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Ironhelm Clan - Dammaz Kron

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#1 Grundin Hammerhand

Grundin Hammerhand

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 03:56 AM

Ironhelm Clan – Dammaz Kron

The Forces of Grundin Hammerhand, Lord of the Ironhelms, deployed from left to right

14 Quarrellers, Organ Gun, 20 Warriors, 10 Ironbreakers, 20 Longbeards, 20 Warriors, Cannon, Organ Gun, 14 Thunderers

The Forces of Skeld, the Astral Devourer, Champion of the Warriors of Chaos, deployed from left to right

Hellcannon, Sorcerer, 20 Marauders, 30 Tzeentch Warriors, Sorcerer, 20 Khorne Warriors,

On the twenty-seventh day of Sommerzeit, in the two-thousandth and twelfth year since the founding of the manling Empire, a force of our brothers marched against the accursed warriors of Chaos in the dread Chaos Wastes. The battle began as the foul Hellcannon belched forth a great meteor that struck the ground before our lines. Their sorcerers attempted to call upon their foul magicks, yet our Runepriest would not yield to them even the slightest enchantment. We smote our enemies with ranks of volleyed fire from the Quarrellers and Thunderers, as well as shot from the Organ Guns and shells from our cannon.

Then, with a terrible roar and a great plume of ill-colored smoke, a massive shot was fired from the cursed Hellcannon. The blazing comet fell upon the Longbeards accompanying our Lord, killing thirteen of them. Then, with a great yell, the warriors of Chaos charged our lines.

Our brothers met them with courage and honor, yet many were slain by our frenzied foes before a single one of my brethren could strike the enemy. Then, as soon as the maelstrom had fallen upon our lines, it ceased, for the Astral Devourer stood before our Lord. Throwing several severed heads of the Longbeards by their beards at the feet of our Lord, he called for him to step forwards and fight. Our Lord, his face a crimson mask of rage and anguish, stepped forwards and called a curse upon the head of his enemy.

Alas, the craven Astral Devourer knew he could not best our Lord in honest combat, and so he hid behind a thrice-accursed shield of evil magicks that nullified the powerful runes engraved upon the weapons of our Lord. Then, the Astral Devourer’s mouth expanded into a gaping maw, into which our Lord was sucked in.

It was at that point that another shot from the Hellcannon fell upon the Quarrellers, shattering their resolve, and sending them fleeing from the field. Despite the Quarreller’s lack of courage, the rest of us resolved to fight until the last. And so, we were bested one-by-one, until I alone was left broken upon the field of battle, the only survivor of that black day.

May a curse be laid upon all the Warriors of Chaos, and may Grimnir himself strike down their champion, the Astral Devourer. May a curse be laid upon the craven Quarrellers and all their kin. Let another curse by lain upon the Hellcannon and all the other works of our fallen kin. Let it be known that the tale of our revenge shall be written in the blood of the coward who calls himself the Astral Devourer.

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#2 Alur Dawi Zharr

Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 09:13 AM

Alas too many Dawi have fallen in the last few centuries of war due to the accursed forces of Chaos. May you have vengeance and Justice against Astral the devourer and his accursed warriors and that thrice damned hell cannon and our lost kin who wielded it, Tromm Ground in Hammer hand Tromm.

#3 Alur Dawi Zharr

Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 09:15 AM

And may the Unbaraki Quarellers who fled the battle take up the slayer oath and redeem the themselves of the stain on their honour.

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