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Karak Eight Peaks

1st of the dwarven holds

Posted by Alaric Ironaxe on Dec 02 2011 09:28 PM
Karak Eight Peaks (Vala-Azrilungol in Khalzid), was founded around the imperial year -5000, the same time the dwarfs begin settling in the world edge mountains. the hold is made up of eight peaks: Karag Zilfin (windswept mountain), Karag Yar (sunset mountain), Karag Mhonar (shadow mountain), Karagril (silverhorn), Karag Lhune (crescent mountain), Karag Rhyn (mount redstone), Karag Nar (sunrise mountain), and Kvinn Wyr (white lady). unlike most dwarven holds, a large part of the city is above ground in the valley formed by the 8 peaks. there are gates to protect each pass into the valley and a citadel in the center of the valley. but the underground part is far larger, going 10 deeps down.

Karak Eight Peaks fell to goblin and skaven invaders after a 200 years struggle in the year -513. the skaven poison the wells of the hold, killing many dwarfs. King Lunn orders the vaults to be sealed and swears vengeance, leaving with few survivors. the skaven and goblins fight for possession of the hold, though neither gain control. in 2473 Belegar Ironhammer, a descendant of king Lunn, returns to the hold and reclaims the citadel. the dwarfs drive the skaven and goblins out of the 1st level of the hold, but many enemies remain and the dwarfs live in a state of permanent siege. in 2498 Lord Duregar Hammerfist (a relative of Belegar) marched from Karaz-A-Karak to come aid his kin. his army was ambushed in mad dog pass at the battle of the jaws by forces under the command of Snarsnik, the night goblin chieftan who rules over the greenskins infesting Karak Eight Peaks. Druegar won the battle of the Jaws but was aumbushed again at the East Gate of the 8 peaks. his force would have been overwhelmed but Belegar came to his aid.

the dwarfs now have a solid hold on the above ground part of Karak Eight Peaks and the 1st deep, but many more foul ratmen and greenskins still infest the 8 peaks.

sources: dwarven army book, grudgelore.

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