, for dead men tell no tales.  So fearsome is their reputation, enemies think twice before charging into the fray against the drunken pirates knowing there is wall of lead awaiting them.

The Banner counts as having a Strollaz’ Rune (page 63 of the Dwarfs Army book) and a Rune of Slowness (page 63 of the Dwarfs Army book).


Treasure Token

Long Drong only goes to battle if there is a reason, and that reason is always gold. 

After both sides are finished deploying, but before Vanguard movement, place a 25mm round treasure token anywhere in your opponent’s deployment zone.  Any unit that moves over the treasure token, or who defeats a unit in combat who controls the treasure token may pick it up.  Place the token at the middle rear of the unit. The token moves with the unit.  If the unit who controls the treasure token runs for any reason, the token is dropped and left in place as the unit is moved.  The token does not block line of sight, nor does it impede any type of movement.  A unit who controls the treasure token at the end of the game receives +100 VP.  If an enemy unit is in control of the treasure token, both Long Drong and his Slayer Pirates (including his First Mate) have hatred of that unit for as long as the unit controls the token.


Runtz the Parrot

Long Drong is not quite a typical slayer.  Although he has taken the slayer oath; his lust for gold and vengeance is stronger than his need for a glorious death.  His glory will be his horde of gold that he leaves behind.  Despite his drunken hatred of most living things, he has a huge soft spot for his pet parrot Runtz, whom Drong has left a sizable chunk of his fortune to in his will. Runtz is strangely aware of his status with Drong and works hard to keep his eyes open and always gives a warning squawk to Drong when danger is near. 

Runtz grants Long Drong a (blasphemous) 5+ ward save.


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Posted 06 October 2020 - 10:24 AM

Just use rules from Warhammer Army Project. This regiment have description in Regiments and renown 8th edition book (p. 37)

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