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Khazalid runes of the past and present

Looking through some very, very old White Dwarfs of a mate of mine, I came upon issue 153, which contained a cartload of Dwarven fluff. One of the things was a list of names of dwarven runes, some which are still in use today, others that have been forgotten.

Posted by Dourin on Apr 15 2008 07:55 PM
the Rune of Fortune. A common rune found on swords and axes.

the Rune of Swiftness. Devised by Thurgard the Treacherous and said to incorporate Elven rituals in its making.

the Rune of Eternity, a rune so powerful that only one of it can exist. It is currently marked on the Throne of Kings and makes that artefact indestructable.

the Iron Rune.

the Rune of Cleaving. Used on the first Dwarven metal armour. The use of this rune among Dwarves predates its use among Elves.

the Berserker Rune. Suggests that this rune was devised for a now lost Dwarf Berserker cult - the remnants of which can be found among the Norse Dwarves.

the Rune of Striking. First used on the earliest metal weapons of the Dwarves.

the Dragon Rune. This rune's existance may indicate that there was once a Dwarven Dragon-Slayers cult.

the Might-Strike rune. An old rune, possibly from a time when Dwarves had no metal-lore.

the Rune of Might. The invention of this rune is claimed for several different ancestors. Whatever, the majority of weapons bearing this rune were made in Karaz-a-Karak.

the Rune of Fear. Invented by Okri Two-Hoards.

the Rune of Banishment. Said to have been devised by Snorri Spangelhelm and protects the living from undead and ethereal creatures.

the rune sacred to the Dwarf deity Grimnir.

the rune of Grungni. First created in Karak Azul by an ancient Runesmith.

the Rune of Cutting. Perhaps the oldest of Dwarven runes as it is found on stone hammers that predate their discovery of metal.

Rune of Parrying. One of the more ancient runes.

the Rune of Courage.

the Spelleater Rune and one of the more difficult runes to master. It can nullify non-runic magic and is the speciality of Karak Azgal.

the Shield Rune.

the rune sacred to the Dwarven goddess Valaya. It has special powers of protection against magical attack. This rune is only ever inscribed during rituals in the temple of Valaya in Karaz-a-Karak.

the Rune of Kingship. A potent rune that makes one steadfast and sure. (WD160)

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