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Kazad Grom - Dammaz Kron

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#1 Azgar


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Posted 20 March 2011 - 12:34 AM

Let it be recorded and always remembered that on the sixteenth day of the third month, the great horn of the northern watchtower sounded long and true to alert the brave dwarfs of Kazad Grom to the approach of a horde of beastmen.

Lord Morgrim Bronzehelm personally answered the call, taking with him 100 dwarfs of his own clan to see off this foolish incursion.

Alas, By use of foul dark magic all 100 fell in battle.
May they drink deep in the halls of the ancestors.

20 Beastmen skulls for each Dwarf slain to account for this injustice

My first battle using Lord and Hammerers and it goes horribly wrong!
My opponent rolled a 6 for spell selection on Lore of Shadow, or possibly Death, it was the spell that meant a unit would have strength equal to there LD....which was 7 in this case! That combined with (I've forgotten what it's called, something that means they can take a leadership test to get re-rolls to hit) meant that on the first turn of combat 15 of my 22 Hammerers were dead and when the survivors fought back they took down...wait for it....2!

The rest of the battle fell apart very quickly after my longbeards (containing BSB and Runesmith) fled and were overrun.

Everything was against me that night, that's all I can say.

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#2 Squergi


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Posted 20 March 2011 - 08:26 AM

All will be avenged.

Meanwhile have a pint to heal your warwounds and prepare for the next honourable battle for the survival of our holds! :drinks:

P.S. This actually reminded me of a subject in my head a while ago: if the opponent has a really expensive horde unit that just annihilates everything - how do you deal with them with Dwarfs (just shoot shoot shoot?) becase Dwarfs kind of always strike last now, even when they charge.


#3 Alur Dawi Zharr

Alur Dawi Zharr

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 01:13 PM

Indeed, in my experiences playing Warhammer things like that can happen. A few weeks ago I fought two other players one with a basic Skaven army and One with a basic High Elf Army. However they had more units then I did (having two units of warriors, a unit of Ironbreakers and My Thane with his Hammerers as well as unbelievable luck when rolling for attacks or defense. Most of my might warriors were slain by the skavens infernal Warp Lightning Cannon and his trio of Jezzails. However I was not annihilated thanks to the High Elf Player wanting to destroy that cannon and I sat back and healed my wounds as the two sides destroyed one another. In the end the Warp Lightning Cannon exploded killing the Chieftan and taking out the last few eleven swordsman and wounding their Prince. The Elf player had his prince, a bolt thrower, some archers and an eagle left. Luckily when my Thane Lokenn Snorikson slew the Prince and drove the remaining forces he had into retreat as they finally, failed a moral throw. So I won but It was a biter victory and had little to do with my skill or the might of my warriors and I had many casualties.

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