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The 9Th Age Has Arrived - Release Of Final Version

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Posted 01 May 2016 - 05:58 PM

Hello All,

As you might be aware, when GW decided to give up on 8th Ed Warhammer, the community fell apart. There where some whom followed GW and took up playing Age of Sigmar. Poor fools lol, Some looked for a wargame supported by a company. Kings of War by Mantic (run by ex GW members) fulfills this criteria and they also produce models and have recently released a final version rulebook. Yay for them, but it's not what the community are used to.

However there where some who banded together, determined to produce a fantasy game that fulfilled all the needs of old warhammer players but without the problems that made 8th so annoying.

Today they can finally release their rule set as a finished product.

The 9th Age team, a band of volunteers who should stand up and take a bow and have a pat on the back, for they have created what is a magnificent rule set which has been carefully balanced so that there are no must have choices or choices you want to avoid. Laser guided cannons are a thing of the past and magic is the risky business but not the all powerful force it should be. Okay we may be missing some of the fluff rules that made GW what it is, but these are small fry in what is an anazing rule set

This rule set will now remain constant probably until next year (a review starts in September) and over time the team will be adding fluff and artwork. We have already seen how accomplished this will be with the undying book so I can only wait with a baited breath over how this will go.

And the best bit is? I no longer have to use GW minis. Don't get me wrong, I love GW minis, but the cost is horrendous and there are so many better ones out there

So what you waiting for? Get the rules (for free), get your army books (for free) and start playing.

Here at the brewery we look forward to seeing many new battles and tactical discussion not to mention many new models being painted!

Bugman - Proudly supporting the 9th age

Here is the offical quote

Dear players,

With your help, we’ve done it. Welcome to the release of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age.


This 1.0 edition is static and will not change until at least September 2016, where data will be evaluated and a new update phase will begin. This period will be different from beta testing - there will be more art and background produced, more tournaments run, more miniature companies getting on board - but there will be no changes to the rules. Grab some models, grab your friend, grab some dice and show them you are not to be messed with.

But that’s not all. Now that we have our game, we need to tell people about it. Tell your mates. If they already know about it but they’ve been hesitant about playing, now’s the time to join! Support your local game store, ask them to support us, and please share our social media posts.

Spread the word! Tell your friends how your Gargantula lost its last wound to that Equitainian Priestess or about how you pulled off that brilliant flanking maneuver. Show them your Snake Swarm Saurian Ancients list or your wicked Von Karnstein build. If you appreciated the balance or inclusivity that we have sought to achieve, then post on wargaming websites. We want to keep supporting this game indefinitely and we want more people to be part of this community.

It only gets better from here.

Happy gaming,
The 9th Age

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Posted 02 May 2016 - 01:29 AM

I've read the core rules and the dwarf rules. Here's what I liked/did not like. 

1) Core rules are complex, but primarily because they seek to make clear all the ambiguous things GW failed to make clear in 8th edition Warhammer. 

2) Good compromise on Vanguard - allowing a slight vanguard move is a nice salve for simply having to not move if someone is within 12". 


3) Pursuit rules are solid. I like that double flees grant you a choice of direction as the charger. 

4) Illustrations do a great job of showing crazy situations as a baseline. This helps a lot. 

5) Line of sight - I really don't like abstract line of sight, mostly because I think it's terribly exploitable by certain builds. But, the rules are clear. 

6) Building rules are clear but really discourage using buildings. 

7) Not a fan of the drop everything deployment rules, but I haven't been for a while. I much prefer the back and forth of you go I go. 

8) Too much bias towards ridden monsters, fast units, and magic. 

9) Magic is a two for one bonanza. Not only do you get your spell effect when you succeed, but you get a whole bonus spell that cannot be stopped, and can also turn a game (some of those lore attributes are really sexy). This, above all else, is one of the main reasons we got the shaft by not having actual magic. Everyone else gets two spells for one. We *might*, maybe, get a spell off. Maybe. 

10) Bound spells are even more of a joke than they were before. Now we get no benefit from Boxcars, but suffer negative consequences for rolling it, and everyone is better at dispelling our spells than we are at dispelling theirs. It's absolutely ludicrous. Booo. Booo. Rubbish. Boo. Filth. Booo. 

11) The essential death of steadfast is the death of the wheeling, crazy, grinding combat I loved so much about 8th edition. Steadfast being too easy to break makes the big scrum on the board too easy to topple and break. 

12) Fighting against rank and file remains an exceptionally good change for the game. Glad it survived. 

13) After playing Kings of War for a while, I now think flee reactions are bad for table top gaming fun, and am sad they remain for all types of units. Not surprised at all, but sad. 

14) Volley Fire is insanely good and should go away. 

That's about all I can remember for now. From our book - 

1) Our bound spells are pretty good spells. They suffer from being bound spells and our opponents will be able to shut us down pretty thoroughly. But, they are useful. Too expensive for the utility and easy at which they are dispelled, and we would have been MUCH better off with a unique lore and access to other lores, but they are useful. I wish they didn't suffer so much under the main rules set. 

2) Seekers are ok. The 6+ ward will help. No banner is dumb. Their unit size limit would have been enough especially since they only have a 6+ ward to protect them. 

3) Deep Guard are great. 

4) Shield wall is exceptional and a nice unique army rule. 


5) Having champions makes our Move problems on our infantry largely not a problem, giving us, in essence, a bonus on our charge. That helps. It's not perfect, but it helps. Swiftstride form the Throne helps more. We're still too slow and lack the diversity to challenge faster armies (all armies, basically), but it's better than it was. We still need real cavalry. 

5) The grudge rule is an abomination unto nuggin. I should hate Greenskins and Rats regardless of weather the king gets off his Test or not, and I should hate them all. Rubbish. Boo. Boo. Filth. Rubbish. Boo. 

6) Only being able to take two individual copters is annoying, because people have more than that. Not being able to take a large unit is annoying, because then we'd have a decent speedy unit on the table. And we should have more of that. I'd love to see 4-6 gyros in a single unit bombing people and charging and what not. Basically, like the Pegasus Knights from Brets. Their rules are ok, but the misfire on the bomber and the S nerf is sad. I was hoping the bomber build would be worthwhile. 

7)  We should have Forging. Hands down - it should be what makes us scary. our misfires should be rerollable. Boo. Rubbish. Filth. Boo. Boo. 

8) Unit limits are too restrictive and make it hard to use your models. I've got 40 ironbreaker models. I'd love to field a big unit. I can't in 9th age. It's against the rules. Bad call.

9) Heroes are ok but a LD9 Thane is an abomination unto Nuggin. Fight in extra ranks makes GW warriors a real possibility though, in a horde. 

10) Rangers are a little too expensive. 

11) Slayer heroes are a bit meh. 

12) Organ Guns are sort of worth while but expensive to make worthy. The +1 to wound is nice, but missing is missing and BS3 sucks. I see no reason to take bolt throwers ever (a failure of the book, in my opinion), and I see little reason to bring any cannons at all. More models on the shelf, I guess. 

13) Hold guardians don't need D3 wounds, they should just have three attacks. If they had that they'd be great. 

14) The Anvil is excellent in terms of what it gives you, if you can get a spell off, but it's still a damn war machine and that makes it way too easy to pull off the board with a characteristic test. 

15) The throne is really good. I don't know if it's too expensive or not, thought. 


16) Why does our Armor Save reroll cost half again as much as everyone else's???

17) Why do we not have access to a non-arcane dispel???

In short, we're in a better place relative to where we were in 8th edition. With new movement options, a touch of (really crappy) magic, and some adjusted troop costs (warriors is bloody cheap, yo), we can field a better army than we could before. 

I don't think it's enough to undo the stigma. I think our best competitive bet is to still hide in the corner, shoot, and charge. I think the combined arms lists will start to do well, but people will adjust and then it will be run-away city. I think the overall buffs to terrain and line of sight, to ridden monsters, and the heavy nerfs to infantry (steadfast), will continue to bedevil us as the meta sorts itself out. 

We'll do well early on - much like how we did early on in 8th edition with our 7th ed book. I think it won't be long till people figure it out again, though. 

I look forward to seeing the full book with fluff, art, and all the other stuff. The artwork on this page looks amazing. 


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Posted 02 May 2016 - 12:04 PM

Hello wargamers,


As part of the 1.0 release of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age, this week will be all about reviews. To kick it off, blogger Raffazza did an in-depth, written review of the 1.00 Rulebook. I think some of you might be interested in his comparison to the WHFB 8th edition rules. Very handy! 


LINK: http://www.the-ninth...ook-a-raffview/



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Posted 02 May 2016 - 05:56 PM

Hello wargamers,


As promised, another review in the series of reviews for the first full version of Fantasy Battles: The 9th Age. I hope you all enjoyed Raffazza's review of the rulebook and comparison between the The 9th Age 1.0 and Warhammers Fantasy's 8th edition. 


This time it's a little bit more down your lane: the first of three reviews of the Dwarven Holds 1.00 army book - a video report by KingG. Enjoy.


Pull up a chair 'round the hearth lads, grab a pint of our clan's strongest ale, sharpen that ax that your granddaddy gave to you, and get ready to stroke your beard (may the gods grant it continuous growth) as I look over the units of the Dwarven Holds army book and give my ever-so-grumbly (not really) opinion on the incredible work that has been put into making the stunty sons of the mountains an amazingly fun and diverse book.



#5 Gotrong Gudmundsson

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Posted 02 May 2016 - 11:16 PM

They're really good reviews, and I'm super thankful for the work they put into making the vids! Read Montegues post, listen to the videos, try out 9th and get yourself an idea on how the Dwarven Holds army work in 9th Age :)

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