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  • Added on: Feb 25 2011 02:01 PM
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Defensive Dwarfs

A balanced list against all opponents ( in my opinion anyway)
Anyone have any better ideas please comment :)

Posted by xxSLAYERxx on Feb 25 2011 02:01 PM
I have recently started playing as Dwarfs and so found out some of their weaknesses and strengths. As we all know the war machines are best things that our army has, however if they are used incorrectly our front line would by destroyed by the enemy. So i would personally target big things like giants, Ogres or anything that has good Armour or high toughness. Ive had about 15 games with my dwarfs against various opponents and i havent lost a single game yet, sooooo...heres my army list :)

Dwarf Lord 145
-shield 3
-Rune of might 25
-M. rune of breaking 45
-M. rune of spite 45

Runesmith 70

Thane 65
-Battle Standard 25

20 Dwarfs
-full com.(no musician) 200

20 Dwarfs
-great weapons
-full com. 225

20 Longbeards
-full com.
-rune of battle 290

16 Thunderers 224

16 Quarrellers 176

Organ gun 120

Cannon 90
-rune of forging 35
-rune of reloading 10

Bolt thrower 45
-engineer 15
-rune of penetrating 25

cannon 90

So yh this is it really if you have nay questions or would like to correct me on something please do

Thanx :)


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