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New Hold - now called "Kazad Sturlasson" - with pi

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#1 TakedaShingen


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Posted 08 November 2005 - 05:40 AM

I have finally begun research on my new hold.

Name: undecided - Kazad Sturlasson (decided Dec 1)
Location previously undecided but now: Coast of the Sea of Claws, North of Troll Country (Dec 1)
Lord: Snorre Sturlasson
Thane: Brage
Runesmith: Volund
Engineer: Limping Valand
Hero (?): Skade
GiantSlayer: Sigurd
Ironbreaker Champion: Vidar

As quite a few of you will recognise, the names have been lifted from Norse mythos. As a result, I want the army to be from somewhere near Norsica, but not Karak Drak.

A little about the characters:

Snorre Sturlasson
Lives in his hold close to the sea
Estranged from his wife Skade
Famed for killing a giant with his "mighty hammer" called "Mjollinir"
Personal Symbol is a hammer

Closest friend of Snorre
Adventured on Ironclads while a youth - been to Lustria and Cathay
Mostly passes time drinking beer and writing poetry
Carried Snorre's Standard

So far, I have identified him as the Runesmith. Thats all.

Limping Valand
So far, I have identified him simply as the Engineer.

Wife of Snorre
Hated living by the sea - her only son drowned adventuring on an Ironclad. She hasn't forgiven Snorre or Brage.
Now lives in a mountain hold 1 weeks march from the coast.
Loyal to Snorre, but bitter and unforgiving.

On his way to becoming a Dragon Slayer

Champion of the Ironbrakers.
Patrols the depths of Skades mountain hold.

The models I am using are DRONG, HELGA, and others...

The holds colours are Graveyard Earth and Dark Blue. Painted up they look almost like a dirty version of Zufbar... but that was unintentional and it is too late to start painting again.

I would appreciate some fluff re/ possible location of this Hold/ Clan.
It has to be somewhere near water and in the north. Otherwise I have no restrictions.

#2 Durgrim Ironbeard

Durgrim Ironbeard

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Posted 08 November 2005 - 09:33 AM

As far as I know there are no holds in the norse area, near the sea!
So you can make up your own fluff. tongue.gif

This is a good thing, I believe as it gives you full artistic liscence to create a history for your clans and as many names as wish to.

Go for it and be creative.

I'd suggest though that you could look at the dwarf army book and maybe some more norse mythology (seeing as your using norse names) and maybe find some of the old norse towns that were on the coast as ports!
You could take one of these names and adapt it to make it sound more dwarfish!
Then you can give Skade her own small hold.

Good luck. Be creative as you like! tongue.gif

#3 TakedaShingen


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Posted 10 November 2005 - 06:44 AM

The still to be named holds (thanks Durgrim) are on the coast of Norsica. They are wedged between the civilised south and the Chaos Wastes - ceratinly no place for the weak.
Norsica is the northern most part of the old world. It is inhabited by the men and dwarfs who have not yet succumb to the Dark Powers. It is neighbored by the Wasteland, Kislev and the Empire.
The Norsican nation is an ally to the Empire in times of war and trade, but an enemy in times of hunger and famine. It is then that the Norse pillage the south.

Snorre's hold is in a sheltered harbour. Many traders lay anchor there to repair their ships, reprovision and take on mercenaries for the dangerous journey north.

Brage got his experience at sea working as a mercenary on one of these ships. It was on one of these merchant ships that Snorre and Skade's son "Skeld"* was later to die.

Snorre's hold has treaties with the Empire, Kislev and the Norsican nation, although it enjoys the military protection of none. The treaties only extend as far as "xyz". (need help filling out this fluf). The hold proper is surrounded by a port and a town that is partitioned into 4 quarters - Empire/Dwarf/Kislev and Norse.

Skade's hold is located quite some distance inland and can be reached by following the river inland. The river is easily navigatable for some distance and is used to help ship goods from the mountain hold to the port for sale and trade.

10th Nov - thats all for today. Suggestions welcome and requested. All points of view will be considered and may be incorporated (and credit given) if they fit my vision.
*thanks to
gorgrim ironhide

#4 Grudge Breaker

Grudge Breaker

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Posted 10 November 2005 - 12:28 PM

Very nice i pertically like dwarf holds based of norse mythology, i think that the models look very nice if converted properly. I have a couple questions i am a little confused over weather or not the hold has its own fleet of ironclads or if they rely on mercanaries? Second i dont know how raiding the empire for food/goods fits into dwarf fluff usally they only attacked if the hold is threatend or if they have a grudge. Also i think that Skade could make an intersting slayer charcter maybe trying to revenge her son but that is my opionen.

#5 gorgrim ironhide

gorgrim ironhide

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Posted 10 November 2005 - 01:43 PM

I think [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] was on about the norse when [warhammertag56]HE[/warhammertag56] said that they go raiding for food-stuffs.

Good ideas here, name for the son, mabey....Skeld?

And0 for the treaty, mabey they hold immunity, being the only safe haven for ships in the area.

#6 TakedaShingen


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Posted 11 November 2005 - 12:58 PM

Visitors to Snorre's hold "xyz" will almost always arrive by ship. Sailing into the harbour you will immediately notice the dragon ships of the Norse and the great ships (any manowar buffs help [warhammertag83]ME[/warhammertag83] here>) of the Empire.

After landing vessels are inspected by deputies of the harbour master and the business of the vessel is learned. Crew are issued with passes and many make their way to the nearby taverns.

The hold has some reasonably sized dry-dock facilities which are in great demand amongst the merchant community. Refitting is available the workmanship of the shipwrights is first rate. Some dwarfs may be surprised to see Norse and Empire labourers working harmonously under the direction of Dwaren overseers. Many Norsican young men are apprenticed to the Dwarven Shipwrights for 10 years (the Shipwrights never remember their names as their stays are so brief!).

Visitors to the walled town surrounding the hold will be pleased to find 4 distinct districts. These are patrolled by Dwarven men at arms dressed in the Holds colours of khaki and blue.

The architecture, arts and temprament of the Dwarfs living in the hold is a little different to that of the Dwarfs living further south. This is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, the promimity to Norsica. Secondly, the high number of Dwarven refugees. Thirdly, the number of foreigners passing through the hold. Lastly the prescence of the ocean - the dwarfs are far more relaxed and less xenophobic than their mountain living cousins.

Visitors to the taverns in the Dwarven quarter will find good beer and many dwarven adventurers and refugees telling tales of high adventure and sorrow. Many punters appear visably weighed down by the burden of their pasts. Others have a gleem in their eye and a great desire to make the most of the merchantile opportunities in the port town.

The Economy
The dwarfs trade [warhammertag106]RAW[/warhammertag106] materials and artefacts with the Norse, Kislev and Empire merchants.
Snorres hold imports the following kind of goods from Norsica: Shark skins for weapon bindings, ship building and repairs; furs; oils; bone and whale meat.
Snorres hold imports the following kind of goods from Kislev: foodstuffs - primarily wild game, ponies.
Snorres hold imports the following kindof goods from the Empire: preserved fruits, grains like barley, malt for beer.
Snorres hold imports precious metals like Gromril from Karak Drak (in the North East).
Looking at the Guild books its easy to see the general trends -
Karak Drak - Amber and gold
Empire - Ship services; metal work; gold.
Kislev - weapons, gold.
Norsica - weapons, armoursmithing (ring mail especially), gold.

The astute among you will notice that amber is exported - it is a very valuable commodity and the hold is able to procure a reliable supply due to its location on the coast of the Sea of Claws.

This update was made on 11 November, 2005. I am looking for help from ManoWar enthusiasts for names of ships I might findint eh harbour. Also looking for any other valuable comments re/ trade and/or any obvious fluff errors. Again, all useful suggestions that are used will be given due credit.

#7 Durgrim Ironbeard

Durgrim Ironbeard

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Posted 11 November 2005 - 02:43 PM

Thats some really great fluff there Takeda. Really good. smile.gif

Maybe you could have treaties with the duke of Marienburg for ship repairs and good trade as your hold is just a short journey away by sea!
Also you could have further treaties with the brettonians and maybe even adventuring high elves (seeing as your Dawi are less xenophobic than others).

Maybe you could build in some hatred of dark elves and their Black Arc ships, as they conduct raids on coast towns! Just a thought.

For specialist troops, maybe you could have norse style beserker warriors instead of slayers. Im sure there will be lots of opportunities for that kind of thing.

I'll see if I can get some more info on Man'o'war stuff for you!
Havent thought about it for years. laugh.gif

#8 Ranulf Doomhammer

Ranulf Doomhammer

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Posted 12 November 2005 - 02:24 AM

Great stuff! You could rename Snorre Snorri Sturlasson though, to make him a bit more dwarf:y 8) .

Some other things of interest are that there are men working instead of dwarfs here - I can't see why. After all dwarfs enjoy honest toil and such more than bossing others about. I can definitely see men being taught about ship constructions etc, though - but there would probably be no ironclads, given that the norse dwarfs are not as technologically advanced as imperial dwarfs. However well-working longships, far exceeding those of men, are to be expected.

Ohh, and another thing. Due to the actual hold not being situated on the cost, I personally think it would make more sense to have some mines there; possibly some of the cheaper metals (cupper (spelling?), tin, etc).

#9 TakedaShingen


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Posted 12 November 2005 - 06:04 AM

Todays update to the background of Snorre Sturlasson’s hold concerns the general region in which it is located – Suomi. This region boarders the north western reaches of Troll Country (check your Warhammer Old World Maps) and is on the east coast of the Sea of Claws. Much of the material is adapted from articles I found online, most notably Encarta on-line encyclopedia.
See my photobucket for a small pic of Norsica. You should be able to make out the red dots (the holds) and the river Oulu running between them.

Snorre’s and Skade’s holds are in a land of vast green forests and sparkling lakes. The surrounding country side is low-laying. In the distant past glaciers ground down the terrain, leaving a landscape dotted with thousands of lakes. The Norsican’s and Kislevite’s call the area Suomi—a word that means “land of lakes and marshes.” This topography has made the lands in the south and east of Suomi a perfect breeding ground for Greenskins and Trolls.
The closest population centers are Erengrad (Kislevite) and Marrienburg (Empire) to the south, Praag (Kislevite) to the east and Volprirsvig (Norse/Dwarven) and Stormstad (Norsican) to the north. Kraka Drak, the closest major Dwarven hold is about 700 miles to the east.
Thousands of small, rocky islands fringe the coastline of Suomi. Few of the islands are inhabited. The most important island group is an extensive archipelago called Ahvenanmaa, home to pirates and raiders.

Land and Resources
Most of Suomi is flat. Low hills that rise across the central and southern interior rarely exceed 300 m (1,000 ft). The regions highest elevations are in the north. Skade’s hold and mineworks are located within Mt Haltiatunturi, Suomi’s highest peak, rising to a height of 1,328 m (4,357 ft).
The region’s coastline is low, rocky, and deeply indented by small bays and inlets. Most of the Norsican population centers and cultivated land lie along the coastal plain. Projecting southwest into the Sea of Claws is the Ahvenanmaa archipelago, which consists of some 6,500 small islands. Only about 80 of the islands are inhabited.
Glacial deposits called eskers, composed of sand, gravel, and boulders, form low ridges that crisscross the land. The stony ridges have long served as transportation routes through the thousands of lakes that cover the country. The deposits also dammed many of the ancient valleys and disrupted river drainages. These disruptions created many of the waterfalls and rapids that give Suomi its distinctive features. Among the principal rivers only the Oulu River is navigable by large craft. Skades hold is located in the range of mountains which is the sources of the Oulu River.

Plants and Animals
Thick forests cover about 50 percent of Suomi. The forests are dominated by spruce and pine trees, except in the far south where aspen, alder, maple, and elm trees are found. Wildlife includes bear, wolf, lynx, and arctic fox. All live mainly in the less populated northern regions. Reindeer are plentiful and are domesticated by the Suomi people for use as a food source and means of transportation. Wild goose, swan, ptarmigan, snow bunting, and golden plover nest throughout northern Suomi. Freshwater fish include perch, salmon, trout, and pike. The leading saltwater fish are cod, herring, and haddock. Seals are found along the coast.

The region’s soils are of generally poor quality. Gray mountain soils predominate in inland regions. The most fertile soils are on the southern coastal plains, which are composed of marine clay.

Because Suomi lies above the 60th parallel, summer days are long and cool and winter days are short and cold. During summer, daylight lasts as long as 19 hours a day in the far south. In the Arctic areas of the far north, there is continuous daylight for 73 days, making it one of the lands of the “midnight sun.” In winter, the sun does not rise above the horizon for 51 days.
In the south, the climate is moderated by the proximity of the sea. The average mid-year temperature along the southern coast is 16°C (60°F); in mid winter the average is about -9°C (about 16°F). Precipitation (including snow and rain) averages about 460 [warhammertag84]MM[/warhammertag84] (about 18 in) in the north and 710 [warhammertag84]MM[/warhammertag84] (28 in) in the south. Light snow covers the ground for four or five months of the year in the south and seven or eight months in the north. Throughout the year, however, the weather is subject to sudden changes from day to day, and frosts are a hazard to farming, even in summer.

Natural Resources
Suomi lacks coal (which it more than makes up for with wood) and oil. The area does have significant deposits of peat, which is cut from the numerous peat bogs. Peat is an important heat source. Suomi also has several rich deposits of metallic ores from which copper, zinc, iron, and nickel are extracted. Lead, vanadium, silver, and gold are also mined by the Guild. Granite and limestone are the most abundant nonmetallic minerals.

The Nordic peoples of the Suomi sing their traditional epic poems to the accompaniment of the zither-like kantele. They decorated traditional handicrafts such as wood carvings and rugs with spirals, swastikas (an ancient symbol), and other simple, geometric designs. The sauna, a steam bath produced by pouring water over heated rocks is a common pass time in Suomi.

Climactic conditions and the lack of good soils greatly limit the amount of land available for cultivation. Nearly all land suitable for farming is found in the fertile coastal regions of the southwest. Dairy farming is the principal agricultural activity. Hay and other fodder crops are grown to feed dairy cattle, beef cattle, sheep, and other livestock. The principal food crops are wheat, rye, barley, oats, potatoes, and sugar beets. In colder northern regions, the land is used mainly for grazing sheep and cattle.

Forestry and Fishing
The most productive and accessible forests lie in the central and southeastern parts of the country. A majority of the forest lands are claimed by local tribes. Throughout much of Suomi, timber is cut during the winter months, and in the spring it is floated down rivers and lakes to sawmills.
Fishing, although important for domestic consumption, accounts for a small share of foreign trade. More than one-third of the total catch typically comes from inland waters.

Suomi holds significant deposits of copper and Zinc. Silver, Chromite, lead, nickel, and gold are also mined. Supplies of gold are rumored to be running short and new veins are being eagerly sought.

Manufactured goods include fishing ships, small merchant vessels, heavy machinery, metals, engineering products, chemicals, and glass.

Question to those who bothered to read - should I call it Karak Suomi? What about Skade's allied hold?

#10 TakedaShingen


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Posted 22 November 2005 - 12:35 AM

quick question going out to fluff gurus - if i call my hold a karak, does this make it by definition a major hold? if it does, what are my options for calling it something different but still dwarfy?

#11 Tah Kazak Rik

Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 22 November 2005 - 12:51 AM

I like your theme and your development of it, keep expanding. grin.png

#12 gyps27


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Posted 28 November 2005 - 03:53 AM

It seems quite detailed i have my own fluff for my army and have been wanting to have it legitimised but i have to say i need to give it a lot more thought. Also i'd like to suggest if you havent already started, And my mates roll their eyes at this, but i keep a DAMAZ KRON, basically a journal of battles and the outcomes, and any remarkable events. This doubles as an almanac but also injects life into the army and Karak. The figures start to develop current history and grudges to be avenged as well as tying in with your fluff it helps develop it.

#13 TakedaShingen


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Posted 01 December 2005 - 04:52 AM

Well, I decided today to call the hold "Kazad Sturlasson" - which translates into Sturlasson Fortress.

IPB Image
The southern red dot is Kazad Sturlasson. The river running between it and the northern dot in the mountains is the OULU River (mentioned in previous posts).

I have also been doing some thinking about the allies of the Sturlassons. I think that being so far north and being a port "city", that our "allies" will be drawn from the Norse almost exclusively. And rather than be "allies" in the traditional sense, they are mercenaries (just like [warhammertag28]DoW[/warhammertag28]). I will likely use the allies rules for Kislev as I dont think [warhammertag28]DoW[/warhammertag28] suits [warhammertag83]ME[/warhammertag83] that much - I'm too fond of my gyrocopter and flame cannon.

I am also working on a cursed company. In my story in Preachers Corner I have made allussions to some kind of Dwarven civilization having existed in the mountains north of Sturlasson. While I will not give the story away, there is a band of cursed undead dwarfs operating in the Wastes of Sandviken. I will justify their existence somehow through a conflict between greed and duty. I will call the (anti) Hero "Thagi". Thats Dwarven for "Murderous Traitor." The model I will use for him is the metal dwarf from the Cursed Company. Other models will be the current (until Christmas at least) multi part plastic ones converted with skellie bits.
IPB Image
As you can see, Thagi is the fella on the left.

Last of all, Kazad Sturlasson is very close to Troll country and all my Bugmans visitors will be able to purchase LOK-NOGARUNG there. they are really great NOGARUNG because they are detailed with amber. Pretty valuable and a tankard to be proud of to be sure. Look for the tavern called the "Troll and Tankard"

While my friends from Bugmans are enjoying their ale at the TT, might I also suggest that they order up a plate of Troll meat - the Halfling cooks do a fabulous job at KULGAR - the art of cooking Trolls.

So in summary, this weeks developments sees the hold:
1. Take a name;
2. Take Nordic mercenaries;
3. Take undead [warhammertag28]DoW[/warhammertag28] allies.
4. Have halfling chiefs expert in KULGAR.

#14 Tordek


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Posted 01 December 2005 - 06:38 AM

I would encourage you to find a dwarven ironclad, in case you are involved in any coastal actions against pirates.

#15 Son of Khorhal

Son of Khorhal

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Posted 01 December 2005 - 11:38 AM

Great stuff, I'm from the bleak lands of Norsca myself... or Norway (Norge in my native tongue) as it is also know :wink: and I find that your stuff portraits medieval Scandinava well.. if you need help with names etc. I might be able to help grin.png

#16 Valhallan


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Posted 03 December 2005 - 01:43 AM

Lots of detail, I like it but I think I read... I think... tongue.gif that you wanted something other than fortress? What about Ankor = Realm?

#17 TakedaShingen


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Posted 03 December 2005 - 10:33 AM

Thanks Son of Khorhal. Thats because I lifted alot of my information from an encyclopedia!
Valhallan, I dont really follow your post's meaning, but if it is refering to the Warhammerforever site, then YES, that is where I researched a lot of the fluff back ground.
As the new Dwarfs are Norse I have been doing a lot of research and picking and chosing what i like. I plan to buy an OSPREY book on the norse warriors any day now infact.

#18 Tah Kazak Rik

Tah Kazak Rik

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Posted 04 December 2005 - 04:21 AM

Your stuff is amzaing, I really Like how detailed it its. It makes my stuff look weak compared to yours. Great Job.

#19 TakedaShingen


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Posted 04 December 2005 - 12:16 PM

Today I will brief you on the shield work/ standards I plan to use (still in planning and research stage).
IPB Image
This is the pattern I am unsing on the shields of my [warhammertag75]LB[/warhammertag75]. The colours will be in beige and blue however (blue is the viking death colour according to one source I read)
IPB Image
This will be the banner symbol for the Hammerer unit - a symbol meaning that they are ready to die in battle.
This will be the symbol for one unit of clansmen - the dwarven dock workers. It may also feature on the [warhammertag13]BSB[/warhammertag13]. Still to decide.
IPB Image
This next pattern has the potential to be the banner for the [warhammertag67]IB[/warhammertag67] unit as it reminds [warhammertag83]ME[/warhammertag83] of a knot and that the [warhammertag67]IB[/warhammertag67] are a tightly knit brotherhood.
IPB Image
This last pattern is a possibility for the [warhammertag13]BSB[/warhammertag13] too - Thorrs Hammer. Maybe not though, as its seems a bit cliche. I'll likely go with the dragon ship.
IPB Image

#20 TakedaShingen


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Posted 12 December 2005 - 01:12 AM

Snorre's Fortress continues to grow this week with the addition fo the following units:

Ulther's Dragon Company are in port, preparing to head to the north in search of a great wyrm. These warriros number only 18, but are ferocious and a number have been arrested by the city guard for bing drunk and disorderly.

Dwarven Amber traders have also returned to the Fort lookin gto trade their precious amber to the highest bidder. Rhumor has it that their chief is in conflict with the traders guild over commissions... Dwarven greed. This happy bunch numbers 24.
IPB Image

Apart from those two companies arriving at Kazad Sturlasson there hasnt been much else exciting going on. Trade is good and Snorre's domain has been quite peaceful for a number of years. Some grudges need to be righted however, so keep an eye on the battlegounds early next year.

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