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A brief history of the High Kings of the Dwarven Realms

The following is an outline of the various Kings of Karaz-a-Karak and subsequent High Kings of Karaz Ankor or the Dwarven Empire. Sources include the various Dwarven armybooks, several issues of White Dwarf magazine, Stone and Steel and several editions of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles rulebook. They have been included in each entry.

The entries have been put in chronological order and have been further categorised into the various different era's the Dwarven Empire has seen to this date.

Posted by Dourin on Apr 15 2008 08:01 PM
The Golden age (-3000 to -2000)

1. Snorri Whitebeard
reigned –4420 to -2800
Undoubtedly the first High Dwarf King after the departure of the Ancestor Gods. His reign sees the Golden age of the Dwarf Empire, and the establishment friendly relations and trade agreements with the Elves of Ulthuan. It was also under Snorri’s rule that the Dwarfs built the seawall (now called Vloedmuur) around the Elf colony of Sith Rionnasc’namishathir (Marienburg).
Sources: WFB4 Armies Dwarfs p18, D:S&S p106

2. Thorik Snorrisson
reigned –2800 to -2572

3. Gorim Ironhammer
reigned –2572 to –2400

4. Vikram Gorimsson
reigned –2400 to -2286

5. Kallon Vikramsson
reigned -2286 to -2146
Lived during the Golden age of the Dwarf Empire.
Sources: WFB6 Dwarfs p20 and WD 139.

6. Gurni Hammerfist
reigned –2146 to -2050

The Age of the War (-2000 to 0)

7. Gotrek Starbreaker
Reigned –2050 to –1502
The High King during the War of Vengeance. His attempts to avert the war were rejected by Phoenix King Caledor the Second’s pride. Gotrek’s longevity is due to the desire to avenge the affront inflicted by the Elves. Gotrek killed Caledor the Second and took the Phoenix Crown to Karaz-a-Karak. High King Gotrek died as the last Elf colony burned to the ground, at the ripe old age of 655 years
Sources : WFB4 Dwarfs p18 and D:S&S p 5-7, 13, 106.

Snorri Halfhand
Son of Gotrek Starbreaker, who would have succeeded his father to the throne, but was killed in single combat by Caledor the Second in –1974 I.C. His cousin Morgrim became heir.

8. Morgrim "Elgidum" Ironbeard
reigned –1502 to -1460
Nephew of Gotrek Starbreaker, Morgrim became High King after Gotrek Starbreaker died. He distinguished himself during the War of Vengeance by killing Imladrik, brother of Caledor the Second, in the battle of Oeragor, in –1968. Morgrim also entered Tor Alessi at the side of Gotrek in -1502. He ascended to the throne at a very old age, which explains the short duration of his reign. It was his misfortunate as High King that the first of the Dwarfholds and mines fell to the Greenskins. The massive gates of Karaz-a-Karak were erected during his watch.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p18, WFB6 Dwarfs p56.

9. Morgrim Blackbeard
reigned –1460 to -1220
He tried to rectify the situation after the catastrophes of the preceding reign, but without success. His attempts to retake Mount Gunbad and Silverspear in -1245 were celebrated, in spite of their failure. It was in the early years of his reign, that the veteran regiment of Hammerers was created. In –1362, Morgrim denounced the Dwarfs who settle in the Black Mountains and the Vaults and created a fissure in the relations with these Dwarfholds.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p19, WFB6 Dwarfs p12, D:S&S, p 106.

10. Dwinbar Morgrimson
reigned –1220 to –1140
Kadrin Redmane attempts to retake Karak Varn in –1185
Sources: D:S&S p108

11. Zamnil Irongrip
reigned –1140 to –1052
Kadrin Redmane slain by Orcs and Dwarfs forced out of Karak Varn in –1136
Sources: D:S&S p108

12. Yorri Stormcrow
reigned –1052 to -975

13. Maldrek Stoneanvil
reigned –975 to -843

14. Olin Maldreksson
reigned –843 to -645

15. Enik Olinsson
reigned –645 to –512

16. Kazgar Eniksson
reigned –512 to -441
Offered the Dwarfs of the Black and Grey Mountains and the Vaults forgiveness if they return home.
Sources: D:S&S p108

17. Logan Proudbeard
reigned –441 to -376
Under his reign, Greenskins renew their attacks against the Dwarf capital. Alchemists in Karaz-a-Karak discover gunpowder in -420. Logan is captured into -380 and released the following year. Cannons used at Karaz-a-Karak drive back the Orcs.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p20., D:S&S p108

18. Gundrun Blueaxe
reigned –376 to –252

19. Hagred Gundrunson
reigned –252 to –168
Under his reign, Dwarfs intensify trade with the Humans.
Sources: D:S&S p108

20. Norgrim Sharpedge
reigned –168 to -102

The Age of the Heroes (0 to 1500)

21. Kurgan Ironbeard
Reigned –102 to 215
Captured fact by the Orcs, and then delivered by Sigmar. In gratitude, Kurgan bestows Ghal Maraz to Sigmar in gratitude for his rescue. Thus began the long friendship and alliance between the Dwarfs. Together, the Men and the Dwarfs drove out the Orcs of the Empire and destroyed their armies at the Batle of Black Fire Pass. A period of relative peace ensued for the Dwarfholds of Karaz Ankor and a return of prosperity. Kurgan Ironbeard was a still High King at the time of the disappearance of Sigmar.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p20 and full others.

22. Grom Kurgansson
reigned 215 to 290

23. Rorek Scarface
reigned 290 to 402

24. Skag Ironhelm
reigned 402 to 498

25. Duregar Giftgiver
reigned 498 to 604
Sent envoys with a gift of a runic hammer to Emperor Sigismund the Conqueror.
Sources: D:S&S, page 59-60

26. Finn Sourscowl
Reigned 604 to 755
Under his reign, Dorin Heldour and Katalin Kandoom found a series of old artifacts lost at the time of the bag of fortresses.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p21, D:S&S p108

27. Elmador Finnson
Reigned 755 to 920
Son of Finn Sourscowl, he was captured by the Orcs with his brother Oldor. Dorin Heldour and Katalin Kandoom freed him from the keeps of Black Crag in 742.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p21.

28. Mordin Axehelm
reigned 920 to 995

29. Snorri Mordinson
reigned 995 to 1112
Dwarf engineers invent steam engines in 1022 I.C. High King died of the plague
Sources: WFB6 Dwarfs p68, D:S&S p108

30. Gorim Snorrison
reigned 1112-1252

31. Thungni Oath-Holder
reigned 1252-1368
Remembering their oath to Sigmar, the High King reiterated the Dwarf neutrality with respect to the Imperial civil war.
Sources: D:S&S p109

32. Haakon Orcbane
reigned 1368-1440

33. Grundhar Bronze Bandages
reigned 1440 to 1532
Under his reign, Karaz-a-Karak was besieged once again. The siege was relieved by the timely intervention of Bretonnian Errant Knights. Grundhar gave a large Gromril Helm to their leader in gratitude (around 1452).
Sources: WFB6 Bretonnia p61.

1500 to Recent

34. Hargrem Greybeard
reigned 1532 to 1630

35. Gottri Strongwill
reigned 1630 to 1707
Night of the Restless Dead (1681) finds the Dwarfs putting their new flame cannons to good use. New Orc invasion (1707) carries into Empire through Black Fire Pass.
Sources: D:S&S p109

36. Kendrak Gottrison
reigned 1707 to 1810

37. Ulther Kendrakson
reigned 1810 to 1870

38. Bardin Ultherson
reigned 1870 to 1972

39. Grindol Mardinson
reigned 1972 to 2010
Wizard’s War breaks out throughout the Empire and beyond (1979) and the Wars against the Vampire Counts begin (2010).
Sources: D:S&S p109

40. Alrik Deathdealer
reigned 2010 to 2205
He helped the Empire in its fight against the Vampire Counts of Sylvania. Alrik died at the time of the Battle of the Black Falls, having fallen in the Falls along with his foe the Goblin Warlord Gorkil Eye Gouger.
Sources: WFB4 Dwarfs p21, D:S&S p109.

41. Balun Alriksson
reigned 2205 to 2303
He died a little after the incursion of the Chaos of 2302 begun. It is his son Thorgrim Grudgebearer who ascended the throne of Karaz-a-Karak and brought assistance to Kislev.
Sources: WFB6 Hordes of Chaos p13 and mentioned without name in D:S&S p94.

42. Thorgrim Grudgebearer
reigns 2303 to present
Son of the previous king, Thorgrim led the defense of Karaz-a-Karak and destroyed the besieging forces of the Chaos. He then sent reinforcements to Kislev. Upon his ascension, Thorgrim swore to settle all outrages against Dwarfs listed in the Book of Grudge.
Sources: D:S&S p94

Credit has to go to the people who compiled this list, but since I found this list on various sites on the internet in the same state, it's hard to find out who exactly created it in the first place. Let me finish this with saying a big thank you to the guy(s)/girl(s) who put the effort into it, and if he/she/they were to read this and feel so inclined, I will happily edit the article and thank them by name.

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