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Thoughts in The High Pass

About King Berrek

Posted by wolverine on May 11 2008 08:59 AM


“Good Rock“ King Berrek thought as he looked around. The High Pass had good rock and it narrowed down in sections so that only five Dwarves abreast could fit. He looked at his Army and reflected, ”I have a good solid force, my best Warriors, no Beardlings there, just rock hardened Azul’s!” Berrek looked to his right, shook his head and thought, “Even though I still don’t exactly trust that gun power stuff, my unit of Thunderers are top notch, no Grumbak’s there.” He glanced at the ground thinking to himself, “Even though I can’t see them, my Miners are right now setting up their ambush.” He then looked to the east speculating, “Rory and his Garaz Rangers should be reporting in before long.“ He chuckled as he thought to himself “I hope this time that they don’t try to take on the enemy by them selves again.” He then looked at the Dwarves around him carrying large hammers on their shoulders and indignantly thought, “I don’t have look to far for my self appointed body guards. These Hammerers actually think that I be needing them.” He then looked at his Long Beards and Iron Breakers quietly talking amongst themselves, sharpening their weapons and tightening the straps on their armor and thought to himself, “They are all veterans of many a battle and they know that we may not walk away from this one.” He then regarded the half-naked, crazy looking Dwarves with their hair and beards dyed red and thought, “Even the Slayer unit that joined us for this battle are somber, no yelling or screaming, just sitting there muttering to themselves or gnawing on their weapons to keep them sharp.” He then considered his artillery, nodding and thinking, “I know that I be having good support with me Cannon, Organ Gun and Flame Cannon, even that Zaki Gyro-copter is as Grungni damned dependable as anything.” Berrek took a long look around and thought, “I trust every one of these Dwarves with my life, in fact I have trusted them numerous times with that very same thing.” He glanced at his Allies, spit and thought, “Bah, humans, unreliable, hasty, thieving, Ufdi, humans!” His Allies were Kislevites from the country west of the High Pass. “About the only humans that I half way trust,” He considered. “Not like the humans from the Empire, weak and scared,“ he thought and spat again. “Unlike their ancestors, now they were Dawr! That youngster Sigmar was more Dwarf than man by Grungni! Wielding that hammer like any Dawi. About the only Empire human I trust is that Emperor Frans. Of course I have been hearing about another youngster like Sigmar, a young blacksmith named Valten.” he contemplated. He then bowed his head and prayed, “Grungni, I hope so, they will, ... we all need someone like him to help us survive this oncoming storm.” He then thought about the honorable and dependable Bretonnians, that were few and that didn’t like leaving their country, “They will have to if are to have any hope of stopping the Enemy, even the thrice-damned Elves are needed to stop this invasion of Chaos, Skaven, Dark Elves and cursed Greenskins!“ He pounded his fist into his palm and thought, “We all need time to prepare and consolidate our forces.” He looked around him self one more time, dismally thinking, “That’s why we’re here, I volunteered my people to slow down the advance of that massive army of this devil spawned Archaon, I knew that it would be more than likely a one way trip for us, me boys know it too.”
He regarded the Kislev ruler, Tzarine Katarin, the self-styled “Ice Queen” talking with her troops, “Those Kossars look every bit as mean as their reputation.” he thought. The shirtless horseman archers were walking around slapping each other on the back or practicing some type arm wrestling, standing, fore arms locked together trying to push the other backwards. “Ungols, I think they are called” he thought as he watched their antics. The other horsemen looked funny with those feather standards and painted horses “They might scare the Grobi, as superstitious as they are.“ he chuckled to himself. He watched and thought as they double checking their horse’s saddle straps or sharpening weapons. “Not unlike me own boys, they must know that this is suicide trying to hold back so much with so few.“ He looked at the Kislevites again and considered, “All in all they look woefully wanting, but just as determined if not a little more so than me own troops to hold back this tide of destruction. That really shouldn’t surprise me, after all it is their country that is first in line for this incursion.” The Queen looked up and met his eyes, with her own beautiful, cold eyes. Then gave him a small, sad smile, her eyes hardened and she gave him a resolved nod of her head. Berrek smiled and thought to himself “Let Archaon and his ilk ware for their doom awaits them in the High Pass!”

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