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Bugmans Fine Ales

For Dwarfs its all in the beer, well where else would it be!

Posted by Bugman on May 11 2008 10:05 AM
1. The number of ales you may by is listed below for each army. No more is allowed.

2. You must pay the points for every single model in the unit, including mounts and characters.

3. After the Ale has been drunk, the general must take a 'drunk' test every own players turn to see what effect the Ale has. You
must added / subtract any modifers which apply.

4. Undead and Daemons may not drink ale. (Vampires/Ghouls/Necromancers can)

5. You may buy as many ales for each unit as you want, but each extra ale after the first occurs a -2 modifer.

6. Each ale effects last for one turn only.

7.You may not buy the same ale twice for the same unit.

8. Different strengths may be brought. The listed below are normally strength. To gain higher strengths times cost by x2 or x3
No more than this is possible as the model would die. However each extra strength has a minus -2 modifer to it. Stats may not
go above ten and neither can they be doubled or enhanced (e.g.by frenzy or magic)

(This applies to all and everyone)

  • You may choose upto the number of ales allowed by your race.
  • Each Single Ale counts as one, whether brought for a charcter
  • or unit.
  • If charcacter is in unit, then if brought for unit, the character must also pay.
  • The low numbers indicate the expense and hardness of trying to find such excellant ale.
  • This modifier is added to the dice roll when 'drunk' test



No. Of Ales Allowed to Purchase



As Many as You Like






















Anyone Else



You can purchase the below ales
Name Of Ale Cost Per Model Description Effect

Black Jaw


Black and thick in a apperance, the ale makes the model feel that it face anything.

+1 Ld

Gobbo Eye


One day a goblins eye was found floating in the vat. Josef can only think it got sucked from the river by a faulty pipe. It seems to make the persons eyes overwork. No one has yet to notice taste wise.....

+1 To hit (shooting)/ +1 To hit Hand to Hand

Blood Head


After drinking this the person starts to get aggetated and viens start to throb.

+ 1 Attack


1 pts

Named after the hummie which clapsed in a brawl after trying this for the first time, this gives the person amazing short term strenght

+1 ST


1 pts

The ale constantley bubbles, even though Josef has not fermented it. Tasting very sweet it sharpens the mind.

+1 Initative


3 pts

An ale which is so strong that is must be watered down before its exported. The model who drinks this seems to be able to take on more damange then normal.

6+ Ward Save

Old * I Swear too much *

1 Pts

Miners Only - An old bottle was once found in a miners quaters which no body ever knew its origins, although Josef seems to have been able to reproduce it just as well allowing miners to see more clearly

+1 to Test to appear roll



Possible the finest larger in the world. Although exported around the world, this is its beer in its rawest form, just like how the Dwarf loves it

Causes Stubborness

Stella Abugman


Rangers Only - Brewerd specially to keep the rangers alert and on the move.

Rangers are allowed a "free" go before the battle begins, all normal rules apply


1 pt

Moving Beer across the old world is a hazardous problem, but Josef has found that this beer seems to help out his fellow dwarfs in combat by actually making them seem better then they already are.

+1 WS


2 pts.

The ale has a secret active ingredient which even Josef does not know. It does make you move quickly though.....

+1 M,

6th Edition Entry into the Army Book
Addition to Runic Section in Dwarf Book - Ales

1.You must pay the points for every single model in the unit, including characters.

2. You may not buy more then one ale per unit.and no more ales then you have core units.

3.. After the 1st turn, roll a D6, on a score of a 1, the unit is no longer affected by the ale

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