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Zoom In, Short Story: Englands Etc List

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Posted 28 July 2019 - 07:10 PM

Hi all,


Another list I wanted to share with you, the Dwarven Holds list England is bringing to the ETC. Very well protected wounds, with the Hold guardians being Resilience 5 and Armour Save 3+, and the Greybeards Resilience 4 and Armour Save 4+. Besides that, those main three combat units van also vanguard up 12" in  turn 1, bring the fight to enemies that might otherwise be reluctant to seek combat. And that Rune-crafted Catapult with engineer is a real laser-guided machine. Direct hits will be Strength 4 Armour Piercing 2, and will hit target within 30" on a 3+ thanks to the Engineer. When they miss, the first shot, catapults now re-roll their to hit hit rolls for an indirect hit, but that hit halves the strength, rounding up. But the Rune-Crafted part adds +1 Strength after the "halving", bringing the strength back to 3 even at indirect hits. Badaboom!


Mike Newman© - Dwarven Holds
405 - Runic Smith, General, Ancestral Memory, Shield, Rune of Devouring, Rune of Dragon’s Breath, 3 Battle Runes
265 - Thane, Battle Standard, Shield, Rune of Dragon’s Breath, Holdstone
185 - Anvil of Power
135 - Engineer, Shield, Guild-Crafted Handgun
755 - 30x Greybeards, Shields, Standard Bearer, Runic Standard of Swiftness , Musician, Champion
195 - 10x Greybeards, Shields
180 - 10x Clan Warriors, Throwing Weapons, Vanguard, Musician
606 - 2 x 6 Hold Guardians, Musician
305 - 2 x 2 Steam Copters, Attack Copter
300 - Field Artillery, Catapult, Rune Crafted
255 - Field Artillery, Cannon

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