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Ravens Over Verflucht (Sign Up And Ooc)

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Posted 24 January 2020 - 01:18 PM

Current Players:
200Grots - Adrick, Elf


Amovehacker - Hary, Human

A quiet, shy man who has a somewhat rich and sheltered upbringing. He struggles heavily in social situations and needs to try hard to achieve minor success. Despite that, he's characterised by his kindness and overwhelming desire to overcome difficulties. He's also pretty clever and well-versed in most avenues of science, the most noteworthy thing about Hary is his sense of purpose. With an honest kind heart he intends to help out the world, one step at a time, even if he tends to get mentally exhausted.....


Richieb124 - Roangrur, Dwarf


Ben the Barman - Freidelbert, Human


Davidolo - Maximilian, Human


vClawII - Irina, Human


Ragnar Alpaca - Thunc, Dwarf


DawiEinstein - Frezalk, Human


ThaneWill - Jasmin, Human


Glyfi Ironbeard - Human



Venerable dawi, honourable umgi and treacherous elgi, welcome to my very first Bugman’s Brewery RPG campaign and my first ever experience as a GM. As such, this will be a learning experience for me so please don't record my name in the book if I get anything wrong ;) I do aim to put aside enough time to be able to update this daily if there’s enough input so if you do choose to participate please do check up at least once a day if you're able, it will only take about five-ten minutes of your time. However, I understand that life happens so please get in touch if you know you’ll be away for over a week – this way I can ‘retire’ your character so that they’ll be ready to go if you choose to return to the campaign.
I aim to start the campaign at the end of January/beginning of February if possible.
Campaign/Edition Rules:
For this campaign, and any others that I might host in the future, I will make use of 2nd Edition rules. For those of you who participated in the Haven Rock campaign it will be a similar style but more narrative focused. Similarly, again as with the Haven Rock campaign, both martial and non-martial skills/talents will come into play involving languages, Read/Write and Secret Signs ect. If you don't have access to a copy of the rules, don't worry. I, the GM, will do all the rolls and admin activity off screen and will PM you the results. All you need to do is write what your character will say and do.
The campaign itself will be set in 2522 IC, about a year before the Storm of Chaos (not the End Times for obvious reasons) in a small corner of Ostermark on the Kislev border. The region itself has history and heritage which you can learn through interacting with various NPCs and items you in the region. The narrative and side content will intertwine together and so exploring the region and taking monster contracts ect will still provide coin, exp and knowledge which your character can utilise in the core plot-lines.
Finally, your characters’ nutrition and accommodation will all be factors in the campaign. So make sure your character eats well and has a place to go to sleep.
On Experience:
For the purpose of this campaign experience will be handled as the rules stipulate. Perform a task or action, such as killing a beastman or successfully negotiating a deal, and you will earn you experience points. If I abandon you, and the RPG, without warning for more than a week I will also give out experience. For every 100 experience points you earn you can upgrade stats, take a new Skill or Talent or advance to a new career.
‘Levelling’ is slightly more complicated. For the purposes of my campaigns I will be making use of the same system employed by Glyfi Ironbeard in the Haven Rock campaign. Rather than being forced down a set of career paths based off the career you begin the campaign with you can ‘upgrade’ to careers based off your actions. I.e, if you kill a Vampire you can take the Vampire Hunter career ect. However, upgrading your career 'the normal way', i.e Soldier to Sergeant, is also viable through promotion as well.





Map Key:


Verflucht: City:


1: Golden Comet Inn.

2: Temple of Sigmar.

4: Temple of Morr.

7: City Barracks.

9: Hunter's Guild.

63: Western Gate.

64: Eastern Gate.

36 - 60: House Blocks.



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Posted 24 January 2020 - 01:25 PM

Characters (NPCs):


NPCs will, as should be obvious, will play a major role in the campaign and those you choose to ally with will be an important factor in helping to shape your  goals and opportunities. NPCs will also keep track of how you interact with them so if you get in the bad books of, say, a local Witch Hunter be ready to run next time you bump into him to avoid being burnt at the stake ;) Moreover, many NPCs will also have their own goals to achieve and may impede or assist PCs if they suspect they’re out to hinder or help them achieve them.


Character Creation (PCs):


As for PCs, each will begin play at a first level career with equipment and funds dependant on their race and career. In addition, characters will also be given starting information and will be more accepted, or rejected, by various NPCs depending on their manner, clothing, race and career. Please PM me all character choices for the sake of simplicity and, for those who want to play a more morally dubious character, it can allow them to go in ‘incognito’ and control what information they share with the other PCs. Humans, Dwarfs and, if people want to play them, elves will be the only races allowed in the campaign. I’ve posted some racial information and career choices as well as what you need to submit in the PM bellow:


What to PM me:


  • Character Name.
  • Character Race.
  • Career.
  • Height, Eye Colour, Hair Colour.
  • Age
  • Equipment that your character would have.
  • Some sort of bio, this can be as lengthy or short as you like.
  • Which deity your character worships.




The Empire: Of course, those from the Empire of Sigmar are the most common in this region. The large majority have lived there all their lives but, with Archaon’s host on the horizon, some have fled to the region to find refuge and/or opportunity.


Kislev: The second most common group in the region. Ostermark was always a melting pot for Kislevians and Imperials but, with Archaon’s horde reaching their borders, many Kislevians have begun fleeing to the Empire for refuge.


Norsca: Although not as numerous as the other two groups, Norscans would be present in the region. The large majority would be exiles or those who worship the Old World pantheon and have fled their homeland before  the encroaching tide of Chaos.


Araby, Bretonnia, Estalia, Tilea: These groups would be the least numerous in the region and would likely only be there for a special reason. Mercenaries, traders or exiles would be the most likely reasons.


Dwarfs: A large number of dwarfs live in the Empire and so many would be present in the region.


Elves (High, Dark, Wood): Elves would be extremely rare in this region and the large majority would be spies or mages of some sort.





This will be the list of careers to choose from when signing up for the campaign. If you wish to play a career not on this list please PM me and we can fit it into the story.


Agitator: There are plenty in the Empire who wish for social change and/or to provide resistance to the nobles and temples.


Apothecary: Plenty in the Empire wishing for potions and health care.


Apprentice Wizard: With the Winds of Magic flowing into the Old World from the Realm of Chaos mages have plenty of space and opportunity to impress their colleges and search for artefacts.


Barbour Surgeon: In the Empire people are happy to pay for all the health care they can get.


Bounty Hunter: With most of the Empire’s armed forces mustering to meet Archaon’s invasion many guilds and rulers have resorted to these men for solving their problems.


Burgher: The average city dwelling Empire citizen.


Charcoal Burner: Someone’s got to burn charcoal for fires. Doubly so in the north where the winters are often long and difficult.


Grave Warden: Plenty of graves to guard in the Empire, and even more who wish to despoil them.


Hunter: Plenty beasts roam the Empire which need killing and there are plenty of people in the Empire who require meat. Win win.


Initiate: With the tide of Chaos spreading there are many who require defence from the many evils of the world and many more who need to be discouraged from siding with the Ruinous Powers.


Kislevite Kossar: Being a town on the Ostermark-Kislev border and with the Storm of Chaos encroaching on their lands many of these Kislevite warriors have fled their homeland to seek employment here.


Mercenary: The demand for hired muscle in the Empire is always high, doubly so with the threat of Chaos looming.


Militia Man: There are always men ready to fight in the Empire be it to defend their homes or local organisations.


Rat Catcher: There is always work for rat catchers in the Empire. Sometimes they catch rats as large as themselves.


Scribe: Plenty of people need others to write things down for them. Most of these individuals will also pay good coin for it to boot!


Soldier: Every town and outpost in the Empire has soldiers.


Squire: With the coming Storm of Chaos numberless young men of the Empire are out to prove their quality.


Tradesman: Another city dweller.


Trollslayer: Plenty of ways one can fulfil their oath up here.


Woodsman: Woodcutters who live in the Empire’s forests to harvest timber. It’s a profitable trade no doubt, the question's whether you grow rich off timber or Beastmen hides.


Vagabond: Many in the Empire spend their lives travelling. Some out of choice, others out of need.


Zealot: Zealots were already common in the Empire and with Archaon’s invasion their numbers have swelled further.


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Posted 24 January 2020 - 01:31 PM

Other (hopefully) useful information:


Languages: The ‘default’ language in this campaign will be Reikspiel. Every PC will able to speak this language and, as we’re in an Empire city, so will 99% of the NPCs. When writing dialogue in the campaign please use the following colour code to show which language your character is talking in.


Reikspiel, Black

Kislevian, Red

Norscan - Brown

Eltharin - Green

Khazalid - Blue

Other - Pink


Currency: Rather than using multiple currencies I’ll just be sticking to one in this campaign. Assume that all the coins you pick up will have the value of an Empire crown.


In game information: Not every piece of information you receive will be true. Some NPCs might give you false information as they themselves have false information and others might outright lie to you. I will say though, on average, most people in this region are going to be more trustworthy than those in the Badlands ;)


Time: Time will obviously pass in game. Broadly speaking I’ll be using the same measurements as Glyfi used in the Haven Rock campaign.


Combat: In this system combat is both short and brutal. Death as a rule, and many other terrible things, come quickly in this ruleset if you're not careful. Everyone playing will receive Fate Points (FP) which can save your character from such things should they occur ;)



NPC Details - I'll update this as you run into important NPCs:


Johann Schatten - Inkeeper of the Golden Comet Inn. A tall man in his early fifties in excellent physical condition. He has piercing green eyes, dark brown hair and a complexion that radiates authority. 


Aemilia Scatten - Johann's daughter. Am attractive young woman, a little over twenty, with brown hair tried into a braid and blue eyes.


Maria Schatten - Wife of Johann Schatten


Bjorn - Johann's friend and the Golden Comet doorman.


​Siegfried Eissen - Knight of the Reiksguard Inner Circle. He is a tall and clean shaven man with well polished armour. There is a shield strapped to his back and a sword sheathed at his side.


Andreas Lorenz - Veteran Soldier, companion of Siegfried.


Manuel Kohler - Siegfried's Squire


Dietrich Lange - Master Order Amethyst Wizard.


Magnus Kuhn - Veteran Soldier and Coachman


Helmuth Roth - Captain of Verflucht's garrison.


Zyvik - Sergeant, Roth's second in command.


Hieronymus Saft - Priest of Verrena


Earnest Aquinas - Anointed Priest of Morr.




Regan Colburg - Witch Hunter of the Silver Hammer. A sarly and well built man whose face is partly concealed under his large brimmed hat granting him a sinister look. He wears full plate armour and carries both a pistol and silvered sword.


Jonas Aldsbrecht - Regan's Mercenary.


Leofric: Regan's - Bodyguard






What are they:


These are an important aspect in this RPG, and will be in any future ones I may run. They effectively represent problems in the region/settlement that an adventurer in the Old World might be asked to sort out but aren't part of the primary narrative or plot-lines in the campaign. Most will involve an investigation and/or some sort of mini boss fight - If any of you have played the Witcher 3 you'll have a good sense of what sort of things these are. For those who have played RPGs before, think of them as shorter versions of the typical one night gaming session.


Where can I find them:


They will be nailed up on a board by the locals at a place of significance in the city/region. In this RPG there are two:


- The Inn at the charcoal burners' camp

- The Hunter's Guild HQ in the city of Verfluct.


What's in it for me:


A number of things:


- Experience.

- Coin and other material rewords.

- Potential allies.

- Information and gossip about the region.

- A cool boss fight.


A note of caution:


The cash reword is not indicative of the difficulty of the contract, nor are the contracts scaled to your characters' levels. Just because the number of crowns offered as the reword might be lower in one contract it doesn't mean it will be easier. Always assume the worst and be careful.



This is a brief run-down. PM me if you have any further questions/queries. 


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#4 200Grots


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Posted 24 January 2020 - 05:12 PM

I am interested in rping another elf. Maybe this one will survive slightly longer!

#5 Hero of Rome

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Posted 24 January 2020 - 05:12 PM

Well, Kabal never died  ;)

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 06:44 PM

Can't wait to see how it'll turn out, very excited!  ;)

#7 Hero of Rome

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 06:49 PM

Always good to hear.

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 11:18 PM

Hmmmm my Rinn is starting another round of surgery on Monday, then rehab might not have the time..... grumble, grumble, but will create a character just in case.....

#9 Hero of Rome

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Posted 25 January 2020 - 11:19 PM

I'd be honoured if you were to join. Always loved reading your stories.


Even if you won't be able to play for a bit it would be fine to send me a character and rejoin/join at a later date. 

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Posted 27 January 2020 - 07:51 AM

A quick update:


For those signed up with characters, the introductions and admin is going well and hopefully I can get a play thread up in a few days time, which should give the others who have expressed interest, and still want to play, time to create their characters.


For any on the fence, I would love it if you join us. The more merrier! This RPG also has open entry, meaning you can still jump (within reason) after it has begun.


Update: Play thread's going up tomorrow.

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 10:22 AM

Ok, I've put the play thread up.


For those who might be suffering from technical difficulties, once they're sorted out I'll add you. Similarly, for those who haven't made a character but want to join I'll add you in once you've done that.

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 12:37 PM

Tremble mortals, and despair. Doom has come to this world! 

#13 Hero of Rome

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 12:45 PM

I'll add you in.

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 02:28 PM

Golden Comet Inn prices/bookings.


Private Rooms (with two beds): Both taken

Private Rooms: 4 taken. 6 remaining.


Private Room, which comes with a bath tub and enough hot water for a bath: Two shillings.

Common Room: Four pennies

Meal: One shilling.

Stew and Bread: 6 pennies.

Drink: One penny.



For those wondering about the inn. It has three floors.


1) Where you are all now. The bar and the counter ect.

2) The common room.

3) The private rooms.

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 10:20 PM

Alright everyone. For night I have


Adrick, Irina and Maximilian in private rooms.

Hary and Freidelbert are spending the night in the Witch Hunter's custody.

Roangrur in the common room.


If everyone's ok with it, I'll send your characters to bed and I can a night/morning update tomorrow? 

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#16 vClaw II

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Posted 28 January 2020 - 11:05 PM

Yes, gotta keep things flowing. 

#17 Hero of Rome

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 05:02 PM

As everything went a bit all over the place, I've done a large update to try and tie up some of the loose ends.

#18 Hero of Rome

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 07:06 PM

Fist Fight outside of Keller's Residence. 


Initiative Order:


Siegfried  57

Manuel 37

Mercenaries 30


Round 1:


Siegfried: Attack Mercenary 1 with Strike to Stun. Strength test passed on 26. WS 65 + 10 for Charge. Rolls 63 for hit. Mercenary 1 passes Toughness test on 1.


Manuel: Attack Mercenary 2 with Strike to Stun. Strength test failed on 83.


Mercenary 1. Strike to Stun Siegfried. WS 40. Rolls 17 for a hit. Strength Test failed on 50. 


Mercenary 2. Strike to Stun Manuel. WS 40. Rolls 60 for a miss.



Round 2: 


Siegfried. Strike to Stun Mercenary 1. ST passed on 27. Hits on 37. Mercenary 1 fails ST on roll of 70. Stunned for 2 rounds.


Hary, Strike to Stun Mercenary 2: ST failed on 89.


Manuel Strike to Stun Mercenary 2, ST failed on 81.


Mercenary 2 surrenders.

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 08:04 PM

Hospital Ambush.


Irina. Cast Chill. Rolls 6. Success


Regan: Draw Pistol and point at Irina. Ask what she's doing.


Initiative Order:


Ulve 68

Regan 62

Leofric 61.

Freidelbert 46

Irina 42


Round 1:



Ulve: Aim and throw throwing axe at Colburg. BS 47 + 10 for aiming. Rolls 20 for hit. Regan hit on the hit. Damage Roll 7 - 2 = 5. 5 - TB = 1. Regan takes 1 point of damage.


Regan: Aim and Fire and Irina. BS 73 + 10 for aiming. Rolls 47 for hit. Irina hit on the body. Damage Roll 5 + 4 = 9. 6 - 3 = 6. Irina takes 6 points of damage.


Leofric: Aim and throw throwing axe and Ulve. BS 36 + 10 for aiming. Rolls 51. Miss.


Freidelbert: Draw Dagger.


Irina: Disengage. 



Round 2:


Ulve: Charge down from building into combat with Regan. Agility Test passed on 27. WS 57 +10 for charge. Rolls 4 for a hit. Dodge failed on 87. Regan hit on the head. Damage roll 5 + 4 = 9. 9 - 4 = 5. Regan takes 5 points of damage.


Regan: Attack Ulve: WS 56. Rolls 53 for a hit. Dodge blow failed on 73. Regan hit on the left arm. Damage Roll 5 +  4 = 9. 9 - 4 = 5. Ulve takes 5 points of damage.


Leofric. WS 51 + 10 + 10 for surround. for Charge. Hits on 21. Attack Ulve with Strike to Stun. Strength Test failed on 82.


Freidelbert. Move around to block Ulve's escape.



Round 3:


Ulve: Attack Regan. WS 57. Rolls 5 for a hit. Regan hit on the head. Dodge Blow failed on 72. Damage roll 9 + 4 = 13. 13 - 4 = 9. Regan takes 9 points of damage.


Regan: Attack Ulve. WS 56 + 10 for surround. Rolls 80 for a miss.


Leofric: Attack Ulve. WS 51 + 10 for surround. Rolls 63 for a miss.


Freidelbert: Attack Ulve. WS 31 + 10 for charge +20 for surround. Rolls 12 for a hit. Ulve hit on the head. Damage Roll 8. 8 - 4. Ulve takes 4 points of damage.


Maximilian: Comes out through door.



Round 4:


Ulve: Attack Regan. WS 57. Rolls 64 for a miss.


Regan: Attack Ulve. WS 56 + 20 for surround. Rolls 45 for hit. Dodge failed on 77. Ulve hit on the Left Arm. Damage Role 1 + 4 = 5. 5 -4 = 1. Ulve takes 1 point of damage.


Leofric. Attack Ulve. WS 57 + 20 for surround. Rolls. 12 for hit. Ulve hit on the head. Damage Role 8 + 6 = 14. 14 - 4 = 10. Ulve takes 10 points of damage. Critical Hit. Critical Role 7. Ulve is knocked out for 5 minutes.








#20 Hero of Rome

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Posted 29 January 2020 - 08:05 PM

Alas, Ulve put up a valiant fight.

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