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Covid-19 Chronicles

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#1 Graydon Ironshield

Graydon Ironshield

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Posted 11 August 2020 - 12:08 AM

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, and I'm hoping I'm not the only one who checks in for new content. Has anyone else been working on projects or playing games during the Nurgle Incursion?


I've been working on a small narrative campaign, involving what started with a small collection of metal dwarfs bought at a local convention a couple years back from a second-hand vendor. The dwarfs were all old Marauder Miniatures Dwarfs, oddball figures whom didn't fit anywhere else in my collection, but I bought them because I liked them and wanted to give them a good home. I spun the concept of a pair of Dwarf brothers, a 'paladin' (an Ironbreaker with a sword and a shield), and a 'fighter' (a Dwarf Warrior with a sword and a shield), tasked with investigating a missing caravan. They collected a small warband, with a Dwarf brandishing two hammers, a pair of Thunderers, and a Dwarf 'sorcerer' (a RPE figure from a recent Kickstarter) to provide needed magical firepower. I painted all of them, created my own shield icons on the computer, with the idea they were theoretically part of my regular Dwarf army, and also an independent force known as the Ironshield Expeditionary Force.


I'm using the older Age of Sigmar Skirmish rules (they work, so...), and the solo rules that appeared on the Warhammer Community a couple months back, modified so the Undead they face have the same tools as the player (me) would have. The first scrap, an encounter on the road to this other delve, took eight rounds to fight out, despite the fact the battle was fought with a handful of miniatures (six Dwarfs vs. fifteen Skeletons, which got recycled repeatedly, and the Necromancer running the horde) on a 3'x3' table, and the fight was see-saw affair until the end. The second scrap was at a small farm and took ten turns (as the game is solo in nature, I felt it fine to wave the rules about games lasting only six turns, and so they take as long as they take).


The narrative nature of the campaign allows me to build up both sides as I wish (the Dwarfs have added a Priestess of Valaya, a peglegged Dwarf Warrior, a Slayer, and a couple of retro-looking Drake gunners, and a mule carrying additional supplies, while the Undead are gaining more Skeletons (I'm an old Ray Harryhausen fan), as well as the nasty Skeleton warrior character and entourage from the Underworlds sets), including additional terrain, such as a small Dwarf brewery. It's kept me engaged in my hobby, which is what I need to keep me sane during this unquiet time.    

#2 Kallstrom


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Posted 12 August 2020 - 07:07 PM

I check in on the daily, several times per day in fact. These forums are not as buzzing with life as they once were, but it has a special place in my heart. It is nice to have a community dedicated to everything miniature war gaming and dwarf related, so I hope that the Brewery will remain. Who knows, there might be a resurgence of activity once the Old World hits in a couple of years, depending on how relevant dwarfs will be in that new game.

In these trying times I have actually managed to get some painting done. Partaking in this hobby fuels my creativity, and it gives it some focus and energy. 

I have started to paint my dwarf miniatures, which brings me much joy, I have also taken the initiative to create and assemble three different groups of painters to spur the creativity of the people around me - where we together can inspire and motivate each other to paint (more) miniatures!

I have played a couple of skirmish games this year, "Rangers of Shadow Deep", but the goal of painting my dwarf army is to have a playable army for Warhammer Fantasy 8th edition. 

Your narrative campaign sounds interesting and fun, so I hope that it can continue to grow. Some pictures from the battles and the miniatures would be lovely!

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