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[8Th Ed Vs Norse] 2000Pts

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Posted 06 August 2022 - 07:18 AM

Hi all, so for my 3rd tryout army against my mates Norse, I decided to go with an unusual all-infantry army. Nope, no shooting whatsoever! (Apart from a couple of dwarf pistols on my thanes that is).
I went with this because there's no magic phase, and my opponent doesn't have much in the way of shooting options:

++ Standard (Dwarfs - Army Book (2014-2) -V8.8.0.) [1,998pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

- Army Size: Army (0-2999 points)

+ Lords +

Lord [238pts]: Shield, Shieldbearers
. Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes: Rune of Fury (1st rune), Rune of Might (1st rune)

+ Heroes +

Dragon Slayer [80pts]: Rune of Cleaving (1st rune)

Thane [114pts]: Battle Standard Bearer, Dwarf Pistol, Shield
. Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes: Rune of Fire (1st rune), Rune of Speed

Thane [104pts]: Dwarf Pistol, Oath Stone, Shield
. Ancestral Heirlooms and Runes: Rune of Speed

+ Core +

Dwarf Warriors [500pts]: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
. 47x Dwarf Warrior: 47x Great Weapons

+ Special +

Hammerers [390pts]: 20x Hammerer
. Champion: Rune of Speed
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: Master Rune of Grotch One-Eye

Ironbreakers [310pts]: 20x Ironbreaker
. Champion: Shield
. Musician
. Standard Bearer

Slayers [262pts]: 19x Slayer
. Giant Slayer: Rune of Fire (1st rune)

++ Total: [1,998pts] ++

Created with BattleScribe (https://battlescribe.net)

The plan was simple- hold the line. Deploy the Slayers on one flank and the ironbreakers on the other, and with BSB re-rolls become an immovable object and hope one of my other units breaks through!
I'll post the final battle report along with some pictures in the battlegrounds section!

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