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A complete and up to date Dwarf Timeline.

A complete and up to date Dwarf Timeline.

Posted by Dourin on Apr 15 2008 08:02 PM
Dwarven timeline Dates are noted in Dwarven reckoning, which begins with the founding or Karaz-a-Karak as the Empire’s capital, and Human reckoning, which begins with the founding of Sigmar’s Empire.

(-2000, –5000) Led by Grugni and the other Ancestor Gods, the Dwarfs begin their slow colonization of the World’s Edge Mountains. Vala-Azrilungol (Karak Eight Peaks) is founded.

(-1650, – 4650) Dwarf migration reaches the northern edge of the World’s Edge Mountains. Some clans turn westwards into Norsca, while others settle in the Mountains of Mourn. Most return to the Dwarfholds. Karak Azul and Karak Izril (Karak Azgal) founded. Grugni slays Urmskaladrak (Dwarf name for Kalganalos), the father of all dragons.

(-1550, – 4550) Karaz-a-Karak founded by Valaya. Grugni constructs the Throne of Power. High Elves establish fortress of Sith Rionnasc’namishathir. (Star-Gem of the Sea) at the mouth of the Reik.

(-1500, – 4500) The coming of Chaos. Dwarf kindred to the northwest and northeast cut off from the Worlds Edge Mountains. Dwarfs and High Elves meet for the first time and friendly relationship is established.

(-1420, – 4420) Grimnir the Fearless dissappears into the Chaos Wastes. With the Defeat of Chaos, the Ancestor Gods Grugni and Valaya depart.

(-1200, – 4200) Establishment of Karak Drazh, Karak Kadrin and Karak Varn in the World’s Edge Mountains. Isolated Norse Dwarfs establish their stronghold of Kraka Drak. Human tribes migrating from across the sea begin to settle the southern coast of the Old World.

(-1119, – 4119) Dwarf and High Elf armies drive the last remnants of Chaos from Old World. Trade between both races flourish. Dwarfs establish many new strongholds. (Karak Vlag, Karak Ungor, Zhufbar and Barak Varr.)

(0, –3000) The Golden Age begins as the Dwarf Empire (Karaz Ankor) is founded and Karaz-a-Karak is established as its capital.

(161, – 2839) Pledge of friendship between Dwarfs and High Elves. The High Elf Phoenix King Bel-Shanaar visits the newly founded Dwarf stronghold of Karaz-a-Karak where he is made welcome by the aged but venerable Snorri Whitebeard. The two great kings swear an oath of friendship, and Malekith remains in Karaz-a-Karak as his king’s ambassador. Dwarfs build the sea wall (now called Vloedmuur) around Sith Rionnasc’namishathir. Elves and Dwarfs prosper until the Elves are drawn back to Ulthuan where civil strife is tearing their land apart.

(500, – 2500) Alliance of Dwarfs and High Elves allows taming of the Old World. Using the volcanic fires of Thunder Mountain (Karag Dron), Master Runesmith Kurgaz melts gromril to forge the Anvils of Doom.

(712, - 2188) After many centuries the Elves return once more to the Old World. The Dwarfs learn of the civil war amonst the Elves and the threachery of Malekith. The two races begin to trade once more. Bargains are struck and Dwarf craftsmanship reaches new heights of ambition and accomplishment.
(995, – 2005) The Great Betrayal mars relationship between Dwarfs and Elves. Dwarf traders are ambushed and murdered. Dwarf settlement are plundered and honest Dwarf traders cheated of their gold. The Dwarfs blame the Elves for the Dark Elf attacks by Dark Elf raiders, sent by Malekith to sow dissent between the two races. Many Elves are slain by Dwarf travelers believing themselves under attack. The Elves retaliate in kind. Soon both sides begin to muster armies.

(1000, –2000) Human tribes arrive in the Old World.

(1003, –1997) Dwarf High King Gotrek Starbreaker sends an ambassador to Ulthuan in a last ditch attempt to prevent a war. Dwarf demands for fair recompense for Elf hostilities are met with arrogance and the ambassador is thrown out. As a final insult, the Elves shave off the Dwarf ambassador’s beard, and it is from this incident that the following war takes its Elf name of the War of the Beard. The Dwarfs, not a people to take such matters lightly, refer to the conflict as the War Against the Elves, or War of Vengeance.

(1026, –1974) Snorri Halfhand, son of Dwarf High King Gotrek Starbreaker, slain by High Elf King Caledor II. The evil dragon Tyrennus attacks the forges at Thunder Mountain, and slays Kurgaz in a mighty battle. During the devastation, the dragon destroys the forges, and kills many runesmiths.

(1032, –1968) Dwarfs defeat the Elves in the Battle of Oeragor in western Bretonnia. Morgrim Elfdoom, cousin of Snorri Halfhand, kills the Elf Lord Imladrik.

(1050, –1950) Looking for ore, a wandering Dwarf clan settle in the human city of Tylos, between what are now called the Irrana Mountains and the Tilean Sea.

(1052, –1948) The Elf city of Maraya on the northwest coast of Bretonnia is razed by Dwarfs led by Morgrim Elfdoom.

(1120, –1880) Humans begin construction of their great temple in Tylos. Dwarfs are recruited as human gold helps to offset the poor quality of ore in the nearby mountains. Work goes on continuously for the next 100 years. Battle of Black Gulf ends in Dwarf victory as triremes from Barak Varr outmanoeuvre the Elven fleet in the narrow water near the Dwarfhold.

(1220, –1780) Temple of Tylos is completed and warpstone starts to rain down on the city from Morrslieb. Within a year, the city is overrun by swarms of giant rats and dissapears into the Blighted Marches.
(1440, –1560) Battle of Three Towers at the gate of Tor Alessi. (now the Bretonnian port L’Anguille). Dwarfs defeat Elves in cataclysmic battle. Phoenix King Caledor II slain by Dwarf King Gotrek Starbreaker, who takes the Phoenix Crown as compensation for Dark Elf attacks and the many wrong his people have suffered.

(1491, –1509) Phoenix King Caradryel recalls High Elf armies from the Old World. Elf colonies see this as a betrayal.

(1498, – 1502) Sith Rionnasc’namishathir falls to the Dwarfs after a long siege, and is razed to the ground.

(1499, –1501) The War of Vengeance ends as High Elves withdraw from the Old World to battle resurgent Dark Elves. Dwarfs are victorious but decimated. Athel-loren, the Wood Elf capital, is founded in Loren Forest.

(1500, –1500) Volcanic activity and earthquakes destroy the Underway, isolating the Dwarfholds from one another. Dwarf armies return to Karaz Ankor. Goblin wars begin as Karak Ungor falls.

(1501, –1499) Karak Varn, already flooded when earthquakes split the rock apart allowing water into the lower workings, is destroyed by Goblins and Skaven.

(1502, –1498) Badlands overrun by greenskins. The Dwarf mines of Ekrund in the Dragonback Mountains fall to the Orcs after many months of heavy fighting by the vastly outnumbered Dwarfs. Galleys from Barak Varr control the Black Gulf and repel further Orc attacks. The watchtowers of Mad Dog Pass are all either abandoned or fall to the greenskins.

(1543, –1457) Mad Dog Pass and the gold mines of Gunbad fall to the greenskins. Gunbad was the largest and richest mine in the World’s Edge Mountains and the unique source of Brynduraz or brightstone, a brilliant blue crystal rock much valued by Dwarf craftsmen. Dwarfs from the Dragonback settle in the Vaults.

(1613, –1387) Silver Road Wars begin. After 20 years, the mines of Mount Silverspear fall to the Orcs, led by Orc Warlord Uruk Grimfang. He further fortifies the mine and renames is Mount Grimfang, which still bears the name to this day. (1638, –1362) The Dwarfs abandon the mines and smaller settlements in the eastern World’s Edge Mountains. Some clans from the fallen Dwarfholds settle in the Grey and Black Mountains. Karaz Ankor disowns them. Karak Izor is founded in the vaults.
(1750, –1250) Troll wars begin. The volcano Thunder Mountain erupts, driving Orcs Goblins and Trolls northwards. South of Karaz-a-Karak, the settlements of Valhorn and Budrikhorn are destroyed by rampaging Trolls.

(1755, –1245) King Morgrim Blackbeard leads his forces southwards. After several pitched battles, he dries away the Orcs and other evil creatures from the mountains north of mad Dog Pass. Another Dwarf army led by Logazor Brightaxe heads east and succeeds in recapturing Mount Gunbad, but is forced to abandon the mines when Orc reinforcements arrive. Mount Silverspear is attacked by Dwarfs, but the army is compelled to return westward when a horde of Trolls and Ogres moves towards Karaz-a-Karak. The horde is succesfully repulsed from the Dwarf capital and the bodies of many Trolls piled into a huge mound and burned. Over the following 300 years, the Dwarfs continue to re-establish their hold over and under the mountains. The Underway is partially cleared in places, and some minor settlements retaken. The tombs of ancestors destroyed in the Time of Woes are refurbished.

(1815, –1185) Runesmith Kadrin Redmane leads an expedition which retakes Karak Varn, driving the Skaven down into the deepest Underhalls. Dwarf mine the rich vein of gromril discovered by Redmane. Karak Hirn established in the Black Mountains.

(1864, –1136) Redmane is ambushed and killed besides the shore of Black Water while leading a mule train of gromril ore to the High King. Kadrin slays thirty-six massive Orcs before he sustains a mortal wound and falls. His last act is to throw his hammer far out into the Black Water to prevent it from falling into the hands of the enemy. After Kadrin’s death, the Dwarf’s hold on Karak Varn becomes increasingly tenuous, until Orcs and Skaven force the Dwarfs out of Karak Varn. Karak Norn is established in the Grey Mountains above Loren Forest.

(2025, –975) Battle of a Thousand Woes. King Snorri Morgrimson leads a massive Dwarf army northwards in an attempt to recapture Karak Ungor. The Dwarfs clear their enemies from the southern valley and gate, but are ambushed and driven back when they attempt to enter the stronghold itself. A few Dwarfs, including Furgil, Skorri’s youngest son, manage to infiltrate the lower halls, but they do not return. Skorrt leads the remnant of his army back to Karaz-a-karak and dies shortly afterwards.

(2250, –750) Orc attack on Karak Vlag fails. Karak Azgal is attacked by Goblins. They are repulsed after heavy fighting but go on to attack Karak Azul where they manage to gain a foothold in the western halls and lower regions for 10 years. The Dwarfs continue to fight and slowly gain the upper hand, expelling the invaders only after many valiant defenders have been slain.

(2260, -740) Karak Azul is finally purged of Goblins.

(2280, –720) Dragon Skaladrak Incarnadine, later to spawn many powerful dragonkin, including Graug the terrible, awakened from ages-long slumber by ambitious Dwarf miners.

(2299, –701) Miners stumble upon Skaven Tunnels deep under Karak Eight Peaks. Many Skaven are slain before the Dwarfs discover the extent of the Skavn burrows.

(2350, –650) Baragor, the first Slayer King, dedicates the great shrine of Grimnir in Karak Kadrin. He takes the name of Ungrim which means ‘oath-bound’ or ‘unfulfilled oath’. His descendants bear the name to this day.

(2487, –513) Karak Eight Peaks falls to greenskins and Skaven.Over a period of more then 100 years the number of Goblins and Skaven had increased in and around the Dwarf Stronghold until even daily life becomes a struggle for survival. The Dwarfs find themselves driven into an ever diminishing realm as one after another of the eight peaks falls to the invaders. The end comes suddenly with Skaven poisoning the wells and using noxious gases to choke the Dwarfs. King Lunn order the tombs of the kings of Old to be rune-sealed before the hold is abandoned. The King and remaining Dwarfs vow to return and claim their own one day.

(2500, –500) Rise of human city-states in the area around the southern end of the Apiccini Mountains. Dwarfs of Barak Varr begin limited trading with humans.

(2531, –469) Orcs destroy and abandon Karak Azgal. Karak Drazh falls to the ocs and is renamed Black Crag. Except for Karak Azul, which is besieged but holds out, its number of defenders having been swollen by the influx of Dwarfs from the lost strongholds, the lands between Mad Dog Pass and Fire Mountain are dominated by the Goblins. Many nurse bitter memories of defeat and humiliation. The High King of Karaz-a-Karak offers the Dwarfs of the Black and Grey mountains and the Vaults forgiveness if they return home. Some comply.

(2580, –420) Karaz-a-Karak shaken by explosions as Dwarf engineers and alchemists discover gunpowder.

(2620, –380) Orc Warlord Ugruk Beard Burner leads the Orc hordes northwards and attacks Karaz-a-Karak. Cannons used for the first time and the Orcs are driven back. Many smaller settlements however are destroyed, countless mines are overwhelmed and many Dwarfs die. The Dwarf High King, Logan Proudbeard, is captured by the Orcs and suffers great humiliation at the hands of his tormentors. Driven into a fury by the seizure of their King, the Dwarfs, led by Gorazin Silverhorn, finally drive the orcs away from the capital. One year later, the greenskins are beaten back at the Battle of Black Water.
(2750, –250) Dwarfs intensify trading with humans in lands that will become the Empire. Men are poor craftsmen and learn comparitively slowly. Dwarfs encounter the Wood Elves of the Loren with disastrous esults.

(2766, –234) Imperial Dwarfs of Karaz Ankor re-establish cordial relationships with the Dwarfs of the Black and Grey Mountains and the Vaults. Human armies from the southern Old World defeat Orc tribes along the Badlands coast of the Black Gulf.

(2892, -108) Daled Strombreaker leads an expedition to recover the lost treasures of Karak Azgal.

(2985, –15) A trading convoy from Karaz-a-Karak is ambushed on its way to the Grey Mountains. King Kurgan Ironbeard is captured by the Orcs but is later rescued by Sigmar, prince of the Unberogen tribe. This is to prove a fortuitous event, for the friendship between Sigmar and Kurgan Ironbeard will blossom into the great alliance between the races of Dwarfs and Men. In gratitude of his rescue the Dwarf king gives Sigmar the rune hammer of Ghal Mharaz, an ancient heirloom of his clan.
(2999, –1) Battle of Black Fire pass. This battle is the culmination of a long campaign waged by the Dwarfs and Sigmar. The greenskins are gradually driven from the lands west of the World’s Edge Mountains and many Orcs and Goblins are destroyed or flee into the Mountains. At the Battle of Black Fire pass a massive Orc army is destroyed by the combined forces of Sigmar and Kurgan Ironbeard, ending the domination of the land by the Orcs. The remaining greenskins are driven back into the Dark Lands.

(3000, 0) Establishment of Sigmar’s Empire. The creation of the Empire opens up a new age for the Dwarfs. Many dwarfs travel to the Empire where they help the humans build their first cities. Dwarf masons, carpenters and smiths are much in demand, and Dwarf workmanship is everywhere admired. As the Empire grows the Dwarfs and Men establish valuable trading contacts and prosperity returns once more to the Dwarf realms. Dwarf and human armies keep the Orcs and Goblins at bay. Several expeditions are mounted to reclaim lost strongholds, but none come to anything.

(3050, 50) Sigmar abdicates and disappears in World’Edge Mountains.

(3287, 287) Miners discover the nest of the dragon Mordrak in the muntains south of Karak Azul.

(3500, 500) Intensive deforestation and cultivation in the Old World as humanity spreads.

(3051, 501) Emperor Sigismund II the Conquerer annexes the Wasteland. With his armies, the Dwarfs return to the old Elf Colony of Sith Rionnasc’namishathir now known as Marienburg.

(3657, 657) Thori Gundrikson discovers gromril in caves west of Black Water. Dwarfs extract great quantities of ore over the years. Engineers in Zhufbar develop hydraulically powered heavy machinery and pumps to increase mining and smelting capacity.

(3662, 662) Discovery of the Lost Heartstone of Aldin Getgold in the Dragonback Mountains by Dorin Heldour and Katalin Kandoom.

(3665, 665) The mines near Black Water are destroyed by Skaven, but not until the gromril vein is almost tapped out.

(3684, 684) Dorin and Katalin discover the Axe of Dail deep in the ruins of Karak Varn and return to High King Finn Scourscowl in Karaz-a-Karak.

(3685, 685) Dorin Heldour brings the skin of the dragon Fyrskar to the High King. Heganbor the Runesmith fashions the skin into a cloak engraved with potent runes.

(3742, 742) Dorin and Katalin rescue Elmador and Oldor Finnson from the dungeions off Black Crag. Elmador later becomes the High King.

(3892, 892) Destined to become the greatest and most longlived runsmth of his age, Kragg the Grimm forges his first rune under the eyes of his master Morek Furrowbrow.

(4022, 1022) Karaz-a-Karak engineers develop the steam engine. Escaping the King’s forces, some of Bretonnia’s nobility and their retinue carve out their own petty realms in the lands called Border Princes. Trade established betweed these Bretonnians and the Dwarfs of Barak Varr.

(4032, 1032) Skalf Dragonslayer kills the dragon Graug the Terrible and claims the kingship of Karak Azgal. The Dwarfs make no attempt to recapture the hold, which is infested with Goblins, Skaven, and other foul creatures. Instead, Skalf and descendants establish a town in the valley below the old entrance.

(4111, 1111) Devastating outbreak of the Black plague begins in the Empire and spreads throughout the Old World over the next five years. The Dwarfs seal their Dwarfholds during the inital stages of the Plague, and fight of underground Skaven attacks. The Dwarfs hold out despite many casualties.

(4152, 1152) Engineers and shipwrights of Barak Varr unveil their first steam-powered, armour–plated vessels (the Monitors). Inconclusive Electoral Coucil in the Empire starts the 200 year Age of Wars. The Dwarfs proclaim their neutraiity.

(4350, 1350) A Dwarf army from Karak Norn is decimated by the Wood Elves of Loren in the Battle of Pine Crags.

(4360, 1360) Start of Imperial Civil War. All sides of conflict try to ally themselves with the Dwarfs. Remembering their oath to Sigmar, the High King reiterates Dwarf neutrality. Dwarfs refortify their holdings to preserve the disintegrating Empire from eastern invasions.

(4420, 1420) Lands around Karak Kadrin are tormented by the great dragon Skaladrak Incarnadine for the next fifty years. Dragon Slayer Throrin the Crazed eliminiates the threat.

(4547, 1547) Age of Three Emperors begins in Sigmar’s Empire. Nuln Emperor signs treaty of friendship with the Dwarfs. Still the Dwarfs refuse to be dragged into the Empire’s troubles. Emperors in Talabheim and Middenheim pledge their friendship with the Dwarfs, neutralising Nuln’s rapprochement.

(4550, 1550) Karaz-a-Karak’s engineers and alchemists develop a naphtha-based flame cannon.

(4681, 1681) Night of the Restless Dead. For one night throughout the Known World the dead stir and walk the land, sowing terror and confusion. Entire villages and towns are overrun and destroyed bfore the night of terror ends. Dwarf strongholds put the flame cannons to good use against the undead.

(4707, 1707) The Orc Warlord Gorbad Ironclaw invades the Empire from Black Fire Pass and devastates the land. The Orc army disperses five years later after Ironclaw dies.

(4812, 1812) led by the Cragbrow clan, the engineers and shipwrights of BarakVarr unviel the first steam vessels, the “Ironclads” . Arquebuses are introduced into the Imperial Dwarf armoury. Middenland foces lay siege to Middenheim and are repulsed with the aid of expatriate Dwarfs. Dwarfs seal Middenheim’s Undercity.
(4979, 1979) Magritta of Nuln becomes the last elected Empress for 400 years. “Wizard’s war” begins in Middenheim and spreads throughout the Empire. Dwarf witch hunters join their human counterparts in hunting daemonologists and necromancers. Grand Theogonist of Sigmar refuses to acknowledge election of Magritta and Imperial system is effectively ended as central authority completely collapses for the next 320 years

(4991, 1991) Gunpowder and cannons find their way into Imperial armouries.

(5010, 2010) Wars of Vampire Counts begin with devastation of Ostermark by Vlad von Carstein, first of the notorious Vampire Counts of Sylvania. Battle of Hunger Wood: Imperial and expatriate Dwarfs take part in the Night Siege of Castle Tempelhof and the defeat of Vampire Countess Emmanuelle.

(5205, 2205) Battle of Black Falls ends in rout of Goblin army by Dwarfs after High King Alrik and Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eye Gouger are slain while fighting along the rim of the Black Falls. The Goblin Warlord is mortally wounded by the dwarf, but pulls his adversary to his doom over the falls. The Goblin army is routed into the icy water and most are swept over the falls and perish with their leader. Imperial Dwarfs learn of the corruption of their eastern kin, now the Chaos Dwarfs. Karaz-a-Karak engineers develop the gyrocopter. Smaller, more manoeuvrable gunboats are introduced by Barak Varr engineers to patrol parts of the Blood and Skull River basins which are inaccessible to the older and larger Monitor classships.

(5301, 2301) Chaos forces descend upon Praag and Northern Kislev. Karak Vlag disappears in the initial stages of the Chaos Incursion. Karaz-a-Karak is attacked, but holds out.

(5302, 2302) Praag falls. Dwarf troops join the Tsar’s army within the city of Kislev and defend the besieged city. Together with an imperial army led by Magnus the Pious, the Dwarfs are instrumental in lifting the siege of defeating Chaos.

(5303, 2303) In the final battle of Grovod Wood, the Imperial Dwarfs from Karaz Ankor are reunited with the Norse Dwarfs. The High King invites the Norse Dwarf Great King of Kraka Drak to join the Day of Remmbrance festivites at Karaz-a-Karak.

(5321, 2321) Battle of Bloodwater Sound ends with Dwarf ironclads from Barak Varr defeating a Skaven Fleet in the Black Gulf.

(5350, 2350) Heavily mutated Dwarfs are discoverd in the northern World’s Edge Mountains.

(5420, 2420) The Goblin Warlord Grom the Paunch defeats a Dwarf army in the Battle of Iron Gate. He then commences a four-year rampage throughout the Empire.

(5462, 2462) Engineers’ Guildhall in Karaz-a-Karak is destroyed by the pressure vessel experiments of Burlok Damminson and Sven Hasslefriesan.

(5473, 2473) Belegar, a descendant of King Lunn, declares himself King of Karak Eight peaks having arrived there and set up camp on the site of the old citadel. What had begun as a treasure hunting expedition turns into an attempt to rcolonise the hold. The Dwarfs descend into the depths and recover many treasures, but are hopelessly outnumbered and live in a state of permanent siege.

(5488, 2488) Engineer Mungrun Steelhammer of Barak Varr introduces the Nautilus submersible and clockwork torpedoes into the Dwarf navy.

(5498, 2498) Battle of the Jaws. Orc army is defeated at west end of Mad Dog pass by and army of Dwarfs led by Duregar. Ambushed once more at the East Gate of Karak Eight Peaks, the Dwarf army fights its way in despite many losses. Engineer Hengist Cragbrow of Barak Varr launches the large and powerful Dreadnought class of warship.
(5500, 2500) Incursions of Chaos grow increasingly active.
(5503, 2503) Orcs invade Karak Azul, loot the Dwarfhold and capture many of King Kazador’s family. They leave his son, Kazrik, shaved and nailed to the throne as a final insult. Orcs escape with captives to Black Crag.

(5510, 2510) Battle of Broken Leg Gully. After ten years of constant raiding and pllaging, the Orc Warlod Gnashrak is defeated by King Ungrim Ironfist of Karak Kadrin. Battle of Iron Peak. During the first day after Geheimnisnacht, an Orc and Goblin army commanded by Gorblum the Magnificent attacks the village Eisenhof after having attacked two dwarven mines. Clanleader Thorgrim Greybeard gathers his forces and attacks this army. The Dwarven forces are annihilated. Thorgrim escapes.(WD#159)

(5519, 2519) Battle of a Hundred Cannons. A Goblin horde assails Zhufbar without warning but fails to breach the defenses. An army from Karaz-a-Karak rapidly marches to the beleaguered hold’s aid. The Goblins are quickly dispersed but it soon becomes evidet that the goblins have actually been fleeing a greater threat. Within weeks a powerful Ogre army bypasses Karak Kadrin and marches on the Moot. The armies of Karaz-a-Karak, Karak Kadrin and Zhufbar unite under High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer and give battle as the Ogres ford the River Aver. Just as the Ogres turn at bay, their forces divided by the river, an army of Men from Nuln arrives on the scene. Caught between the Dwarfs and Men, the Ogre ranks are swept by the largest concentration of artillery yet seen in the Old World and utterly destroyed.

(5523, 2523) The Storm of Chaos erupts. Every pass through the World’s Edge Mountains becomes a battlefield and every throng is mustered for war. Under the leadership of King Thorgrim, the Dwarfs honour their alliances and defend their holds. While Orc tribes flock to Ironhide’s banner, High King Thorgrim commands King Alrik Ranulfsson to clear the Silver Road of Goblins and attack Mount Gunbad. Without the fighting power of the Orcs to oppose him, King Alrik settles many grudges with the Goblins and recoves many long-lost treasures.

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