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Please Read Before Posting (Updated June 15, 2012)

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Posted 28 November 2002 - 05:23 PM


Let ME be the first to welcome you to my humble brewery, please pull up a stool, take a tankard of my finest and relax, for here you have the chance to relax, take the weight off your boots and to talk.

Please, read the following, and observe them, failure to do so will involve you having your tankard removed, you carried outside and shackled up with the pansies, so read careful:
  • Although this board allows you too, please no HTML other then tables (useful for stat lines), Flash, sub or super script, Teletype. Any use of these will see that piece of information removed.
  • Please do not post up full/parts lists from GW books. So no publishing of Fishmen, WS3, BS3, T3, W3, S3 and so on. Immediate Banning violation. Please respect current IP GW guidelines. If posting in the play testers area, you can post stats ONLY for that character/troops in question
  • Do not spam or post 1 line replies. Posting huge amounts or just one line saying "get a Dwarf lord" will only get you thrown out on your rear.
  • Be polite to others, flaming, rudeness, swearing, SHOUTING and causing nuisance or offence is not tolerated. Save bar brawls until you are outside of this place. Obscenity, derogatory terms, "I swear too much" and racial abuse will also not be tolerated. This also applies to people's avatars too.
  • My word is final, followed closely by my moderators. I will always back a moderator in their actions unless there are cute women involved or bribery in millions is being offered, to all of US.
  • Closing time (that of a post) is final. No ifs, butts or refills allowed.
  • Advertising or trading of any miniatures, or related services (such as painting) is only allowed in The Market Square. Please check the Rules thread in that section for further details. No ebay!
  • If you have a disagreement with another member about a purchase or sale, please restrict the discussions to Private Message (PM). The "name and shame" game is not allowed here. If you paid for something and did not receive it, please contact the Brewery admin/moderator staff. We do not tolerate fraudulent behavior and offenders will be subject to permanent banning if the accusations are proven correct.
  • Much as I dislike the product, they guys over at Lone Wolf have worked hard to produce army builder. Do not post up cracks or ask for cracks. This is an immediate banning violation.
  • Do not ask for army books or where you can get old ones from. Do not recommend either file sharing programs as away to do this. Bugman's cannot be associated in any way with illegal activities. Violators may be banned indefinitely.
  • Do not post off topic posts or any posts regarding Lord of the Rings.
  • Do not post links/advertise to other forums
  • There are to be no images in your signature
  • Multiple accounts for the same user are not allowed. If this is detected then both accounts will be banned because this is typical of spammer behavior, i.e. creating multiple accounts trying to slip by the registration system. If you have a legitimate reason to have multiple accounts such as more than one family member using the same computer, please contact the Brewery Staff to let us know that this is the case so we know not to ban legitimate members of the community.
  • Cheating in a Brewery run campaign is an immediate banning offense with an indefinite duration, both from the campaign and the entire Bugman's Brewery site. It is non-conducive to the positive environment we wish to foster here at Bugman's and is extremely disrespectful toward not only your teammates, but to the entire Bugman's forum community. If you have been caught cheating in a campaign at another site, e.g. Ulthuan.net, Warhammer-Empire, etc. the normal policy is that you will not be allowed to participate in any Brewery campaign, period. You may request an exception to this last condition directly to the Campaign Team. If they choose to recommend you be allowed to participate then they can forward the request to the Brewery Admin/Moderator Team who will ultimately decide if you are to be allowed to join. If you are allowed to join note that your behavior will be monitored *extremely* closely during the campaign and if there is any hint of foul play your campaign and forum access will be terminated without notice.
  • Do not slag off or have a go at Games Workshop staff or developers. They work hard and the things they produce are often ultimately outside their control. GW is a company out to make money and there is no getting around this.
  • If you wish to post a link to another site, then submit it to the link section. Of course, it could be part of your argument etc, when of course,then include it in your post!
Well, enjoy your drink, and never hesitate to ask for a refill, your custom is always welcomed in Bugmans Brewery.


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