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2400 Point Semi-Competetive Dwarf Throng

2400 points dwarf casual competetive army

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#1 Thirric Oakfist

Thirric Oakfist

    Young 'Un

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 10:20 AM

Hi fellow dwarves :)
So, I'm a long-time reader, and I decided to finally make an account so I can post my input, as well!

I am having a 'tournament' between me and 3 other friends. The 4 armies that will be in the tournament are: Me (dwarves :dirol: ), skaven, lizardmen, and vampire counts.
So, I devised a list, and was hoping some people would be able to give me some pointers, since I am of no means a veteran dwarf player.
Take note that while my friends and I all want to win, we do not want to make the armies 'tournament lists'. 2400 Points, Semi-competetive was agreed upon.

Dwarf Lord Thirric Oakfist
Runic Great Weapon- MRoKragg the Grim, RoMight, RoFury
Runic Gromril Armour- RoPreservation, RoStone
Runic Talisman- RoSpite
TOTAL -- 311

Runesmith Fiklak Ironheart
Runic Gromril Armour- RoStone
Runic Talisman- 2RoSpellbreaking
TOTAL -- 128

Thane Toldrirr Silverheart
Runic Gromril Armour- MRoGromril, 2RoIron
TOTAL -- 145

30 Warriors
Great Weapons
Standard Bearer
TOTAL -- 325

30 Warriors
Great Weapons
Standard Bearer
TOTAL -- 325

20 Quarrellers
Great Weapons
Standard Bearer
TOTAL -- 305

12 Thunderers
TOTAL -- 173

30 Hammerers
Standard Bearer
Gate Keeper
Runic Standard- 3RoSanctuary
TOTAL -- 435

Engineering Runes- RoForging
TOTAL -- 125

Grudge Thrower
Engineering Runes- RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating
TOTAL -- 120

I tried to focus more on core units for my army since the majority of my opponents will be horde armies with ~240 models.
They also have the potential to all have devestating magic phases... i know for a fact that The lizardmen will be running slann, and skaven have a grey seer on a screaming bell.

What I am not too sure about are the thunderers, and my BSB thane. the thunderers wont really do too much... im thinking of changing for an organ gun
and a naked bolt thrower? And while my BSB is by no means going to die, he is 145 points (without a magic standard) and those points could be better spent elsewhere.
Any changes you guys could suggest would be much appreciated!

-Oakfist :hi:

#2 Shortie


    Dwarf Warrior

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Posted 30 April 2012 - 12:03 PM

I must agre with you to go for Thunders insted of the organ gun, I think you kinda must get burning on your cannon to deal with Abomb, rat ogres and the VC battle engien and terrorgeisht (prob speld wrong) with out burning you are done for it. I also think that it might be good to add 1 more pen to the GT mainly to be sure that you will kill everything it does hit.

I think your magic defence is to week, I think you should go for a runelord with runes on him frankly since you are only gaining 1+ DD right now, and vs the slann he will win each time.

Over all I think the list can work well, But you are abit short on the WM part, but it can be enough anyway if you chose the right target each time and do get the hits and wounds on them.

/Shortie out

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