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Time Line of Karaz Stromgorl Part 1

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Posted 21 November 2005 - 09:57 PM

Here You Go Guys, put in thr right place.
Here the reader will find a time line used as the outline for The Book of Golden Tales and the Nature of the Dwarven Races written by Ricther Edmund Rose, Lord of Stragelhassen, Duke of Rosenheim, Prince of Zagvanihem, Commander of the Crimson Guard, Friend, and ally to the King of Karaz Stromgorl. It is with my greatest intent to tell the story of my Dwarven allies and their struggle to survive. After many years of studying in their great halls of gold and stone, I wish that my accounts would be as accurate and precise, as they possibly can be. Though the below only accounts for what I was able to divulge and obtain from the book of records that were made available to [warhammertag83]ME[/warhammertag83], for I can guarantee that there are many more events and tales of greatness that I cannot account for, for those events are recorded in books made unavailable to [warhammertag83]ME[/warhammertag83] and kept secret in the libraries and personal collection of the dwarves who dwell in Karaz Stromgorl. Also the sheer volume of historical detail and wealth of information in the books I had permission to review and study contained an enormous and far too great amount of information to be summarized in their entirety. So the following overviews important events, or events of particular interest to my self or picked by King Logan Proudfist Damminsson himself. The below time line is dated according to Imperial Calendar. I hope that my efforts will benefit man, and help them understand the nature and true suffering of the Dwarves and gain a new respect for them and their race.

-4023 It is rumored that it was during this year that the Wanderer was born.

-2785 Durin One Tooth Brownbeard Dariansson The First is Born

-2485 Durin One Tooth Brownbeard Dariansson The First, Leader of the Darian Clan founds the hold of Karaz Stromgorl, which lies between Karak Vlag and Karak Ungor. He his named king.

-2450 The Wanderer comes to Karaz Stromgorl with the request that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] can travel into the un-explored depths and create a great library, that only those who seek its knowledge can find. King Durin hesitantly agrees, and the Wanderer is not heard or seen for millennia.

-2400 The Dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl expand their hold. The expansion includes the formation of the ten levels of the underhalls; the construction of the Great Clock begins.

-2208 The Dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl fight an eight-year war against invading goblins. King Durin earns his name “One Tooth” because during one battle Durin lost all but one of his bottom front teeth.

-2187 The Port hold of Kazad-Ong-Varr is founded in the northwestern area of the Old World, west of the Wastelands, in the mountains west of what will eventually become Marienburg. Kazad-Ong-Varr also begins to construct a dock town to the north, for trade with the Elves and other Sea faring races. Construction of the Great Clock finishes

-2102 Construction of Kazad-Ong-Varr is completed.

-2100 During a visit by King Durin, the Elves of the line of Haledor make friends with the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl, when they happen upon the great port city of Kazad -Ong-Varr.

-2005 The Great Betrayal occurs. Hadrick Thunderbow is born.

-1997 War between the Dwarves and Elves erupts. The Elves of Haledor and the Dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl attempt to stay peaceful but are drawn by their racial duties to fight against the other. King Durin and the Royal army of Karaz Stromgorl march on Aliiana. The Elvis of Haledor are sent to defend Tor Alessi

-1873 King Durin and his army destroy Aliiana. King Durin is then ordered by the High King to assist the siege of Tor Alessi.

-1623 King Durin meets Lord Vathis Silverheart Haledor in combat. The two fight for hours until Durin is able to disarm Athrin, Durin in an act of mercy allows Athrin to live. Many other Dwarven leaders protest this decision, and charges of heresy and treason against the Dwarven Empire, and Durin is called to the High Kings chambers to argue his case. After a fiery speech Durin is aquatinted of his charges. King Durin remains at Tor Alessi. Many Dwarven lords including the kings of Karak Ungor, Karak Varn and Karak Izor swear oaths of Shunning upon Durin and the people of Karaz Stromgorl.

-1589 King Durin and the forces of Karaz Stromgorl break the Elven lines and penetrate its defenses, several great Elven generals are slain but the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl, unsupported and grievously out numbered are pushed back after suffering terrible casualties from the arrows of the Elves as they retreat. The dwarves of the other holds learn to respect the Dwarves of the Golden River Mountain for their skill are arms and heroic actions. The Dwarven kings of Karak Ungor and Karak Izor denounce their oath of Shunning on King Durin. The King of Karak Varn who was assigned to support Kind Durin’s forces is punished and is forced to give up half of his personal coffers to pay reparations, he is also forced to withdraw his oath of Shunning, and forced to bow down to King Durin.

-1579 King Durin’s son Burian Bronze Beard Durinsson is born.

-1560 The War is ended after The High King of the Dwarves slays the Elven High King and Tor Alessi is destroyed. King Durin and his forces return home as heroes.

-1516 The Time of Woes falls upon the Dwarven race. Many other dwarven holds are lost during this time. The Halls of Karaz Stromgorl are shaken a great earthquake. The Great Daemon Beast Thagi-uzkul the Black Death appears as a Dwarf and befriends the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl using dark magic and then slays them secretly. Thagi-uzkul true form is revealed when [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] tries to fool King Durin who sees through his false dwarven disguise. King Durin fights Thagi-uzkul who regenerates and attacks King Durin again. The Daemon is subdued and locked in a prison. A dwarf prison guard believes the daemon’s lies and trickery and unlocks his cell. The dwarf is after words killed. King Durin defeats the daemon for a third time. The rune smiths of the hold are able to temporarily bind the daemon’s spirit away from its body for a time, while Rune Lord Sadrick Farsight Morgrimsson works to build a runic prison.

-1498 Rune Lord Sadrick finishes the runic prison and binds Thagi-uzkul to it. Sadrick uses his own life energy to both finish the prison so quickly and to bind the daemon to it. Sadrick dies because of this. The prison is place in the tenth level of the underhalls, but before the hall is sealed the rune smiths of the hold forge a secret runic seal inside the hall called “The Seal of Heros”. Explosives are then used to seal the hall.

-1497 Skaven and goblins invade Karaz Stromgorl and the dwarfs of the great hold fight a ten-year war to defend their homeland.

-1483 King Durin sends an expedition to retake Ekrund but the expedition never returns.

-1475 A horde of foul chaos marauders attack the hold of Karaz Stromgorl. The Siege lasts for eight years. The dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl suffer great losses and much of the great hold is destroyed.

-1464 Karaz Stromgorl’s reconstruction is completed in record time. News comes from Gunbad, a great ally to Karaz Stromgorl that they are under siege. King Durin sends what little aid [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] can, but replies back that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] cannot spare any warriors, because of rumors of an Orc horde head towards Karaz Stromgorl.

-1463 A Orc Hoard attacks the already weakened Karaz Stromgorl. The forces of Karaz Stromgorl choose to charge out and meet their foes before they reach the city gates. The Orc’s, expecting the dwarves to fight defensively are shocked as hundreds of battle hardened dwarven warriors charge out and are soundly defeated.

-1377 With Karaz Stromgorl’s forces rebuild and refreshed King Durin sends a large force of dwarfs to help the dwarfs of Mount Silverspear. Leading these warriors is King Durin’s son Burian Bronze Beard Durinsson.

-1367 The forces at Mount Silverspear are slain to a dwarf defending the hold. The hold is taken soon after. King Durin mourns his son’s loss. The Dwarves fend off another Chaos Marauder attack, losing a great number in the process.

-1324 King Durin holds the grand staircase to the underhalls by himself as dwarfs escape to the main levels of the hold from the Skaven. King Durin slays over 300 Skaven before reinforcements arrive and relive him. After days of fighting the Skaven are wiped out and their crude tunnels collapsed, and the walls and mines of the underhalls are reinforced with layers of bronze and iron.

-1250 Orcs, Goblins, and Trolls invade the World Edge Mountains in great numbers and the Troll Wars begin. King Durin now over 1,500 years old goes on to defeats an army of 600 Trolls with a force of 2,000 warriors.

-1245 Many dwarven kings make attempts to reclaim lost holds and territories. High King Morgrim Blackbeard who is assisted by a small force from Karaz Stromgorl clears the Mountains north of Mad Dog Pass; Mount Gunbad is reclaimed for a short time, as is Mount Silverspear. The great Underway is cleared; many great halls and tombs are refurbished. The hold of Karaz Stromgorl is filled with the births of hundreds of newborn dwarves, and so this time is called “The Age of Re-birth.”

-1235 King Durin’s second son Torin Bronzebeard Durinsson is born.

-1200 King Durin fights the Great Dragon Zaaggrill The Black Sun Dragon, he is the only dwarf who dares to even near the great beast. His axe is knocked into a crater during the battle and is forced to face it bare handed. The battle lasts for four days. On the Fourth day King Durin slays the great dragon, earning the name Dragons-bane, it takes two years for King Durin to fully recover from the battle. Later that year [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] single handily slays a tribe of greenskins. Many begin to worship Durin as not just a king but as a divinity.

-1185 Karak Varn is retaken by Runesmith Kadrin Redmane. King Durin sends Engineers, Goldsmiths and craftsmen from Karaz Stromgorl head here to help in reconstruction.

-1145 King Durin slays Zorgon the Wicked, a vile daemon prince of Khorne who attacks Karaz Stromgorl. After [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] slays Zorgon, the daemonic host is routed and eventually defeated.

-1136 Karak Varn falls again to Skaven and greenskins, after Kadrin Redmane is killed. King Durin sends a small force to find any survivors but the force never returned.

-1124 King Durin slays a tribe of goblins while on a hunting trip, he is severely wounded but does not die.

-1107 Karaz Stromgorl is for a third time by Chaos Marauders, but this time they are also attacked by a force of Skaven and Goblins as well. King Durin rallies his forces and defeats the horde, taking horrendous casualties; in turn slay all of the skaven including their leader.

-1085 King Durin's military adviser and Lore master Hadrick Thunderbow having traveled into the great depths of the Un-explored depths, and studied the ancient arts of combat through books and scrolls found in the Great Library which lies in the Ninth level of the underhalls, suggests that they found a special Order of warriors, and dedicate it to the destruction of evil, a order whose soldiers would become fearsome warriors in the ancient art of combat through intense training and studying of these ancient texts. King Durin loves the idea and places Hadrick Thunderbow in charge. The Order of the Gromthiul Dreng is founded. The Star Tower is built. King Durin’s son Torin Bronzebeard Durinsson begins to train under Hadrick’s teachings, it begins the long tradition of the sons of the Kings learning this art. It is said that the Wanderer had trained Hadrick and suggested that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] found the order.

-1061 Prince Torin’s twin sons Baldrick Tight-grip Torinsson, and Gundon Rock-arm Torinsson

-1043 King Durin aged but still powerful once again leads the warriors of Karaz Stromgorl to victory against a massive force of greenskins.

-1035 King and Savoir Durin One Tooth Brownbeard Dragons-bane Dariansson the First, disappears during the festival of Grimnir. It is said that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] descended to the halls of the ancestors before death took him, this is looked upon as a sign of his divinity, and the Order of Durin is founded shortly after in the belief that Durin was living God. The Order becomes one of the major religions in Karaz Stromgorl, second only to the worship of Grimnir and Valaya, who in the temples of Karaz Stromgorl are worshipped as twin Gods. The Order establishes their own personal army of devoted soldiers and priests. The Statue of Durin is added to the garden of the Gods, in the first level of the Underhalls.

-975 King Torin Bronzebeard Durinsson sends help to High King Skorri Morgrimsson to recapture Karak Ungor. The expedition fails and the forces wiped out. King Torin’s son Baldrick Tight-grip Torinsson was among the slain.

-843 Kazad -Ong-Varr is attacked, the light Garrison is obliterated, and the port city is sacked. King Torin roses his armies and begins plans to take back the city. King Torin’s son Gundon Rock-arm Torinsson is born.

-840 Plans to retake Kazad-Ong-Varr are halted because of a huge Chaos Marauder incursion, involving over 800,000 barbaric Krugan. The Marauders are able to break into the front hall. The Dwarves wage a five-year war to destroy the barbaric host. Much of the front hall and exterior of the hold are destroyed.

-835 The barbaric host is destroyed. Preparations are started again to retake Kazad-Ong-Varr. Reconstruction of Karaz Stromgorl begins. The warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng are a significant help in his battle.

-830 Kazad-Ong-Varr is retaken. Reconstruction begins. Karaz Stromgorl is attacked by Orcs, Reconstruction is halted for seven years as the armies of Karaz Stromgorl battle and pursue the Orcs.

-712 Reconstruction on the Holds of Kazad-Ong-Varr and Karaz Stromgorl are completed. King Torin issues a decree that Karaz Stromgorl saying that defenses need to be strengthened and improved to prevent future invasions. His decree is received with great approval. The years of Improvement are called “The Age of Refurbishing.” He also says that Kazad-Ong-Varr is also to be strengthened.

-513 Karak Eight Peaks is taken by the Greenskins and Skaven. Gundon’s son Duffrin White-axe Gundonsson is born.

-469 Karak Azgal and Karak Drazh are both taken by the Greenskins.

-412 The strengthening and re-construction of Karaz Stromgorl is complete. Kazad-Ong-Varr’s strengthening is also completed. Hadrick Thunderbow dies the first Tah Kazak Rik of the Gromthiul Dreng order. The next Tah Kazak Rik is Choosen soon after.

-395 King Torin Bronzebeard Durinsson dies. His son Gundon Rock-arm Torinsson takes the throne.

-380 Karaz-a-Karak is attacked by Orc Warlord Ugrok Beard Burner. King Gundon leads the army of Karaz Stromgorl to Karaz-a-Karak but when they arrive High King Logan Proudbeard has been captured. King Gundon and his army march with Gorazin Silverhorn and drive the Orcs from the Dwarf Capitol. King Gundon then returns to Karaz Stromgorl upon hearing news of another Marauder incursion. Upon arrival [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] learns that the warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng numbering only 2,000 warriors allied with only 100 other non-order warriors fought off a Marauder horde of 50,000. This victory is a testament to the martial prowess of these Elite warriors.

-245 A vein of Blue Gromril is discovered. Blue Gromril is the hardest metal ever to be discovered, even harder than normal Gromril. Trade with the tribes of men intensifies, especially at Kazad-Ong-Varr.

-123 An Army of Orcs and Skaven assail the Main Gate of Karaz Stromgorl, but are repelled by the Warriors of Gromthiul Dreng and King Gundon’s personal Guard. During this Battle, Duffrin, the king’s son, a master of the art of Gromthiul Dreng personally slays 100 Orcs, earning him a second name of Urk-Uzkul.

-15 Word is sent that the Human Prince Sigmar rescued the High King Kurgan Ironbeard. A grand alliance between men and dwarfs is forged.

-1 King Gundon and the army of Karaz Stromgorl, along side the Warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng fight with High King Kurgan Ironbeard and Sigmar at the Battle of Black Fire Pass, many other Dwarven armies are present ranging from the Engineers of Zhufbar, the Slayers of Karak Kadrin, and the Sharpshooting Rangers from Karak Norn. The combined force crushes a massive Orc army and ends the domination of the land by the Orcs. The Empire of Men is soon formed, with Sigmar as the first Emperor. Many dwarfs from many holds travel to the new Empire and help forge the foundations of men.

53 King Gundon dies. His son Duffrin White-axe Urk-Uzkul Gundonsson takes the throne. He calls for the re-organization of the Guilds, which have fallen in disarray over the past two hundred years.

120 Karaz Stromgorl experiences another “Age of Rebirth.” Due to the years of much peace and the halls of Karaz Stromgorl must be expanded to meet the onrush of births. King Duffrin’s son Ardin Duffrinsson is born.

220 Miners discover a hidden settlement of Skaven in the 4th level of the Underhalls. King Duffrin is slain soon after by a Skaven assassin. His son is ineligible to take the throne due to his young age, and must wait until [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is at least 200 years old. Rune Lord Alrick Blackbeard Morgrimsson takes his place until [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] comes of age. War is declared on the Skaven.

320 After the Skaven are purged from the Underhalls, King Alrick steps down and allow Ardin Duffrinsson to take his rightful place as King. Runelord Alrick soon dies after. Ardin is the first of the kings of Karaz Stromgorl to have only two names. Rune Lord Alrick Blackbeard Morgrimsson dies.

410 King Ardin travels to Karaz-a-Karak to wed Gwindilyn Goldbraids, second niece to the High King.

412 King Ardin’s son Durin Brownbeard is born with one tooth and so named Durin One Tooth Brownbeard the Second.

482 Runelord Morgrim Blackbeard Alricksson and Lore Master Narin Broadbeard and their team of researchers discover the secret to why the Dwarfs of Karaz Stromgorl live exceptionally longer than normal. They determine it is because of a chemical in the gold found in Karaz Stromgorl’s mines. This chemical causes regenerative powers and is also found in the Holds water supply.

502 Prince Durin II since his coming of age has formed a special bond with the warriors of Gromthiul Dreng, whom [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] trained with as had all of the Prince before him and after him, his bind is especially strong with Tah Kazak Rik Hudrin Starheart.

586 Prince Durin and the Gromthiul Dreng travel to Barak Varr and help fight off an undead invasion from the Sour Sea.

620 King Ardin and his wife are slain while on an expedition to Karak-Azul by the Orc Warlord Gor’rog Skin Ripper, and cuts down the Kings Guard. The Orcs scatter into the mountains soon after stealing Ardin’s Rune axe and Rune Armour. The Guard’s equipment is also stolen. The King’s son Durin One Tooth Brownbeard the Second takes the throne and swears to hunt down the Orcs.

622 King Durin II slays the Orcs led by Gor’rog Skin Ripper, with a force of fifty Gromthiul Dreng warriors and recovers the lost Rune Armour and Rune Axe.

784 King Durin II and the warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng fight off a Chaos Dwarf and Marauder attack on Karaz Stromgorl. Tah Kazak Rik Hudrin Starheart fights and slays a Chaos Dwarf Lord, a Krugan Marauder Lord and Destroys an Earthshaker cannon, before [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is shot to death by a regiment of Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss Marksmen. King Durin II mourns his friend’s loss, and a great funeral is planned.

864 The Gromthiul Dreng repel a massive Greenskin invasion. Tah Kazak Rik Kraven Hard-Hammer slays two giants and the Goblin warlord, and over 200 Goblins during the battle. The Wanderer appears during the battle and slays the Greenskins leader, a great and powerful Black Orc named Rungick Mail Breaker.

913 The Wanderer saves King Durin II from a vicious Rat Ogre during a battle with a skaven war host. He then goes on to slay the Skaven's Warlord and their Grey Seer. Later that year The Wanderer slays a vicious Orc Warlord during “The Battle of Four Hundred Axes”. He also saves King Durin’s soon to be Wife Hilda Sky Hair from a vicious dragon while on her way to marry King Durin II.

924 Once again the Gromthiul Dreng repels a Goblin invasion of forty thousand with only 4,000 warriors. The Wanderer once again appears, slaying the Goblins leader Sangi Toe Breaker.

935 The Wanderer fights a family of seven Giants by himself, slaying them and casting their bodies from the Mountain side.

947 The dwarves of Kazad-Ong-Varr fight along side the tribal men of Bretonnia against a vile alliance of skaven and orcs. The battle is won but with much loss to the Bretonnians.

979 The dwarves of Kazad-Ong-Varr once again fight along side the men of Bretonnia against a vile force of greenskins. It is said that Gilles le Breton led the Bretonnia force. The battle was hard fought but the alliance overcame the greenskins. This battle forges a great friendship between the men of the established kingdoms of Bretonnia and the dwarves of Kazad-Ong-Varr.

985 King Durin II’s son Mordrin Durinsson is born.

1000 King Durin II issues a decree that Kazad-Ong-Varr begin construction of a great fleet. Master Engineer Gloin Sootbeard Gloinsson is put in charge of the project.

1055 The Engineers of Kazad-Ong-Varr finish the first Amphibian Seafaring Warship named Gloin’s First, a ship capable of traveling on land and sea. Its first voyage is a great disaster, as the entire crew and the vessel itself are lost. Construction on two other prototype ships soon begins.

1111 The Black Plague sweeps across the lands of meant. The Gates of many dwarven holds are closed, many are attacked by Skaven forces. The hold of Karaz Stromgorl is no expectation, and the Great Gates are closed and will remain so for decades. The hold is attacked from above and below by numberless Skaven. The bold dwarf warriors must fight a two front war that lasts thirteen years.

1124 The Skaven are driven back, and the forces of Karaz Stromgorl are able to rest. Prince Mordrin marries Katlianna Brightbangs. His son Daelin Trueheart Mordrinsson is born ten months later.

1213 A Huge Skaven army attacks from the Underhalls. This time the forces of Karaz Stromgorl cannot stop the nearly infinite tide. This time the Skaven have brought powerful war machines and thousands of monstrous rat ogres. A powerful Grey Seer and a vicious Warlord lead the force. Both leaders have the mark of thirteen tattooed on their foreheads. They bring with them a powerful war machine called The Doom Wheel. While the force of the Skaven pour in from the fifth level of the underhalls, a vicious force of Orcs take advantage of the dwarfs’ situation and attack at the Dwarven gate but are held back by the Defensive War Machines, and are all slain. The Skaven continue to pour into the fourth and third level of the underhalls. King Durin II is slain by a monstrous pack of Rat Ogres. His son Mordrin Durinsson takes the throne, and the Skaven are driven back after two years of war.

1215 King Mordrin wife who is a under the influence of Tzeentch, one of the most powerful of the Chaos Gods, convinces her husband that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] was the sole reason that the Skaven were driven back, and that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] deserves more than just an honorable mention. Also she holds a grudge against Tah Kazak Rik Kraven Hard-Hammer who resisted her temptations and seduction, and so she convinces King Mordrin that the Gromthiul Dreng are old fashioned and have become a shadow of the fearsome soldiers they once were, and are in need to be disbanded. She also tells him they are jealous of the King and are planning to overthrow him. She also convinces him that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] should institute a tax and each citizen must pay him a fee every month paid directly to the King for his own gain, and not to benefit the entire hold.

The dwarfs of Karaz Stromgorl rebel and refuse to pay such fees for no reason, they publicly denounce the king calling him an Oathbreaker and Thief. They form peaceful protests such as refusing to work or not drinking the beer that is one of the main sources of the income in Karaz Stromgorl The public also sees no reason to disband the Gromthiul Dreng, an order of powerful and loyal warriors, who have saved the Hold on many occasions. Among these protesters are Tah Kazak Rik Kraven Hard-Hammer and Rune Lord Margrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson who are both of sound and infinitely wise minds. King Mordrin is convinced by his wife to have many rebels killed; including Kraven Hard-Hammer whose food was poisoned by Katlianna herself. Also over two thirds of the Gromthiul Dreng’s warriors are assassinated or sent into the badlands on suicide missions. Katlianna also has her own father Rune Lord Margrim slain while [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] slept. This causes even more outrage and peaceful protests turn to bloody conflicts. The Kings personal guard, loyal and sworn to obey him, fight several large battles with the dwarfs of Karaz Stromgorl. This time is called “The Kin Slayer War.” The war lasts twenty-two years. Mordrin begins to worship Tzeentch under the perception that it is the Dwarven God Grungi. He soon becomes a true worshipper of Chaos.

1237 The Hold of Karaz Stromgorl is still divided by war and rebellion. Those still loyal to the King call themselves Mordrians, in honor of King Mordrin, who has fallen into insanity and darkness. Those who fight for truth and justice call themselves The Warriors of Truth and are led by Prince Daelin Trueheart Mordrinsson. After twenty years of fighting, the Warriors of Truth are finally able to push back the Mordrians. Queen Katlianna is captured by soon after commit suicide. Prince Daelin meets his father in single combat and defeats him, usurping his power as King, but chooses not to have his father killed but instead has him exiled never to return. Mordrin is deemed the as a Murderous Traitor and Oathbreaker. Many of the dwarfs loyal to Mordrin are exiled are well. The group of exiles left and never heard from again. Prince Daelin also removes his last name of Mordrinsson, and changes it to Thagisson, meaning son of a murderous traitor so [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] can remember what his father had done.

Prince Daelin cannot take the throne however because [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is only 93 [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] cannot take the throne, and since the Rune Lord Margrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson was assassinated, the council of elders will rule until Daelin comes of age. The is known as “The Age of the Empty Throne.”

1243 The Dwarves of Kazad-Ong-Varr once again raise arms and help the men of Bretonnia against a vile force of skaven. The battle is easily won, when the Kazad-Ong-Varr’s cannon train slay the skaven leaders and kill their war machines.

1296 The Engineers of Kazad-Ong-Varr finish construction on two Amphibian Seafaring Warships. They are names Grimnir’s Gavel and Valaya’s Scepter. These ships are a great improvement on the original designs and receive a passing grade upon test runs. Soon after the Engineers begin plans to build a grand fleet of these Amphibian ships, consisting of nine other ships, with Grimnir’s Gavel and Valaya’s Scepter as the flagships.

1324 Prince Daelin takes the throne. His first act as king is to pay reparations to the families of Dwarves who suffered in “The Kin Slayer War” out of his own personal treasury. He also calls for the reformation of the Gromthiul Dreng, whose order was all but destroyed during the war. The Gates of Karaz Stromgorl are finally opened once more. King Daelin’s reign is marked with much peace and prosperity. Many treaties of friendship and peace are signed with the many provinces of men. Contact with Kazad-Ong-Varr is re-established; it seems that the great port Trade City has prospered greatly but was unable to contact Karaz Stromgorl for many reasons that were only told to the King himself, though many believe it is due to the fact that many of the roads and routs to and from Karaz Stromgorl were blocked by vast numbers of Orcs or other vile things, that the small force of Kazad-Ong-Varr could not get past.

1355 Amphibian Warship Gloin’s Achievement is completed. Master Engineer Gloin Sootbeard Gloinsson dies soon after; his apprentice Durock Gunbeard Filisson takes over the Amphibian project.

1394 The order of the Gromthiul Dreng finishes its reformation, the Council of Gnol Kazak Riks is founded and the Star Tower is built as their meeting place, and as a place for the warriors of the order to sleep, train and so forth. King Daelin weds Gertrude Fair Hair.

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1399 Amphibian Warships Durin’s Judgement, Durin’s Rock, and Valaya’s Crown are completed.

1418 King Daelin’s son Dammin Boldbeard Daelinsson is born.

1423 Amphibian Warship Twenty-Four Barrels is completed.

1546 The Forces of Kazad-Ong-Varr fight along side the forces of Bretonnia against a tribe of Greenskins. The battle is fierce but the orcs are routed when Thane Lowin Truebeard Fireaxe slays the Orcs leader.

1589 Prince Dammin finishes his training under the toolage of the Gromthiul Dreng, he forms a close bond with a group of these warriors, who become his personal bodyguard.

1656 The Bretonnian Duke of Gisoreux and his force of knights help the dwarves of Kazad-Ong-Varr fight off a force skaven. Thane Lowin gifts the Bretonnia Duke with a rune inscribed sword and helm.

1681 The undead assail Kazad-Ong-Varr, they are driven away but King Lowin pursues them into Bretonnian lands and helps lift a siege on a series of Bretonnian towns and villages from the undead.

1685 A treaty is signed with the lord of the Crimson Guard, Edmund Rose the Brave. This treaty will hopefully lead to a great friendship.

1704 Amphibian Warship The Sea Furnace is completed

1723 King Daelin travels to Karak-Izor to help them fight off an army of traitorous and thieving men from Tilea. The men of Tilea surrender and are imprisoned until their kin pay off their debts. Many die in the Dwarven prisons of old age before their families pay to have them released.

1758 The surviving Tileans are released from prison.

1774 The armies of Karaz Stromgorl fights along side Lord Edmund Rose III, against a host of Khemorian Undead during a expedition to the Badlands, while pursuing a group of thieves that had stolen gold and precious items from Edmund and his people. The combined forces are able to defeat the Undead, but Edmund is severely wounded. The thieves are dead found near the Marshes of Madness, and the dwarves are able to recover the stolen gold and items. Edmund dies shortly after the stolen gold and items are returned to his province.

1856 Amphibian Warship Grimnir’s Blessing is completed.

1946 The Dwarves of Karak Norn travel many miles to help the armies of Karaz Stromgorl and the forces of Karak Kadrin fight off an invasion of Krugan warriors. Much gold is paid to Karak Norn for their gracious help.

1981 King Daelin travels to lift the Siege on Stragelhassen a fortress city ruled by Lord Edmund Rose VI and who is loyal to the Emperors of the Electorate. The forces of the Wolf Emperors of Middenheim siege the city. The forces of the Middenheim are driven back. The bounds of friendship between the men of Stragelhassen and men of the Crimson Guard strengthen with the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl.

1999 Amphibian Warship Land Walker is completed. Master Engineer Durock Gunbeard Filisson dies shortly after. His son Durock Whitebeard Durocksson takes over the final stages of the Amphibian project.

2005 Amphibian Warship Durock’s Hull Breaker is completed. This signals the completion of the fleet. The fleet consists of Eleven ships.

2010 King Daelin and the army of Karaz Stromgorl fight along side the Crimson Guard that is led by Edmund Rose VII the Bold, and other armies of the Empire in the Battle of Hunger Wood. Prince Dammin earns the nickname Fell-axe. King Daelin is severely wounded by the Vampire Lord Dreavin the Red, but is able to slay him. The warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng prove themselves once again by wiping out an entire army of 80,000 vile undead led by Vampire Lord Alexanadru the Black Hearted, with only 7,000 warriors.

2011 King Daelin upon his return to Karaz Stromgorl falls to a deep fever, from wounds received from the Battle of Hunger Wood.

2012 King Daelin Trueheart Thagisson dies from a foul fever caused by the Vampire Dreavin the Red, and his wicked and foul blade. Prince Dammin Fell-axe Boldbeard Daelinsson takes the throne. Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson is born.

2098 Orc Shaman Ulglock Brow Breaker and his horde of savage orcs ambush a convoy loaded with gold, jewels, and precious items on its way to Karak Kadrin. Ulglock slays Dullin White Hammer Bollinsson, ambassador to King Dammin, and his entire family and many dwarven lives are lost. Dullin was King Dammin’s third cousin and the two were very close. King Dammin swears a grudge against Ulglock and preparations are made to attack his fortress in the Blasted Wastes

2100 King Dammin starts his twelve year campaign against the Orc Shaman Ulglock Brow Breaker and his savage greenskin horde in the east.

2112 King Dammin returns having slain Ulglock and retrieved the stolen goods.

2120 Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson finishes his training with the Gromthiul Dreng and earns the rank of Makaz Rik Hazkal Grungnaz.

2123 Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson is nominated to be the next Tah Kazak Rik. He leaves the hold to complete the tasks [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] must achieve to become Tah Kazak Rik.

2156 The Fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr engage a dark elf fleet, in “The Battle of Dark Water”. The Dark Elves are able to sink Valaya’s Scepter before their entire fleet is destroyed and routed by Grimnir’s Gavel, Durin’s Rock, Durin’s Judgement, and Valaya’s Crown. This is the first major conflict the fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr has faced.

2187 Seventeen Greater Daemons appear in the tenth level of the Underhalls and free, Thagi-uzkul the Black, who is their brother. They avoid the ninth level by some forgotten path and then attack and destroy the eight, seventh, sixth, fifth, and fourth levels, but are stopped at level three by the army of the Gromthiul Dreng, but the daemons cannot be stopped, and the Gromthiul Dreng are pushed back to level two. King Dammin takes command of the Gromthiul Dreng when Tah Kazak Rik Fadrun Wall-breaker Fudinsson and all of the [warhammertag125]ToP[/warhammertag125] ranking members of the order are slain by the greater daemons, during the Battle of Four Thousand Tears. King Dammin leads the last seven hundred warriors of the order until replacements are found. The Underhalls are sealed by Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson III and his rune smiths to prevent the Daemons from breaking into the second level of the underhalls.

2189 King Dammin leads the Gromthiul Dreng and the army of Karaz Stromgorl into the third level of the Underhalls, and destroy the Daemons. King Dammin himself slays two of the seventeen daemons. He earns the nickname Daemons bane. The Wanderer an ancient and venerable master of the Gromthiul Dreng, captures Thagi-uzkul and helps seal him within Rune Lord Morgrim’s rune staff. The staff is then sealed in tenth level of the hold in a chest made from Blue Gromril. The Hold begins to rebuild. Rune Lord Morgrim goes into the Underhalls to discover the source of the daemons sudden appearance.

2192 Rune Lord Morgrim and his rune smiths discover the source of the Daemons appearance. It is a forgotten pathway in the tenth level of the Underhalls that leads to a hidden temple of Chaos Gods. Soon after the discovery of the room, Rune Lord Morgrim discovers that the exiled King Mordrin Kinslayer Durinsson and his exiled followers are responsible and had been living in the blasphemous temple since their exile. Mordrin had been plotting a way to get revenge on the people of Karaz Stromgorl, and did so through a great ritual that summoned Thagi-uzkuls powerful Daemon bothers. Rune Lord confronts Mordrin and his small army of corrupt exiles, and discovers Mordrin’s long life is attributed to his connection to the Chaos Gods. Mordrin in his insanity challenges Morgrim. Mordrin sends a great prayer to the Chaos Gods and is wracked by dark energies and turns into a half bull daemon, half dwarf. A Battle insues and Morgrim with the help of the Wanderer who suddenly appears is able to slay Mordrin. Mordrins loyalists are killed soon after. Morgrim has the temple burned and the passageway sealed with a series of seven runic doors.

2205 The Dwarven Empire morns the loss of High King Alrik. Grudges are sworn against the Goblins, who are soon wiped out and destroyed.

2212 “The Second Age of Re-birth”. King Dammin’s son Logan Proudfist Damminsson is born. Harek Fruicksson and Varin Ice Beard are also born. This age is also called “The Age of Renewal.” For King Dammin makes peace with the line of Haledor, during a visit to Kazad-Ong-Varr, a family of Elves who were once great friends with the Dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl. Vathis introduces his son Aerith to King Dammin.

2235 Prince Logan, Varin Ice Beard, and Harek Fruicksson become close friends, and great rivals. They enter the Gromthiul Dreng as the youngest dwarfs to do so.

2260 Harek Fruicksson finishes his training in the Gromthiul Dreng. He is the youngest dwarf to ever complete the training. He earns the rank of Makaz Rik Hazkal Grungnaz, the youngest to achieve this rank. Later in the year Harek slays the Great Dragon Warzin The Deathless with his bare hands, son of Zaaggrill The Black Sun Dragon, who was slain by King Durin One Tooth Brownbeard Dariansson the First. He also single handily slays an entire tribe of greenskins that attack Karaz Stromgorl.

2264 Harek Fruicksson and his fellow warriors defeats Zorgon the Wicked and Deathless and his daemon host. Zorgon a daemon prince of Khorne once tried to invade Karaz Stromgorl over three thousand years ago, but was repelled by King Durin and the warriors of Karaz Stromgorl. He returned to take revenge upon the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl, but was slain again by Harek. Later that year [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] single handily slays a tribe of goblins while on a hunting trip.

2278 Prince Logan and Varin Ice Beard finishes their training. They are some of the youngest to do so. Varin earns the rank of Makaz U’Rik. Prince Logan is gifted the Silver Ruby by his father.

2280 The Armies of Karaz Stromgorl and the order of Gromthiul Dreng bolster with new recruits. Durick Hard-Heart Argrimsson becomes Tah Kazak Rik.

2302 The army of Karaz Stromgorl and the order of Gromthiul Dreng march forth from their home to fight alongside the forces of men. The join up with Lord Vincent Rose of the Crimson Guard and head to Praag. Kazad-Ong-Varr is attacked, Prince Logan is dispatched to lift this siege. Harek Fruicksson remains at Karaz Stromgorl with a force of 1,000 Gromthiul Dreng Warriors, and successfully defeats a horde of Orcs. The Wanderer an ancient and Venerable Master of the Gromthiul Dreng appears and helps Harek and his warriors fight off the Orcs. It is at this battle that the Ice Guard, an elite unit of Gromthiul Dreng warriors is created under the command of Varin Ice Beard. The siege of Kazad-Ong-Varr is lifted with the help of Aerith Haledor; afterwards Prince Logan joins his father at Praag. Here the alliance of men, elves, and dwarves fight off and drive away the forces of Chaos. Varin, Logan, and Harek are all awarded with gifts of rune items. Logan receives a suit of fine Blue Gromril, Harek receives the Gronti Uzkul, and Varin receives the Hammer of Dorion Hammer-bearer Vorionsson.

2303 Word comes of Lord Aethis Haledor’s death. Vathis’ son, Aerith Haledor personally delivers the message.

2315 Prince Logan weds Asabelle Bright Star Gariksdottir. Their son Kugan Logansson is born ten months after.

2335 Kugan Logansson enters the Gromthiul Dreng. He is of the youngest to do so.

2347 King Dammin, the army of Karaz Stromgorl, and Harek with the warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng head to assist Lord Ronald Rose of the Crimson Guard fight off a Orc Warband. The Wanderer appears and slays the Orc leader Dalgrick Fortress Burner.

2354 Prince Logan and the fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr travels to the Sea of Claws to fight along side Prince Aerith Haledor and his fleet of Elven ships, against a fleet of dark elf slavers. The allied fleet destroys the dark elves. Logan and Aerith form a great bond of friendship.

2362 Kugan Logansson finishes his training with the Gromthiul Dreng, breaking Harek’s record of being only 48 years of age at completion of training by one year, but does not break Harek’s record of finishing after 25 years. Kugan is awarded the Twin Axes of Black Fire.

2373 Prince Logan and Tah Kazak Rik Harek allied with Prince Aerith Haledor fight along side Lord Edmund Rose XII of the Crimson Guard, against an Orc Beastmen alliance. Edmund is slain but Prince Logan and Prince Aerith are able to defeat the Orc, beastmen alliance.

2374 Prince Logan and a small force of his personal guard travel to Ulthuan, to help Prince Aerith to find a series of lost family heirlooms.

2376 Prince Logan and Prince Aerith recover the lost heirlooms, and return them to Saphry.

2384 King Dammin and the Gromthiul Dreng are able to defeat a Marauder War Host, that invade from the east.

2389 Harek Fruicksson issues a friendly challenge to Tah Kazak Rik, Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson to single combat. Durick in his rightfully earned confidence wagers his position as Tah Kazak Rik, if Harek is able to defeat him. The two fight in a titanic clash that lasts for ten hours. At the end of the battle Harek unleashes a skill that had long been unused by and of the Order and strikes down Durick, almost killing him a feat rarely done in duels between the members of the Order. Harek becomes the new Tah Kazak Rik. Durick swears a life debt to Harek, swearing to fight by his side until death.

2390 Thane Gurini Fire-Fist Alriksson and his cousin Fleet Lord Oin Sea-Beard Norisson wage a campaign to rid the lands around Kazad-Ong-Varr of trolls, giants, and other monstrous creatures.

2391 The campaign led by Thane Gurini and Fleet Lord Oin returns successfully.

2393 Harek leads 2,000 warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng against a force of 600 trolls, and achieves victory. It is a victory that echoes King Durin's victory over three thousand years ago. Harek receives a grievous wound that heals into a scar that forms the shape of Grimnir’s personal rune symbol. Rumors spread of young Harek’s martial skills and of his great victories, many believe that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is the Choosen warrior of Grimnir, others feel [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is King Durin the First reincarnated.

2398 Strange sounds are reported in the Underhalls by a group of young Dwarven miners, but are disregard because of the young miner’s ages.

2399 More reports of strange noises, but nothing conclusive is found as to what the noises are.

2400 Karaz Stromgorl is attacked by four armies, united together to plunder and steal the riches of Karaz Stromgorl. One of the armies is Skaven led by Weriich Poison Claw, one is of Orcs led by Balnock Scalp Peeler, one of Chaos led by Vortin Soul Trapper who also leads a Large contingent of Beastmen, and one of Goblins led by Talim The Fat. The armies of Karaz Stromgorl fight the Chaos army and the Orcs on the surface, unaware that the Goblins, Skaven, and Beastmen have been digging a tunnel through the underhalls for two years, using large skaven drill machines. The horde of goblins, beastmen, and Skaven pour through the sixth level of the Underhalls. Harek hears of the surprise attack and leads the Gromthiul Dreng into the Underhalls. The Chaos warlord Vortin summons a greater Daemon of Khorne; the great Daemon then slays King Dammin. Prince Logan in turn slays the Daemon and the Chaos Lord. Under Prince Logan’s command the army of Karaz Stromgorl crush the chaos army and orc horde.

But when Prince Logan leads them back into the hold, they find that the Skaven, Beastmen, and Goblins have poured out into the main halls of the hold. This is the first time in centuries that enemy forces have broken through from the Underhalls, into the main hold. Prince Logan and his warriors fight the horde back into the Underhalls. Harek and Prince Logan agree that the Underhalls must be sealed, to trap the massive horde and prevent any further incursions, but it can only be done if it is closed on both sides of the gate. Harek and the Gromthiul Dreng bravely opt to be the ones to close it from the inside. Prince Logan tries to convince Harek other wise, but Harek and the warriors of the Gromthiul Dreng charge into the Underhalls, just as the Skaven and Beastmen begin to break through the Dwarven defenses. Harek and his warriors drive back the unholy host, and are successful in sealing the Gate, but in the process they seal their own fate for they are trapped in the Underhalls with the Skaven, Beastmen and Goblins. These warriors are considered dead, great funerals and ceremonies are performed to honor their selfless sacrifice. This period is called “The Time of the Lost Brothers”

An Expeditionary force is sent to close the Skaven’s surface tunnel, and to reinforce all other possible entryways. The force returns successfully.

Prince Logan then takes the throne and orders the Main Gate of the Hold to be closed, word of this is sent to the allies of Karaz Stromgorl, so the hold can recover and rebuild. Many Dwarfs speak of abandoning the Underhalls forever, for they have been a troubled area for thousands of years.

2425 After a period of twenty-five years, the Main Gate of Karaz Stromgorl is reopened. Trade begins again with the Men of the Empire. Contact with Kazad-Ong-Varr is also reestablished. King Logan orders the re-formation of the Gromthiul Dreng, whose entire order selflessly sacrificed themselves to save the people of Karaz Stromgorl, during “The Time of the Lost Brothers.” King Logan’s son Kugan declares himself Tah Kazak Rik, being the only surviving warrior besides King Logan to have trained in the deadly arts of the Gromthiul Dreng. King Logan refuses but The Wanderer appears and consults King Logan. Both The Wanderer and King Logan see the importance of reestablishing the order, and the two make a wager, agreeing that if Kugan can land one blow on the Wanderer, then Kugan may become the Tah Kazak Rik, but if [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] cannot then the Order will remain leaderless while The Wanderer trains new members of the order, and Kugan may not enter the order. It is King Logan's hope and personal belief that the outcome will be the later of the two. Kugan accepts the deal, and the duel between Kugan and The Wanderer insues. They fight for hours, The Wanderer getting the best of Kugan. But as the Wanderer was about to finish off Kugan, but Kugan unleashed a series of attacks using the powerful technique called Whirlwind of Rage. The Wanderer was able to parry all but one attack, an attack that hit him on his shoulder, causing him to fall to one knee. This was the first time in his innumerable years of life, this was the first time an opponent had ever struck The Wanderer. Prince Kugan Logansson gives up his royal oaths and becomes the first dwarf of the line of Durin to become Tah Kazak Rik. Kugan refunds the order and the Order is nicked named “The New Gromthiul Dreng” or “Kugans’s Choosen.”

2497 Rumors of Ghost and strange spirits living in the Underhalls spread through out the hold. Noises of battle are also reported to have been heard in the Underhalls. Many dwarves feel that these spirits are the trapped souls of Harek and his warriors. No one dares to open the Gate though in fear that the noises and so forth are really the Beastmen, Goblins, and Skaven, trying to lure the Dwarves into the Underhalls.

2502 As more and more rumors spread about strange noises in the Underhalls, King Logan orders the Engineers Guild, Warriors Guild, and the and Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson III to begin preparations to open the Gate to the Underhalls and discover the source of the noises. Lord Jonathan Rose of the Crimson Guard agrees to help. Word is sent to Prince Aerith Haledor, who also agrees to help.

2503 Word has come from Karak Azul, that they were attacked and nearly defeated by the Orc Warlord Gorfang Rotgut. Let his name be recorded and remembered in the book of Grudges. Many dwarves were taken captive and said to be held in Black Crag. Gold and supplies are sent to King Kazador to help the suffering of his people.

2507 The forces of Karaz Stromgorl, the New Gromthiul Dreng, Crimson Guard, and the elves of Prince Haledor gather together as the Gate to the Underhalls are opened. At first nothing emerges, and the allied host lets out a cry of disappointment and anger, for it seems that there is nothing. But The King Logan and his personal Bodyguard travel into the first level of the hall and light the great Lamps of Grimnir, filling the massive chamber with light. Gasps of awe and horror are heard as the great alliance sees thousands of bodies some Dwarven, some of beastmen, some of skaven, and some of Goblins. Tens of thousands of bodies some fresh some burned in great pyres, others decayed by time. Then all the sudden the alliance found themselves surrounded by a massive force of beastmen, goblins, and skaven. A great battle insued. The massive numbers of their foes overwhelmed the alliance, but when all seemed lost a great War Cry echoed through out the hall. Screams of terror and fear could be heard from the forces of darkness, the as quickly as their enemies had appeared, they were cut down by mysterious Dwarven warriors, who seemed to appear from nowhere. After the vile host was destroyed, the leaders of the strange dwarves stepped forward and present themselves as The Doombringer, Ice Beard, and Hard-heart. King Logan immediately recognized these muscled and powerful leaders as his friend Harek Fruicksson, Varin Ice Beard, and former Tah Kazak Rik Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson, the former Tah Kazak Rik, all who had been lost one hundred and seven years ago. The long lost friends embrace, as do many of the other dwarves who have been reunited once more. Many fall to their knees and cry tears of joy, for they can go home again. The force then heads for the Kings Speaking Hall, where King Logan formally welcomes the lost dwarves home, he orders a feast to celebrate their return. This great day is called “The Day of the Flame Rekindled”

During the feast Harek told great tales about how [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] and his warriors survived in the dark, by hunting the beastmen and skaven, slaying goblins, and eating fungus and wild beasts brought by the beastmen. He told of how the Goblins called him Deaths Deliverer, the Skaven called him Back Breaker, but [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] said that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] liked the name the Beastmen had given him the most. They had called him the Doombringer, for when [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] would issue his war cry, doom would fall upon all who opposed him and his grizzled warriors. Harek said that the foes that they fought this day were the final remnants of what was the dark host, and that King Logan should not worry about any attack for some time.

News of Harek’s return reaches Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Logansson. Kugan then goes to personally meet him. Because Harek was thought dead, his title as Tah Kazak Rik was removed but Kugan tells Harek that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will give up his title to Harek, for Kugan felt the title was rightfully Harek’s. Harek thanks Kugan but refuses, saying that Kugan is now Tah Kazak Rik, and [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] has no right to take it from him. Kugan then challenges Harek, saying that if [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will not take what is rightfully his, then maybe [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will fight and the battle and fate will decide who truly is Tah Kazak Rik. Harek being a dwarf accepted the challenge. The fight lasted for hours, each striking the other, but neither backing down from the other. Finally Kugan unleashed his ultimate attack as [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] did against The Wanderer, as Harek was struck over and over again, with the blunted ceremonial axe blade, he began to falter. Just as Kugan thought [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] had won Harek unleashed a single attack, striking the dwarf in between the eyes, shattering his nose and knocking him unconscious. As Kugan fell to the marble, so did Harek who was exhausted and drained of power. The two warriors had not been able to beat the other, and the contest was ruled a tie. No contest in the Gromthiul Dreng history has ever ended in a tie. As the Two warriors slowly recovered, The Wanderer, appeared and declared that know there would be two Tah Kazak Riks to rule over the order. Harek is have command of the dwarves who [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] survived with in the Underhalls, calling them Harek’s Doombringers, and Kugan is to lead the new Gromthiul Dreng. This time was known as “The Time of the Two War Lords” and it would soon become tradition for there to always be two Tah Kazak Rik. The remainder of the year is spent in celebration and joy.

2508 King Logan works with the engineers and smiths of Karaz Stromgorl to rebuild and refit the Underhalls. Many Gates and Guard stations are built through out the Underhalls and the main hold to guard and act as barriers to prevent enemies from spilling out into the other areas of the Underhalls and main hall. A great lift and pulley system is devised to connect the Underhalls and to provide quicker travel and access between the many levels, is said that only a secret known to the dwarfs of the hold can power the lifts, the system can also act as emergency lifts, in case of any emergencies that may require the dwarfs to quickly escape to other levels. The Main gate of the Hold is re-designed to include several defensive organ gun turrets, and several small cannon turrets line the road to the Gates entrance. The Quarry is re-built, as is the Black Powder house; both are guarded by Heavy Gun Turrets.

2509 Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Logansson leads the New Gromthiul Dreng, or as they are called Kugan’s Choosen, to fight against a host of Chaos Marauders, near The Desolation of Drakenmoor. It is at this battle Kugan earns the nickname Death-hand for his slaying of four hundred marauders and their chieftain Stephn the Black Hearted.

2510 King Logan, Tah Kazak Rik’s Kugan Logansson and Harek Doombringer Fruicksson led the armies of Karaz Stromgorl, the New Gromthiul Dreng, and Harek’s Doombringers into Broken Leg Gulley, to assist King Ungrim Ironfist in defeating Orc Warlord Gnashrak. The combined force is successful and after tens years of raiding and pillaging Gnashraks evil is ended.

2512 The Fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr battled against massive skaven fleet during “The Battle of Two Hundred Ships”. Even though the fleet suffered no losses and achieved victory, many crewmembers were slain when the Skaven boarded the Dwarven ships.

2519 The Duke Lucas Balemont call upon Karaz Stromgorl and Kazad-Ong-Varr for aid while traveling into the southern Badlands to reclaim a lost relic. King Logan sends 800 warriors from Karaz Stromgorl and 500 warriors from Kazad-Ong-Varr, led by Thane Nori Foe Hammer Turinsson. The exhibition has little success and Duke Lucas and Thane Nori are both killed before the exhibition is abandoned.

2520 Rumors of a great threat growing in the North spread through out the Old World. It is believed a great invasion, of the likes only seen during the Great War of Chaos of 2302.

2521 The rumors of the great Chaos force building in the north are confirmed late in the year, around winter time when the forces of Surtha Lenk attack Kislev. A call for the forces of the Old World to rally is called.

2522 King Logan attends the Conclave of Light. Their [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] and other emissaries from The Empire’s provinces, Kislev, Bretonnia, Tilea, Estiala, and the other Dwarven kingdoms discussed how to combat the on coming Storm of Chaos. King Logan swore to send as much as could be sent.

Upon returning to Karaz Stromgorl, King Logan called for council of his own. Those who attended the council were Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson, Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Death-hand Logansson, Tah Kazak Rik Harek Doombringer Fruicksson, Fleet Lord Oin Sea Beard Norisson Lord of the Sea Fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr and Thane Gurini Fire-Fist Alriksson leader of Kazad-Ong-Varr’s ground forces. Also joining the meeting were Lord Ricther Rose, and Prince Aerith Haledor. The council was called The Gathering of Gold River. At this council the eight leaders discussed how they would divide their forces. King Logan and Harek would lead their armies to the north and join up with Ricther and his forces, Kugan and Rune Lord Morgrim would stay at Karaz Stromgorl until called upon, Fleet Lord Oin would take the fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr into the Sea of Claws, and Thane Gurini would take his forces into the east, supporting the eastern villages of the Empire, while Aerith Haledor would fight according to the plan set out by the Conclave of Light while assisting troubled areas, and sending aid to King Logan when needed. These eight Leaders were nicknamed The Champions of Gold or the Golden Eight, and their alliance The Brotherhood of the Gold River.

The Forces of Karaz Stromgorl led by King Logan Proudfist Damminsson march to the lands of men to combat the forces of Chaos. Tah Kazak Rik Harek and his Doombringers also march to the lands of men. Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Death-hand Logansson stays at Karaz Stromgorl to protect it from attack. The Amphibian Navy of Kazad-Ong-Varr heads into the Sea of Claws, led by Fleet Lord Oin Sea Beard Norisson, to combat the Black Fleets of Archaon and the Plague Ships of the vile Skaven, and the land forces of Kazad-Ong-Varr led by Thane Gurini Fire-Fist Alriksson would march to Delberz and carry the fight their.[/b]

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Posted 21 November 2005 - 10:02 PM

It is now my wish to describe the events during the Storm of Chaos, to record and retell the story of the Golden Eight and their struggle to fight off the hordes of Chaos. But I will place my focus on the Dwarven leaders, dividing each in a series of Five sagas combining Kugans and Rune Lord Morgrim stories into one saga, for I will write a separate volume of records. Maybe mine will be called The Book of the Roses and Aerith’s The Book of Haledor and the Ancient Races Sigmar be willing that I live long enough to write both, but only time will tell.

2522- The Saga of Harek Doombringer Fruicksson and his mighty Doombringers of the Gromthiul Dreng
Harek and his Doombringers traveled from Bohsenfels to Grimminhagen, slaying all that opposed them. It was said no army of the dwarves had ever fought so boldly and with such martial skill than the warriors of Harek’s Doombringers. Harek is responsible for slaying over 10 enemy warlords, including Vergile Bloated Puss Champion of Nurgle, Golthor Blooddrinker Champion of Khorne, Quilxit The Changed One Sorcerer of Tzeentch, Yuvick The Blood Drinker, Slugar Puss Belly Champion of Nurgle, the daemon X’aizgil the Choosen of Be’lakor, the Greater Daemon Kozeal Heart Taker, Korl The Unforgiving, Grubad Head Knocker, Mulkal Rage Heart, and Gronk Bashin' Mace, including many lesser champions of the wicked darkness. Harek and his brave warriors achieved over 32 victories against the dark forces of chaos, skaven, greenskins, beastmen, chaos dwarves, and dark elves.

But woe and sorrow fell on Harek and his throng, for it was at the battle for Grimminhagen, that Durick Hard-heart Argrimsson, second in command of Harek’s Doombringers, was slain fighting the great daemon Azazil, rumored to have been the son of Khorne the great Chaos Blood God. Before [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] died Durick was able to slay Azazil in a vicious attack. After the Battle Varin Ice Beard took over Durick’s command. Harek then leads his grizzled warriors to Middenheim and prepare to face Archaon himself.

After months of fighting in the lands of men and weeks of defending Middenheim, Harek and his warriors finally confronted Archaon and his horde, at the Eastern Causeway. It was during this battle that Harek confronted Archaon. The battle between the two warriors was one of titanic proportions, each warrior taking grievous wounds but refusing to back down. As the battle reached its end, Harek knew that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] was dying and would not survive, and so charged Archaon hoping to land one last blow. Archaon was caught unprepared for this attack and was struck, but was able to strike Harek at the same time, sending the warriors into the dirt. But only one warrior stood as the victor. As Archaon rose to his feet and gazed about the battlefield, seeing the men of Middenheim ready to charge out, he knew the day could not be won and so retreated, as the coward [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is, to recover and rally his strength. But alas Harek was lost, despite his brethren’s heroic attempts to revive him, leaving his loyal warriors to mourn his loss and fight with out him. It was here that Varin Ice Beard gained command of the Gromthiul Dreng, become Tah Kazak Rik by default. Plans were made to return Harek’s body to Karaz Stromgorl after the horde of Chaos was defeated and driven back, and so his body was given to the Temple of Shallya to be preserved and watched over, while Varin led the Doombringers onward.

2522- The Saga of King Logan Proudfist Damminsson and the Golden Warriors of Karaz Stromgorl
King Logan Proudfist also took the road to Bohsenfels, and joined up with the forces of Ricther Rose, Commander of the Crimson Guard. But King Logan's path however led him to Castle Lenkster, Brass Keep, and many other battlefields of the Empire, forcing him to take a much different road than Harek. For King Logan’s path was marked with much victory but many grievous losses. But King Logan was responsible for the slaying of many great leaders of the darkness, including Vatilana Vrithia, Zerthor lord of Tzeentch, Kazieal The Changed One Daemon Of Tzeentch, Xintich Keeper Of Souls, Talum Steel Breaker, Hadond The Mighty, Foulum Divon The Wicked, and Tovoon Life Stealer. King Logan and his warriors were responsible for over 25 victories against the dark forces of chaos, skaven, greenskins, beastmen, chaos dwarves, and dark elves.

Eventually King Logan and his son Kugan, allied with Ricther Rose’s Crimson Guard, met up with Aerith Haledor and his Elven warriors at Middenheim. It was here the warriors of Karaz Stromgorl truly proved their worth. It was here King Logan was able to slay his two greatest foes V'athicore The Ancient One a great daemon of Khorne, and Vithmick Black Heart of the chaos dwarves. It was here the forces Karaz Stromgorl stood alone and to held the North West Causeway for six hours until reinforcements arrived. It was here King Logan stayed true to his word and helped the men of the Empire drive off the infinite hordes of chaos.

2522- The Saga of Kugan Death-hand Logansson and Kugan’s Choosen of the Gromthiul Dreng
Kugan and his warriors under orders from his father had stayed at Karaz Stromgorl, with Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson and his force of Rune Smiths, ready and waiting for the word to join the battle at the front. But before that word came, a force of Krugan warriors spilled over the mountains like a sea of flesh and attacked Karaz Stromgorl [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] force numbering in the hundred thousands assailed the Gate of Karaz Stromgorl. The siege lasted for nearly a month, neither side able to gain the advantage, with Kugan and his dwarves outnumbered hundred to one relied on fighting defensively, leaving the hold only at night to attack the Krugan's supply depots. Finally word came by way of Gyrocopter from King Logan that Kugan and his warriors were desperately needed. Kugan felt duty bound to his father but also had sworn to defend Karaz Stromgorl and could not do one without the other. So Kugan consulted Rune Lord Morgrim. Kugan weary of night raids and desiring honorable combat felt the only option available was to charge out, and hope that the Krugan horde would be caught unawares, Morgrim agreed and so the plan was made. Rune Lord Morgrim unlocked the great armoires, arming Kugans warriors with ancient runic weapons and so the force was armed. At dawn of the 28th day of the siege Kugan and his warriors charged out to meet their enemy head on. The plan worked perfectly, the Krugan used to the dwarves fighting defensively were caught unawares and unprepared, barely able to form ranks. Despite being horrendously outnumbered, Kugan, the New Gromthiul Dreng, and Morgrim and his band of Rune Smiths were able to break the vile Krugan and send them fleeing back over the mountains. And so Kugan marched to the lands of men.

Starting at Bohsenfels, as had his father and Harek, Kugan swept through already contested lands, he eventually broke through to the Brass Keep, fighting along side his father. For that point on Kugan and his warriors marched along side the royal forces of Karaz Stromgorl led by his father. Upon arrival at Middenheim Kugan and his forces spilt into two forces, one to stay with King Logan’s force led by Burgi Fire Hammer Kugan’s second in command, and the other led by Kugan, that would go on to fight alongside Harek and his Doombringers. Kugan was responsible for over 6 un-allied victories against the forces of Chaos, and over 12 allied victories. He slew the greater Daemon Ongvolar The Soul Breaker, the Chaos Lord Vaoin Black Soul, Sorick The Rash, Scivin Blood * I Swear too much * of the skaven, Worick The Corpse Eater of Slaanesh, Lordo The Fickle of Tzeentch, Carvon Daemon Eater Of Khorne, and Sool The Corrupted of the Beastmen. Kugan proved himself time and time again, and prepared to face many new tests soon to come.
2522- The Saga Fleet Lord Oin Sea Beard Norisson and the Amphibian Fleet of Kazad-Ong-Varr
Fleet Lord Oin led his great fleet into the Sea of Claws, to protect the coast from any oceanic forces of chaos. When they arrived they learned that Erengrad had fallen, in part due to a black fleet of chaos ships. So Fleet Lord Oin made an oath to find this fleet and destroy it. For weeks they searched and finally found them.

A Great naval battle insued. The battle known, as “The Battle of Black Klaws” was a great one, the nine amphibian ships of Kazad-Ong-Varr against over 25 demonically built chaos ships. The battle waged for hours, but finally the Amphibian fleet overcame the heavily armored chaos ships.

After the battle Fleet Lord Oin traveled beyond the sea of claws and engaged three more fleets, two of skaven origins and another of the dark elves. Both were won by Fleet Lord Oin and his forces. Eventually Oin and his ships sailed back into the Sea of Claws and assisted in defending Marienburg and the other surrounding coastal cities.

2522- The Saga of Thane Gurini Fire-Fist Alriksson and the Warriors of Kazad-Ong-Varr
Upon arriving in Delberz, Thane Gurini and his men awaited orders from King Logan. In the meantime they helped the people of the city reinforce their defenses and so forth. Eventually word came for Thane Gurini to march to Ferlanger.

On his way there Thane Gurini and his warriors fought off tribes of beastmen, and strange mutants, but lost very little supplies and even fewer warriors.

It was there Thane Gurini and his warriors faced an awful force led by the chaos worshipping dark elf V’rile the Dark. Even though his forces suffered great losses V’rile and his dark warriors were still able to slay over one half of Kazad-Ong-Varr’s warriors. Thane Gurini’s son Duvin was slain by dark elf witches and Gurini’s cousin Barlin was slain by V’rile himself. The Amphibian Warship Land Walker that accompanied Than Gurini and his warriors was brought down by six bolt throwers. Thane Gurini was forced to abandon Ferlanger and into Nordbergbruche and regroup.

Eventually Thane Gurini joined his forces with King Logan and fought along side him even when they arrived at Middenheim. At Middenheim Gurini redeemed his loss when [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] and his warriors were responsible for the allied defeat of Vithmick Black Heart and Brung Worm Blade. It was Gurini himself that slew Brung, a powerful marauder champion whose origins are placed in Bretonnia, and who caused havoc in the northern most regions of the Grey Mountains, where Kazad-Ong-Varr is located. Before the siege of Middenheim was over, Thane Gurini received a word that Kazad-Ong-Varr was in need of reinforcement, for a force of thieving men from Bretonnia and the Empire, and travelled to Kazad-Ong-Varr with all haste. He and his forces quickly routed the army of thieves, and returned to Middenheim.

2522- The Wars End
As the vile forces of chaos were driven back into the wastes the forces of light recovered, and reconstruction slowly began. But tragedy was and sorrow still remained. Valten hero of the Empire was mysteriously vanished from the temple of Shallya, and hundreds of thousands lay dead through out the empire. Among those was Harek Doombringer Fruicksson, Tah Kazak Rik of the Gromthiul Dreng. While on the way back to Karaz Stromgorl, new Tah Kazak Rik Varin Ice Beard found Harek’s body missing, but unlike Valten's disappearance, Harek’s was viewed as a symbol of Divinity, for upon the Death Stone where Harek once laid, the glowing runic symbol of Grimnir was craved into the granite itself.

This disappearance is compared to the vanishing of King Durin One Tooth Brownbeard Dariansson the First. Soon the Order of Harek was founded, for the purposes of worshiping Harek as a Divinity, for his deeds and mysterious decent to the Halls of the Ancestors were looked on as great omens of Harek’s god like status. Many who once believed Harek to be Grimnir’s Choosen, now feel that his deeds and the fact that the symbol of Grimnir was seen where Harek last lay, proves that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] was indeed Grimnir’s Choosen.

Those who believed [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] was King Durin reborn now feel they can confirm it to be true, due to his mysterious disappearance and the fact that many of his deeds echoed the deeds of King Durin proves that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] is truly King Durin reborn. Eventually the Order of Harek splinters into two groups, The Royal Order of Harek or those who believe Harek was King Durin reborn, the other is the Warriors Order of Harek or those who believe Harek was Grimnir’s Choosen.

The Royal Order of Harek is led by Thane Thorin Starshield Lorinsson, King Logans’s first cousin. The Warriors Order of Harek is led by Tah Kazak Rik Varin Ice Beard, who chooses to carry the message of Harek through out the Old World, still calling them the Doombringers, Varin chooses to not return to Karaz Stromgorl, and is not heard from for the remainder if the year.

Both orders erect statues in Harek’s living image, and when either travel into battle; they carry these statues with pride. Both orders have King Logan’s full support. The Order of Durin has much animosity for the Royal Order of Harek, but learn to coincide with them.

Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Death-hand Logansson now a battle hardened warrior leads the new Gromthiul back to Karaz Stromgorl. As does King Logan and his brave warriors. They arrive as heroes and are celebrated as such.

2523- King Logan leads the army of Karaz Stromgorl, allied with Thane Gurini and the warriors of Kazad-Ong-Varr into the lands of Bretonnia to help Duke Franquis Balemont son of Duke Lucas Balemont battle a massive horde of undead. The battle lasted for several hours, with the dwarves taking the brunt of the fighting. The undead horde is destroyed and the Necromancer Hannibal Tobin slain.

But after the battle Franquis Balemont, taking this chance to take his vengeance upon King Logan, believing that it was [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] that was responsible for the death of his father and jealous of the dwarves wealth, turned against his exhausted dwarven allies, charging into their lines, slaying hundreds. The dwarven forces were caught by surprise but were able to form a hasty battle line, but all was for naught, for the Duke’s sorcerer Malcolme Ducard, cast a series of dark spells, sending hundreds of small molten comets smashing into the dwarven lines, killing thousands. As the dust and flames died down, over three fourths of the dwarves laid dead or dying. But this atrocity did not end there, for the Duke ordered his men at arms to slay the wounded, and steal any thing of value amongst the slain.

As the Dukes forces with drew, King Logan awoke blown several meters away when the first comet struck. With his ribs broken, his jaw cracked, his right leg sprained, and his left wrist snapped, Logan found his way back to his dead warriors. Out of two thousand warriors from Kazad-Ong-Varr only eight hundred remained, and out of four thousand warriors from Karaz Stromgorl only one thousand sixty three warriors survived their betrayal. Hundreds of heroes and grizzled veterans lay dead, many great war machines battered and burnt beyond repair, thousands of dwarven made weapons and armour confiscated and stolen from the dead, and much precious gold and gems stolen. King Logan and Thane Gurini ordered their warriors to return home much to the dismay of his fellow warriors who demanded that they immediately hunt down Duke Franquis, but King Logan and Thane Gurini both knew such an action would only result in further death and will accomplish nothing.

The sorrow that awaited King Logan and Thane Gurini. Upon returning home, the two leaders found their holds attacked and sacked by the Dukes Splinter Forces. Kazad-Ong-Varr suffered much more loss and extensive damage to the hold, but the attack was been repelled by Fleet Lord Oin Sea Beard, who managed to deploy the Amphibian Fleet, breaking the attack. Karaz Stromgorl on the other hand had easily repelled the attack as Tah Kazak Rik Kugan Death-hand and the Gromthiul Dreng mercilessly slaughtered the attacking force. Swearing grudge and vengeance against Duke Franquis, King Logan and Thane Gurini prepare to march against Duke Franquis and the city of Alriquille.

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Posted 29 November 2005 - 12:20 AM

Very, very detailed how long did it take for you to write this.

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2523- Late Fall:

King Logan has what [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] calls a Grudge Throne built. It is a specially made throne [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will ride atop when [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] goes to Alriquille to wage war upon Duke Franquis. His axe is reforged as is tradition before a king of Karaz Stromgorl goes to strike out a grudge or starts a new war.

2523- Mid-Winter:

King Logan and the thanes of Karaz Stromgorl travel to Burug Kazad Kazak, to visit Thane Gurini's second cousin Thane Brolin Wolfbane Doriansson. They discuss many things including the grudge against Duke Franquis. Thane Brolin says that Franquis died of consumption and now his estranged brother Ferdinand is now the Duke of Alriquille. King Logan says the grudge still stands and will march on Alriquille in a month, and requests any aid. Thane Brolin acquiesces King Logan's request and recieves a Grudge Thrower, One Hundred and Fifty Warriors, and a Flame Cannon. In return King Logan gives Thane Brolin Four Hundred Pounds of [warhammertag106]RAW[/warhammertag106] Blue Gromril.

King Logan returns to Karaz Stromgorl to find Aerith Haledor waiting for him. Aerith who is friends with Duke Ferdinand, begs for Logan to not attack Alriquille, stating that Ferdinand is not his brother and is a good man who would never do anything like Franquis did. Logan tells Aerith to no meddle in affairs that do not conern him or elves. Aerith tells Logan [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will not allow Logan to wage war on Alriquille, and if [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] does Aerith will not fight along side Logan and will send military aid to Duke Ferdinand. Logan tells Aerith that there friendship is over and that no force in the world can stop the forces of Karaz Stromgorl and Kazad-Ong-Varr. Aerith leaves swearing that [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] will stop Logan at all costs.

2523- End of Winter:

The Forces of King Logan and the Gromthiul Dreng march forth from Karaz Stromgorl and Join up with the forces of Burung Kazad Kazak. The Forces assimble at Kazad-Ong-Varr and make their final preperations before invading Alriquille.

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2523: Begining of Spring

The Alliance of Gold (Karaz Stromgorl, Kazad-On-Varr) encounter light resistance when crossing the Grey Mountains. They easily break a peasant Conscript army and a wood elf scouting force. They countiune onward to their ultimate goal.

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2523: Begining of Spring contiued:

Thane Brolin and Prince Brock catch up with King Logan and the main invasion forces asfter many delays, including being ambushed by a band of Ogres and a tribe of Goblins. Thane Brolin's forces are much larger than promised. The force continues onward and combats another conscripted Bretonnian Army. The Bretonnians are killed to a man.

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2523- Early Spring

The Main forces of Karaz Stromgorl meet with extreme resistances, and loose a series of battles against Duke Ferdinand and his High Elf ally Prince Aerith. But in a third confertation King Logan personally leads the army and soundly defeats the two forces, and personally wounds Aerith almost killing him. Thane Gurini faces Duke Ferdinand in one on one combat, and breaks his shield and slays his entire bodyguard before his forces are routed.

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2523- Early Spring

Thane Brolin and Thane Gurini sack a series of small defended cities, and defeat several armies sent against them. King Logan and his forces sack Ferrias a central province around Alriquille.

King Logan is contacted by Baron Ricther Rose of the Crimson guard. Ricther says that if Logan continues on his path he will have to side with Aerith and Duke Ferdinand. Logan sends a message back to Ricther saying that no one will stop him from his quest of venegance.

King Logan battles against Lord Aerith in a fifth battle. Logan slays Aeriths second in command and routes his forces.

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Posted 02 January 2006 - 10:29 PM

Wow that is amazing I have just finished the first part and must get round to reading the rest as soon as posible.

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2523- Early Spring

Lord Aerith Haledor, Duke Ferdinand ambushes King Logan on a road three miles from Alriquille. King Logan is able to rally his warriors into a shield wall and slowly figth off the attackers, and are able to achieve minor victory, with many causilties.

Thane Brolin and his forces a severly defeated by Duke Ferdinand's second army led by the Duke's Personal Champion Goth Shadow's Bane. Brolin is severly injured in the process, and his son nearly slain. One fourth of his forces are lost.

Thane Gurini and the mechainzed army of Kazad On Varr is soundly defeated by a large contengent of Elves and Men sent out as splinter forces by Lord Aerith and Duke Ferdinand. The contengent fights skirmish guerrilla style, hiding in the trees and disabling forward progress of Thane Gurini's forces, and preventing them from getting clear shots. Over a third of Gurini's forces as lost or captured.

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2523 Spring

King Logan and the forces of Karaz Stromgorl, along with Kazad Ong Varr and Thane Brolin’s forces arrive at Alriquille. The intital attack is repelled but many of the defenders are slain, due to the dwarfs suprior war machines.

A great rent is opened in the outer wall and the outer gate is destroyed. The Duke’s Champion Goth is slain, as well as his entire ranking staff as a section of the wall crushes them near the gate. The Duke’s brother falls to Thane Brolin’s axe.

Lord Aerith’s chief mage is slain while fighting Rune Lord Morgrim Blackbeard Morgrimsson of Karaz Stromgorl. Lord Aerith’s cousin is slain while fighting King Logan

Among the defenders only the Duke, Lord Aerith, and the Dukes second and third in command remain as commanders.

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Posted 31 January 2006 - 11:34 PM

2523 Spring

The Forces of the Crimson Guard arrive to relive the siege of Alriquille. They flank the forces of Thane Brolin who is slain in the inital attack by a stray bullet. Thane Brolin's forces are slain to a man as Lord Aerith and the Dukes forces attack from an unknown gate, catching the dwarfs other flank.

King Logan and Thane form a defensive circle of their forces and slowly push through their enemies. They retreat to a near by field to gather their strength.

Lord Ricther's son Captain Herald Rose pursues them but becomes lost in the near by woods.

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2523 Spring

After Months of fighting The forces fo Karaz Stromgorl and Kazad Ong Varr break the forces of Alriquille and storm the castle and sack the surronding town.

King Logan confronts the Duke and Prince Aerith. As Logan is about to slay the Duke Aerith and Ricther stop Logan. After a lengthy conversational debate the three agree to sign an agreement of peace.

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2523 Late Spring

After The agreement of peace is signed the dwarf force returns home.

King Logan returns to Karaz Stromgorl to find a ambassador to the High King demanding any assistance in retaking Mount Gunbad. King Logan agrees and leaves Karaz Stromgorl once more.

Thane Gurini returns to Kazad-Ong-Varr and begins to extend treaties to his allies, and strengthing his bond with surronding fifedoms and rebuilding his army.

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2523 Early Summer

The Forces sent to reclaim Mount Gunbad are soundly defeated. The Army of Karaz Stromgorl defeats massive army of Undead and soundly defeat a force of Ogres but are forced to retreat as reinforcements arrive.

The Army of Karaz Stromgorl return home to find yet another ambassador waiting, this time from Zhufbar. They are to reclaim Karak Varn. King Logan regretfully agrees to help.

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2523 Early Summer

The Army of Karaz Stromgorl are crushed in a massive battle against a force of greedy and traitorous men from the Empire. The Grand lines of Karaz Stromgorl are blown apart as they attempt to enter Karak varn. A small force of Miners enter the hold but are not heard from again. Much of the main force is slain by Imperial Guns and Cannons.

King Logan retreats to regroup and finds himself and his men unwilling to fight anylonger with out support and Logan calls for aid.

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2523 Early Summer

The army of Karaz Stromgorl renewed with reinforcements and allies from Kazak-Ong-Varr arrive to late as a large force of humans, lizardmen, and bretonnians assualt Karak Varn. They catch a High Elf force led by a chaos infested prince by surprise as they attempt to flank the humans. Thane Hadrin easily defeats the High Elves, as King Logan brings the main force of his army to bear to recapture the hold.

After many failed attempts to break through the gate the alliance is pushed back by skaven, goblins, ogres and beastmen who have seemed to form a dark alliance. The army of Karaz Stromgorl maintain a foot hold on a nearby hillock as the humans and bretonnians escape. The lizardmen are all slain or captured. Many attempts are made to rescue them but all fail.

King Logan swears to return to Karak Varn one day and reclaim it.

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Posted 11 September 2006 - 07:46 PM

Hello New History update soon.

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2523 Mid Summer: During the Festival of Durin

The marriage bells and festival horns were heard for the last time in Karaz Stromgorl. For this years festival celebrating the Great Ancestor King Durin will be remembered as the "Festival of Burning Tears."

During the Middle of the Festival a strange mist began to fill the hold. At first it seemed harmless and many Beardling's and Young 'Un's brushed the thought of something terriable aside.

But for some including the increably Ancient Wanderer, who had returned from a great journey that involved helping a dispossed Lord reclaim his hold, knew that something was amiss. The Council meet during the Sounding of the River Horns and talked. It was decided that A group led by The Wanderer and Prince Kugan would enter the Undgrin and find out what had happened.

Once they entered the bowels of the hold they discovered that a great wyvern had some how found it's way into the hold and was emitting some sort of foul smoke from great spouts in it's spine. However after a more extensive study the party discovered that the wyvern had been mutated by Clan Moulder, and that the gas was flamable. Then the skaven attacked.

The party put up a good fight but were pushed back. As Prince Kugan raced to warn his father King Logan, The Wanderer and five gromthiul dreng masters held the great stair, for an hour before being crushed under the tide of skaven.

King Logan heeded his sons warning and began to muster his forces, but the council instead ordered the great doors to the Underhalls to be sealed. A great argument erupted between the King and his Council, but eventually the King was pressered to follow the council.

The Underhalls were sealed once again but it was all in vain, for the skaven ignited the gas, blowing the great Underhall doors wide open and causing a great back draft that spread through the entire hold. The great forges melted, the powder workings exploded, the mines collasped, and the taverns stone walls crumbled as the hold began to turn to rubble.

Suddenly The Wanderer appeared amongest the flames and death, burnt, bleeding and torn he rose his staff to heavens and called upon the great runes carved into the great halls, the Star Tower, The great clock and the gigantic dome celling and through out the entire hold. He called for the great banner of Karaz Stromgorl to be brought to him along with the King's Ruling Stone. Once these runic arifacts were gathered he inacted his final ritual and wove one final time weave over the hold, giving the survining dwarves the few precious moments to escape with what they could get their hands on. This final ritual also wove a protective barrier over the great treasure rooms and runic item stores, sealing them until the day that the dwarves of Karaz Stromgorl could return.

King Logan was the last to step foot from the main gates of the Hold, but not before he let The Wanderer know that all who could escape and who could be carried away had made it out. Logan pleaded with the Wanderer to come with him but the Wanderer refused. With his life draining away and his spirit being called to the Halls of the Ancestors, The Wanderer released one final blast of energy and collasped the Underhalls compelely, destroying the remaining skaven, and the massive wyvern.

Of the forty thousand dwarves living in Karaz Stromgorl only ten thousand made it out alive. And So they traveled to Kazad-Ong-Varr seeking refuge, only to find the hold empty and disolate as if no one had lived their in centuries.

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