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Updated Clan Stonearm Dammaz Kron/ Moubt Gunbad


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Posted 09 February 2014 - 07:13 AM

Date: 2539 IC
Location: Lowest levels of Mount Gunbad
Enemy: Urki and Grobi (Player Josh with large Orc and Goblin force and a character of his creation Gurge Warlord of Mount Gunbad) lead by the Black Urk Gurge Beardtaker Warlord of Mount Gunbad

Woe has befallen Clan Stone arm of Karag Mizpal, for ourassualt on Mount Gun bad ultimately ended in a stalemate and the death of our beloved Thane Lokenn Snorikson at the hands of Gurge.Over the next thirty - eight years after settling our grudge with the accursed Night Grobi who attacked the original expedition our clan has slowly advanced through our the reclaimed tunnel and created others to advance on Mount Gunbad, our ultimate goal. With victory after victory we reclaimed more tunnels and with each new tunnel created or reclaimed we became wealthier as these tunnels are rich with ingots and veins of high quality silver and ore which we trade with Zhufbar for precious supplies.

Despite our newfound wealth and prosperity Thane Lokenn was still not fully satisfied and was determined to reclaim Mount Gun bad of the Urk and Grobi for the glory of the Karaz Ankor. In the years we expanded and became wealthier Thane Lokenn once again built up our forces and even recruited some warriors from Zhufbar who were related to the Dawi miners who once inhabited Mount Gunbad.

After the thirty - eighth year after our vengeance on the Night Grobi our clans miners and warriors had finally fought their way to the tunnels directly underneath Mount Gunbad. As soon as Thane Lokenn received news of this, he mustered the warriors he had assembled as summoned our clans runeslord, Alek Tungilson who brought with him one of the mythical Anvils of Doom said to have been forged by Grugni himself. And with all of these forces, and high morale with the warriors we set of to the tunnels to dig up into Mount Gunbad itself. With songs of heroism and our Ancestors on our lips gorog and stone bread in our bellies we were certain or victory against our foes.

When our force arrived Thane Lokenn ordered the miners to dig up into the hold which was completed in under an hour, then with our Thane in the lead we marched into Mount Gunbad, the first Dawi to do so in centuries. At first there was nothing to face as we marched deeper into the hold but eventually we heard laughing and other noises, until we finally entered a huge chamber that was filled with Grobi and Urki and Black Urki. At their head was the large and cunning Black Urki Gurge Beardtaker, Warlord of Mount Gunbad and War boss of the Red Claw Boys and all the Grobi tribes of the region.

When Gurge had finally finished laughing he ordered his boys to charge at our shield wall and to bring him the 'stun ties boss beard'. With a roar filled with utter contempt for our enemy,Thane Lokenn ordered our cannons to open fire on the green skins lines. The first few shots missed however, but then they came into the line of fire of our Thunderers and Quarellers. This time most of the shots hit and many greenskins were wounded or killed and when our cannons fired again they shattered the ranks of Black Urki sent to the front and hand picked by Gurge himself. We could tell he was not pleased by this as he barked a word and a rather old and horrid looking Urki shaman appeared.

With the appearance of the shaman Runelord Alek harnessed the Anvils power and successfully cast the rune of Wrath and Ruin against the grobi which smashed into their lines and slowed their advance. Reacting to this the Urki shaman advanced further around a pillar and got within range of our longberads. The vile creature then successfully unleashed a powerful Waaaaghh spell on our venerable warriors wounding many.Finding this as using Gurge took this as an opportunity to lead his remaining unit if Black Urki against Thane Lokenn and his Hammerers.

Our Thane readily met the Urki Warlords challenge and swiftly as he could led his hammerers to engage Gurge and his elite Black Urk. While the two leaders advanced upon one another Runes of Wrath and Ruin, along with Waaagh spells continued to successfully inflict death and injury on their respective enemies forces, with our long beards suffering the worst of it and their numbers slowly being grinded down. Also while this was happening our Quarelers exchanged shots with a unit of Urk Arrer Boyz with the Quarellers having the before luck and our cannons and Thunderes continuing to inflict lethal damage upon the Grobi warriors and Squig riders.

And then came the long awaited showdown between the Urk Warlord and ourThane Lokenn. With a thunderous clap the Thunderers and Black Urk came together to tear one another's throats out. It was a particularly bloody affair, with the Hammers being battered mercilessly by the black Urki but in turn inflicting much misery upon the greenskins in turn. Gurge himself slew a Hammerer and wounded three more before eventually fighting his way to Lokenn. With two titanic roars one in refined Khazalid the other in the filthy Urk tongue the two mightiest warriors in Mount Gunbad engaged one another. For what seemed like an age as Dawi and green skins fought and bled around them these two warriors rained blow after blow upon another, neither wanting to face defeat or give ground. Mysitical Urk Chopa collided with venerated Gromril armour and in turn a Gromril Az bit into crude but strong Urk armour and hide, both delivering painful and bloody wounds upon one another with abandon.

Then suddenly, for whatever reason perhaps a combination of exhaustion and blood loss, Thane Lokenn continually missed his towering target. Gurge laughed at this and alas it was these fateful missed swings that not only further exhausted our Thane weigh the effort behind them, but also sealed his fate. It is with great reluctance that I continue this account but it must he recorded. While our Thane missed his last few swings Gurge did not, and he continued to smack his magically enhanced choppa against our Thane until he was practically on his knees. Then with a final roar loud enough to wake the Drakk of, old Gurge brought his choppa with all of his strength against Thane Lokenns neck. Despite the ringing sounds of the battlefield and the cries of the living and dying, the sound box bone breaking and blood squirting was heard by all, as was the sound of our beloved Thanes body crashing against the ground under Gurges blow.

It shocked us all to our cores that Lokenn had been slain by that vile, opportunistic Urk. But it must be said that while it was a great blow our morale did not break so we hardened our hearts and fought on with all the wrath of the Dawi race. This terrified even the black urki who were slightly crushed by the enraged Hammerers, but Gurge himself smug as any could be and overflowing with confidence decided the try his mettle against Rune lord Alek. By the ancestors thankfully this proved to be the arrogant green skins undoing, as our rune lord unleashed the rune of Wrath and Ruin once again successfully,this time against Gurge himself. As Gurge was already wounded from his duel with Thane Lokenn the rune combined with sudden successful barrage of shots from our skilled Thunderes, brought the thrice damned Urki to his knees before finally ending his disgusting existence and avenging Thane Lokenns death. Their warlords death proved too much to the green skins if Mount Gunbad as their morale broke and they swiftly began to retreat back up to the higher levels of the hold followed by their shaman who had taken a few wounds from our Quarellers who had dealt much woe to the pitiful Urk Arrer Boyz.

In one final act of spite the shaman brought part of the sealing down the block of the entrance to the higher levels and prevent us from pursuing them. Not that we would have, as we had taken many casualties amongst the Hammerers,Longbeards and a few amongst our Quarellers and Warriors and they needed to be properly reunited with their ancestors. But most f all our beloved Thane Lokenn who had wisely and prosoperously ruled over Clan Stonearm and Karag Mizpal was slain and had to be returned home. Leaving a cannon, a unit of Thunderers and a unit of Warriors in now empty lower levels of Mount Gunbad behind to ensure it remained in Dawi hands we solemnly marched back to Karag Mizpal. After our dead were entombed and received the roper rights in order to pass through the halls of Gazul to the feasting halls of their ancestors, I brought up the matter of who would rule over Clan Stone arm and Karag Mizpal. Lokenns only brother Bereg who had been one of his older brothers Hammeres for fifty years had no children of his own and after the battle shaved his head and made for Karak Kadrin to take up the Slayers oath. Lokenns sister and eldest child a daughter were both married to Thanes of Zhufbar and their children were primed to earn or inherit positions within their fathers clans so none of them took up the mantle of leadership. Lokenns only other child, another daughter Brunngrin was wed to Karag Mizpals chief engineer and both of her sons were training to be engineers like their father so again none of them took up the mantle of leadership. And Brunngrins daughter would have accepted however the previous year she had sworn herself to the ancestor goddess Valaya so could not.

Thus it is wife a heavy heart, the greatest reluctance and a strong sense of duty that I Lurni Grobieater, grandson of Jotunn Silverhand, son of Borg Rag arson, nephew of Snorik Jotunnson and cousin to Lokenn Snorikson take up the duo mantles of Thane of Clan Stonearm, and Rik (Lord) of Karag Mizpal. I swear by my honour, my own beard and the blood of my ancestors that however long it takes, be it a year a decade or even a century, in my lifetime Mount Gunbad will be reclaimed for the Dawi race and will be forever more a bastion against all of our noble races enemies and a safe haven for all dawi. This I Lurni Grobieater do swear and I will make sure to either slay or drive out every last tagging Urk and Grobi from Mount Gunbad and may the gods of whoever gets in my way have mercy upon them for Is hall not. May the ancestors preserve us all for I sense a storm coming that will tests the mettle of all good and noble fold in this world, I pray we have the strength and fortitude to endure it.

Solemnly and accurately recorded by Lurni Grobieater, Thane of Clan Stonearm, Rik of Karag Mizpal, Chief Lore master of Clan Stonearm and Keeper of Karag Mizpals Dammaz Iron. To his majesty Thorgrim Grudge bearer,High King of the Karaz Ankor, King of Karaz - A - Karnak, Thane of the royal Clan Durazklad and keeper of Dammaz Kron.

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