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Ironbeards Vs Wolfenburg Wolves

blood bowl dwarfs vs. humans

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Posted 24 March 2020 - 11:53 AM

Hey there sports fans!!!


- We’re back and we’ve got a match for you.


- Well yeah otherwise it would have been pointless us being here.


- Taking a break from the local leagues we’ve got two teams that are feeling all fired up for some fun on the field.


- I thought his was Blood bowl. Today’s match is between the Ironbeards and the new kids on the block the Wolfenburg Wolves.


- Bet that block is the chopping block, for the fans are definitely siding with that of the Ironbeards and they are baying for blood.


- Well what do you expect, with today’s match is in the subterranean stadium in the World’s Edge Mountains if dwarfs weren’t here by the clan I’d be surprised.


- The coin is tossed and the Wolves have chosen to receive, they are lining up on the field holding their catcher and throwers as support. Ironbeards are standing toe to toe with the runners to catch any break through.


- Has to be toe to toe, can’t really go head to head can they.


- I wouldn’t let them here you say that otherwise you’ll find a few axes in your fan mail. But looks like some tactics are being put to the test from the coaches.


- There’s the kick and we’re off, the Wolves’ thrower has picked up the ball and passes it over the field to the catcher, and it’s caught easily. The wolves are pushing down the left flank and the Ironbeards centre line is being pushed back, though with that low centre of gravity they’ve all kept their feet.


- Looks like they’re giving as good as they get, actually they are bring the wolves down to their level, and gaining back ground.


- But wait the Wolves’ catcher has slipped passed the Ironbeards’ defence and is carrying the ball deep into the Ironbeards’ territory.


- There is the reason that Ironbeards kept the runners back and Runbar has intercepted the catcher and has taken him out with a diving tackle, both rolling on the floor.


- Well one is rolling, the human is being carried off, looks like a charging dwarf can knock you out, and listen to that crowd they are baying for more.


- Well they didn’t have to wait long, the wolves are hitting back hard and Gutric has been on the wrong end of a pile up and is being carried off the field, I guess that slayers skull isn’t as thick as they thought for he is also knocked out by the Wolves blitzer. He’s not stopping there he’s going for the ball.


- Knuckle dusters make for a tricky grip; he’s fumbled it and knocked it loose.


- Runbar has been training and has leapt to his feet and with an assist from one of the blockers has stunned the blitzer and scooped the ball and heading back towards the wolves half.


- Barrun isn’t letting Runbar have all the fun and has landed a sharp elbow against the Wolves main thrower. Looks like he isn’t going to be throwing the ball any time soon, for he is out for the rest of the match.


- The blitzer is back on his feet and exacting his revenge on the Ironbeards’ blocker who is seeing stars. Looks like the wolves are bearing their teeth today. Wolves linemen are falling back to reform the defence and block the Ironbeards advance.


- The Ironbeards are pushing their advantage, and Runbar is sprinting hard back down the field, but he’s tripped over his own feet and is down, the ball is loose and has bounced into the wolves half.


- I’m not sure what is going on but the central scrum line has become a mess with fists, elbows and shoulders flying everywhere. Another Ironbeard blocker is being carried off the field seeing stars. The Wolves have the ball and are carrying it to the other side of the field.


- The Ironbeards are showing how dwarfs keep grudges and another Wolf is being dragged out of the pile up with his head in the clouds. I’ve a feeling these teams have forgotten the ball. - We are barely halfway through the first half and five players have been carried off the pitch already. This doesn’t sound like a friendly to me.


- The ball is loose and Runbar showing his squid leap again and has scooped up the ball and heading back down the field. The Ironbeards are trying to tie up the remaining wolves and keep the path clear.


- Wolves are showing their claws and knocked Runbar off his feet once again needs a moment, the ball is loose but the wolves are being held back. The Ironbeards are forming a cage around the ball, if they can’t have it no one can.


- Kreler is avenging his slayer brother by knocking out another wolf. The Ironbeards blitzer No.7 has grabbed the ball and his heading for the end zone. - But the wolves are in hot pursuit, they are light on their feet and have managed to catch him and knock him to the ground, catching the ball on the bounce. To get them out of trouble they’ve thrown it back up the field.


- Look at all those dwarfs jumping into the air, keep doing that and we’ll have an earthquake on our hands.


- The throw is rushed and isn’t good, the catcher’s fingers get to it, but that is it and it’s bouncing in front of him. With the clock clicking down the final minutes of the first half the Ironbeards are out for blood, and another wolf is dragged off the field.


- Wait what was that whistle, looks like the Ironbeards are exacting revenge in any way possible. Looks like Runbar is being sent off for fouling.


- He may have been sent off for the rest of the match, but looks like he did what he set out to do. For throwing the ball out of reach of the end zone, the wolf thrower is missing the rest of the game, and by the look of it won’t be playing for a while either.


- There is the half time whistle and a good job too, both teams are bloodied and bruised and need some time to bandage their wounds. The wolves are looking a bit down on numbers at the moment but we’ll see what the second half brings.


WELLLLCOME BACK!! I’ve you’ve just joined us we’re at the underground stadium in the World’s Edge Mountains to watch a “friendly” match between the Ironbeards taking a break from their league tour, and the underdog the Wolfenburg Wolves.


- Huh! Not much of a friendly between these two teams. Looking at the teams taking to the field it looks like not everyone is awake out of the dug outs. Despite the Wolves having a reserve it seems they are still down a few players, must’ve have got the lid off the Bloodwieser keg, even the Ironbeards are still down one player.


- Two now, because of Runbar’s sending off just before the second half. Leaving the teams at a 9 – 7 match up in favour of the Ironbeards. After the holdup of the first half I’m sure some grudges have already been written.


- The Ironbeards are forming an adapted umbrella line up with Barrun at the back to receive the kick. The wolves are lining up defensive trying to cover their disadvantage. There it is and the underground wind has got up and carried the ball deep into Ironbeard territory.


- Well I was right about the grudges being written and it looks like they are out to strike them out in this half. The Wolves front line has been completely floored and Barrun running back to the Ironbeard end zone to retrieve the ball.


- Wolves can’t do much except pick themselves off the floor, but one catcher has dodged through a gap and is running up the wing. - Oooh you spoke to soon there Kreler has caught him on his blind side and he’s down. Barrun has the ball and is heading back to centre field. The rest of the team is pushing the Wolves back, and looks like they are dodging back trying to keep their distance between them and the dwarf line.


- Barrun is pumping those legs and is in the Wolves half. Oooh looks like the Ironbeards No.8 has made sure one of the wolves won’t be siring any pups for a long while. Looks like he’ll be applying ice, for the remainder of this match.


- Wolves are dodging out of reach so much I’m sure some of them have elven blood, well aside from those being sat on. Barrun is closing now, but the wolves are trying to cut him off.


- Now they are showing their claws, Gutric is down and stunned, whilst Ironbeards No.7 has knocked out another wolf line man. Looks like there is a pool going in the crowd for how many players will be left on the pitch at the end. - The catchers have tried to team up on Barrun, but Barrun has got one’s eyes watering as he butts his stomach and charges on, unopposed and it’s TOUCHDOWN!!!! 1 – 0 to the Ironbeards.


- With the teams get ready for the next drive, it looks like the Wolves have managed to open up the keg and more of their team are back on their feet. Now giving a 9-8 line up in favour of Ironbeards.


- The cavern winds are blowing again and the ball has been kicked deep into the Wolves territory. The Wolves catcher has retrieved the ball and throwing it to their other catch. Looks like they’re trying to get the ball up the field fast.


- There is a reason they are hired as catchers and not throwers, for that throw was bad, need to work on that arm. Ball is now loose behind the Wolves line of scrimmage. The Ironbeards have punched a hole through their line-up; Barrun has sprinted through the hole and scooped up the ball out from underneath the Wolf catcher, and floored him as well.


- Catchers have Barrun in a pincer, and here is the Wolves remaining blitzer as a hammer to the anvil. Barrun has back passed the ball to a blocker, and just in time as that blitzer has taken Barrun out of the game. We’ll check in with him later.


- Though as the minutes count down the play has descended into a frenzy, no way for either team to score now and are just laying into each other. The crowd loves it. - There is a final whistle, scores stand as 1-0 to Ironbeards. Though, this match has been far from friendly. We’ve heard from the medic, Barrun will be fine, though the wolves will need some more time to get their team back to full.


- Well that’s it from us, and from the World’s Edge Mountains. We hope you’ll tune in next time.

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