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Valayan Priestesses

Valayan priestesses is a secretly society of dwarven culture. They are the chosen of Valaya, and take care of the daily business such as caring for the wounded and helping out with delivering the infants. They spend most of their hours in the temples of their deities and have taken a live of celibacy. Apart from having a part in dwarf society, they have heir part in dwarf warfare. If a threat nears a dwarf hold, the priestesses leave their temples together with the rest of the dwarf army and huddle together in their own units on the battlefield.Apart from their tough fighting techniques they have an adapt form of magic. As they fall to their knees they start praying and call upon their deities to grand them strength and aid them. A unit of priestesses is something no dwarf general can do without.

Posted by Bugman on May 11 2008 10:04 AM
For Hire: Any warhammer army other then Skaven, Chaos, Orcs and Goblins, Chaos Dwarfs, High Elfs, Dark Elfs, Vampire Counts and Khremi may hire the "Valayan priestesses", which count as a "rare choice". Dogs of War and Dwarf armies may take "Valayan priestesses" as special choice.

Points: 5 Valayan Preistess cost 185 points including Valayan Sisiter,, Musican and Standard Bearer. Each addiotnal sister upto a max of 30 in the unit will cost an additional 16 points. A Valayan Matriach may be brought for the unit, at an additional cost of 65 pts . No other character may join the unit, and neither may the Matriach leave.

Valayan Preistess 353341319-

Valayan Sister 354441329-

Valayan Matriach 3644424310-

Weapons and Armour All Valayans of any nature wear heavy armour and come armed with a two hammers. A Matriach may swap her two hammers for a great weapon (+4pts) or wear grimil armour (+8pts). A Matriach may have also have runic items upto a maxium of 65 pts.

Armour Save: 5+


Deities: Priestesses are able to call upon their deities and be granted with beneficial spells. The unit of priestesses may cast one spells of the Dwarf Deities Spells per round, and an extra spell for each Sister or Matriarch they have. For the purpose of magic, the priestess count as Runesmiths in all accounts unless stated otherwise on this page.

Stubborn: Priestesses are stubborn in combat, (as is usual for dwarf females) and therefore they sometimes refuse to run away when defeated. To resemble this you may re-roll their first brake test they have to take.

Power Dice: The unit generates D6 power dice per turn for the units use only, in the dispel phase, the unit generates a single dispel dice which is added to the Dwarf Pool

Spells are generated like normal warhammer spells, and any spell may be disregarded and the first one choosen.


Cast on

Name of Spell


1 3+ Valaya's Shield If Successfully cast, the Valayan priestess unit gains an additional 6+ Special Ward Save againest missles and counts as having shields even if armed with 2 hammers 2 4+ Valaya's Hammer The preistess looks to the sky and prays for divine help, in response, a magical hammer descends from the sky crashing into a unit. The unit is allowed to cast a magic missle upto 15 inches away. Anything under a stone throwers template is hit with a S3. 3 5+ Valaya's Rune Valaya's only weapon rune was this. Each hammer that the priestess carry have inscribed a rune which is no longer reproducable and sleeps until awakened. if this spell is cast, the rune is awakened from its sleep ready to strike at its foes. Each Hammer counts as having the Killing Blow Skill 4 6+ Valaya's Gift Valaya protective magic smiles upon the unit, the unit gains an magical protection of 2 5 7+ Valaya's Rage Calling on the Dwarf God Valaya to express the same anger she had so many years ago in battle, the Valayan unit suffers from Haterd towards the enemy and Stubborness 6 9+ Power of Valaya Valaya herself shows a glimpse of herself to her priestesses she incantsthe winds of magic itself and sweeps it over the battle field making a storm so powerful that every magic user is stunned by the sheer force of the winds.All magic users must test against there basic strength or be knocked over. Whether they pass or not, they suffer the effects of a unit which has just rallied until your next turn as the wind becomes too strong for them to do anything. Thoose who fail the test not only suffer the above effects but will randomly loose one of thier spells. All Dwarfs are unaffected by this frightning wind.

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