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Dwarf Culture

Dedicated to the great history and life of Dwarfs

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Lost Saga's

Tales from long ago are kept faithfully here

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Warhammer 7th Ed

  1. Beginners Area,
  2. New Dwarf Extra's,
  3. Dwarf Tactica

Get all your Dwarf troops, tactics and help for everyone from Beginners to hardcore

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Bugmans Brewery

Home to all the extra's that you can use in your Dwarf army directly from Bugman himself!

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  • The lighter Side

    Vampire counts getting you down? Needing relief from all the skaven? Then come here for a collection of jokes and other funny material

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    Warhammer 6th Ed

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    Warhammer 4/5th

    Old style Warhammer, but still one of the better editions!

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    Warhammer 6.5th Ed

    For when the Newer version of the Dwarf army book arrived (and we all rejoiced)

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    Dwarf Fluff

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  • Warhammer 8th Ed

    With the new Edition, everythings different, find out the best dwarf Tactics, guides and army lists here

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    1. The City of Skulls Campaign

    All previous Bugmansbrewery campagins can be found here!

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