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Clan Ker Manz - Dammaz Kron

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#1 Kerson Manz

Kerson Manz

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Posted 27 January 2012 - 07:35 PM

Imperial Date 2527
(January 2012)
East of Karak Eight Peaks
Versus the grobi army of J.I.
(2500 pts battle, victory by 1500 pt margin)

My King, I trust this letter finds you in good health.

As agreed here is the monthly update by way of Urson the Mad's Gyrocopter messenging service.

While on the way to relieve the Karak Eight Peaks expedition, our rangers located a grobi army encamped some distance down in the valley to the east of Rally Point. Spotting several small groups of trolls and a large horde of grobi, the artillery was ordered up to immediately lay down suppressing fire while the regiments could be set in order.

Assuming the rock fort formation, our brave clan warriors prepared to withstand the unpredictable foe. The crew of the Siegebreaker and Old Reliable are to be commended for exceptionally accurate fire, smashing apart many trolls and reducing the main body of grobi substantially. The outrageous new Organ Gun also managed to exact a great toll on the enemy wolf riders, despite being a new aquisition to the arsenal. This goes towards proving its usefulness as the artillery batteries were left mostly safe from raiders.

Only scattered remnants of the troll and grobi hordes reached our lines and the Hammerers promptly smashed them into the soil. Several squigs attacked the Longbeards and we suffered losses my Lord! The squigs, trolls and grobi leaders, if one can call them such collectively murdered seven Longbeards, eighteen Hammerers and thirty four of the younger warriors.

Fluke shots from a grobi bolt thrower also killed two of the Siegebreaker's crew. A loose rampaging troll reached the Old Bertha and destroyed the cannon and her crew before the Organ Gun could bring it down. The losses to the Hammerers are mostly accounted to the deranged Fanatics that hit our lines. The hated foe resorts to tactics born of pure insanity.

Each lost clansdwaf has had his name etched into the runestaff of Hazrk the Grim.

Their lives were not lost in vain, as we scattered the grobi host entirely and are still of sufficient strength to push towards Karak Eight Peaks.

Fifteen grobi heads are to be collected for each fallen clansdwarf!

Kerson Manz,

first expeditionary force.

Imperial Date 2528
(January 2012)
South of Barak Varr
Versus the dark elf army of T.
(2400 pts, victory by 900 pt margin)

My King, distressing news of the trading convoy sent to Barak Varr!

News were relayed to me by way of the third son of Urson the Mad, Kerkir, and his offshoot Gyrocopter messenging service which seems to only charge ninety six percent of his fathers rates. I will be switching to Kerkir as the savings will definitely add up over time. But I digress.

The ore and gem convoy sent to Barak Varr were set upon by Elgi!

My Lord was wise to provide the third expeditionary force as escorts for the ore trains, for the Elgi struck at night swiftly and the artillery batteries were only able to fire a few shots before their crews were mercilessly slaughtered by repeater crossbow fire.

The Organ Gun of the third expeditionary force is reported to have exploded while its crew were making it ready to fire, slaying the crew, making us doubt if it is reliable enough to be used after all.

Having lost all supporting fire the third expeditionary force had to bring the fight to the Elgi, which had cavalry mounted on some lizard beasts advancing on the flank. Two sorcresses attempted to assail us with shadow and death magic, but Hraki the Wise stopped all their foul magics with trusty runework, except one spell that tore apart the grudge thrower.

Immediately after the spell had gone off, however, the foul Elgi sorceress exploded with significant force which even the Longbeards are reported to have consdered a "reasonably big explosion". As if proof was needed that these magics are reckless and dangerous her entire bodyguard is said to have been scattered by this.

Livened up by this incident the Longbeards managed to outmanouver and charge the Elgi cavalry riding on lizards. The foul riders were broken run down by the Longbeard veterans. Riki the Ponderous of the regiment surprisingly refused a field promotion on account of it "not being a big deal, Elgi were far swifter back in the day".

We mourn the seven Longbeards, fifteen artillery crew, twelve young warriors and fifteen Hammerers lost to crossbow bolts and Elgi weapons. Their names will be recorded when the third expeditionary force returns to the Hold. The Elgi will pay for this outrage! Never trust an Elf!

The shipment is safe and delivered to Golhar the trader. The remainder of the force will now escort the payment convoy back to our hold, though it is said that thane Krezir has used part of the payment for the ore to purchase new artillery. The total profit of the endeavour must be calculated thorougly lest this trade route proves not sufficiently profitable.

Kerson Manz,

of the first expeditionary force,

reporting of the third expeditionary force

Edited by Kerson Manz, 27 January 2012 - 07:48 PM.

#2 King Bazak Stonefist

King Bazak Stonefist

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Posted 17 September 2013 - 12:14 AM

I  know this is old. but I freaking love this style. You should be writing fluff for army books, man..

#3 Alur Dawi Zharr

Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 09 February 2014 - 08:35 AM

I find myself agreeing with King Bazak, your style is quite good. Keep up the good work and may all of your grudges be settled, Tromm.

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