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[8Th] - Belegar Marches A 2500Pt Throng Vs O&g

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#1 LiveWaaaaagh


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Posted 22 April 2019 - 05:53 PM

Hi all!


the Thorgrim battle has been postponed, as I haven't quite been able to finish painting him. Instead, we're going to be doing a 2500-pt battle this upcoming Saturday. Here's my list - I'm open to your feedback and ideas:


General: Belegar Ironhammer


Master Engineer - brace of pistols & rune of stone

Runesmith - 2x Rune of spellbreaking + rune of stone & shield

thane - BSB w/ rune of grugni + shield & oathsone


30x Longbeards w/shields + rune of stoicism (BSB here, runesmith)

14x Thunderers w/ shields


1x cannon w/ rune of forging

1x grudge thrower (naked)

1x Gyrocopter (I'm building a 2nd one, but don't think it would be ready by Saturday. If it is, then it replaces the grudge thrower)

20x Ironbreakers FC (Belegar here)

10x Miners with Steam Drill


10x Irondrakes, 2x rune of slowness, musician + standard

1x Organ Gun w/rune of accuracy - engineer parked here.


The goal here is I have 2 strong stubborn blocks that can parry to all sides led each by a character on an oathsone with 4+ ward.. and then MSU + artillery to assist and be more nimble.


I've only faced his orcs once and he brought a big unit of black orcs, 2 units of savage orc boar boys, some squigs and then the well known horde of savage orc big uns with shruknen head shaman. When I played this army with my Lizardmen, my skinks were perfect re-directs. Unless I can get the 2nd Gyro painted and ready to go for this battle, the 1 gyro and a sacrifical unit (my engineer, or thunderer unit) would be my only re-directs, which concerns me.


Any other ideas or thoughts?




#2 Zidane_blade


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Posted 22 April 2019 - 07:31 PM

Even though it has been used, to great effect, against night goblins and their fanatics, a single five man unit of rangers out in the open, wouldnt be half bad.

Also, just remember that when you've placed those oath stones, your units cannot move anymore.

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