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Clan Stoneshield - Dammaz Kron

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Posted 28 March 2013 - 06:09 PM

Imperial Date: ?

Location: Southern Grontiduraz Mountains

Opponent: Lizardmen led by the foul unnamed Slann


  The main throng of the Stoneshield clan, led by Lord Thagri Stoneshield met the armies of the lizardmen in the southern Grontiduraz mountains after a meeting between the two armies scouts had cost several dwarven lives. Thagri, at the head of his hammerers, observed the battlefield, and saw that the slann that lead the army was the same as one he had faced before, and who had cost the lives of several cannon crews and almost a full regiment of thunderers by calling a coment from the heavens to strike his force.


  Even as the rage and hatred swelled in his chest, Thagri remembered good dwarven ways and set his guns where they could fire upon the lizards as they approached while remaining protected by his hammerers and a regiment of longbeards. The rangers roamed ahead to harrass the cold one riders, while the miners patiently bored their way through the rock to surprise the enemy at a later time.


  Thagri remained patient as the lizards approached, allowing the cannon and organ gun on the hill to do their fell work as the lizards approached under a hail of shot and bolt. Forced to approach in a pair of narrow columns due to the confined nature of the valley, dozens dropped before they were close enough for Thagri to lead his hammerers in a charge of the nearest column of saurus. the longbeards secured his flank, and an entire regiment of saurus was laid low or broken before the might of the Stoneshield hammers.


  The longbeards engaged the slanns bodyguard and Runesmith Oralorn cut down several while the regiment held true. With a flank charge imminent from the hammerers, finished mopping up both the saurus warriors and cold one riders, the slann ordered a hasty retreat, less than a quarter of his army remaining, and no regiment left intact. The dwarves cheered as the lizards scurried away, and a cask of Bugman's finest was tapped by Thagri in celebration of the victory. With great ceremony, he crossed the slann's entry out of his book of grudges.


Lists: (2000pts)

Thagri Stoneshield (Lord, shield, MRoAlaric the Mad, MRoGromril, RoCleaving)

Runesmith Oralorn (RoSpellbreaking, shield)

Thane Brakin (BSB, RoGuarding)

2 x 10 Thunderers

12 Quarrelers w/GW

15 Rangers (Warriors w/GW)

20 Longbeards (shields)

20 Hammerers (shields)

12 Miners

Cannon (RoForging)

Organ Gun


2 x 15 Saurus Warriors

10 Temple Guard and Slann

10 Cold one riders

2 x 10 Skinks

#2 Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 08:57 AM

That sounds like a well fought battle Gidrick, I hope all of your future battles go as succesfully and you and your clans name be remembered for all time.

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