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[6Th Ed] 1750P Against Dark Elves


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Posted 12 April 2018 - 09:19 AM

Going to battle a friend of mine this evening and he's probably running some kind of tournament list. I'll admit that he's a better player than I am so I need to have an army up for the task. 




131 p Runesmith with shield, RoStone and 2xdispel runes/balance


119 p BSB Thane with MRoGromril and great weapon



Melee Units


265 p 19 Hammerers(Sp) with shields banner and musician


243 p 19 Longbeards©with shields, banner and musician


205 p 20 Clansmen© with great weapons and musician


Shooting Units:


120 p 10 Quarellers© with shields


150 p 10 Thunderers© with shields


130 p 10 Quareller Rangers(0-1C) with shields




85 p Bolt Thrower(1/2Sp) with engineer and RoPenetrating


45 p Bolt Thrower(1/2Sp)


135 p Grudge Thrower(Sp) with RoAccuracy and RoPenetrating


120 p Organ Gun®


Total Points: 1748


I try to keep my characters at a minimum and I'm thinking of doing the run-of-the mill bunker defence and hopefully get a hill to place some of my units/artillery on as 6th only allows one rank of shooting normally.


Str 7 Bolt Thrower is there to focus on possible chariots and any cold one knights that might appear.


Str 4 Grudge Thrower is for any bigger blocks of warriors/witch elves.  


Quarellers are there to shoot of dark riders/harpies/shades as a priority and are probably going to win any hth combat with said troops. Thought I'd run a Ranger unit in case I get to place scouts first and push the inevitable shades back and off my warmachines as long as possible. 




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