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  • Added on: May 11 2008 09:05 AM
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Bugmans Ale Cart

Additional Unit for 6th Warhammer allowing you to field one of Bugmans most prized possesions!

Posted by Bugman on May 11 2008 09:05 AM
The horses used by the manalings are too big to be used by Dwarfs and are not suited to the harsh environment of the mountains. However, mountains ponys are smaller, more powerful and are often used to move baggage and equipment around for Dwarfs whether slung across the back or in cart. Josef Bugman never travels with a dwarf army and have no beer, let alone go into battle without beer. However seeing the barrel destoyed is devestating for the dwarf army..
Josef Bugmans Cart

For Hire: Only Dwarf armies may take "Bugmans Cart" as one Rare slot but only if 1 unit of Bugman rangers have been taken as core.

Cart & Pony54046329120

Weapons and Armour The driver is armed with a crossbow, heavy armour, throwing axe, hand weapon and a sheild. Stats are for one normal longbeard ranger

Armour Save: The Driver has a save of 4+. The cart has a ward save of a 5+

Unit Strength : 1


1. Treat as Chariot

2. The cart is wooden and has a wooden barrel which is vunerabeleto fire. Like all flammable objects it will suffer double wounds ifhit by fire.

3. If the barrel explodes all "I swear too much" breaks loose.
A) Place a large stone thrower template over the wagonand treat any one underneath as a flame thrower. The driver may jump free on a 6!!

:cool: The barrel can not be damaged in combat, and will be lost if the cart is destroyed.

C) Should the cart be destroyed then the Dwarf Army goes wild at the sight of the lost beer. The enitre Dwarf army suffers hatred towardsthe unit/model which destoyed the barrel. Any Bugman Rangers automatically suffer from frenzy againest ALL enemy troops until theunit/model which destoyed the barrel has been destoyed.

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