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Gav Thorpe Blog - December 2017 – Q&a (Part Two)

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Posted 22 December 2017 - 06:00 AM

Gav-Cuppa-Small-200x300.jpgThis is a compilation of questions that have been emailed and messaged to me recently. Part one of the December Q&A can be found here.

I’ve been posting Q&As for a while now, so if you’ve found this one interesting, you can look back at previous Q&As here.

If you want to ask anything, you can post a comment here or get in touch through the contact page (and newsletter subscribers can just reply to any of my emails).

Dmitry asked on Facebook: Hey Gav a question for you, in regards to how the Aeldari are now interacting with the Imperium is it still openly hostile or has Yvrainne’s assistance in the resurrection of Guilliman created an understanding between the two sides.

I’d say a little more understanding in some quarters, but bear in mind that the Ynnari are quite divisive within eldar society itself, including their contact with Guilliman. This may form one of the themes to book 2 [Wild Rider, book two in my Rise of the Ynnari series].

And another from Dmitry: Gav this is something that just popped into the warp storm which passes for my brain. Did Corax share the information of what occurred with the Raptors with Guilliman? particularly the aspect of improving on the Adeptus Astartes. It stands to reason that Guilliman sought out Belisarius Cawl for his radical stance and provided him some form of criteria in terms of what was possible. In this regard we can see the Raptors as the first generation attempt at the Primaris. This in turn can also be connected with the cursed 21st founding as potentially being an attempt by Cawl to see if his experiments had worked…..all leading up to the Ultima founding where we have our new genetic monstrosities. …..and all this from the Alpha Legion screwing with Corax dreams

I don’t know if he would have shared the Raptor project with any of his brothers, considering he regarded it as a cursed failure. As far as anyone knows, the labyrinth remained intact on Terra, its secrets still for the taking.

Kevin asked on Facebook: Sanguinius is factually the greatest primarch. Why can’t any of his nipple headed brothers see his all encompassing greatness?

I think most of them do, to be fair. It’s just that some love him, others are just jelly.

Rory asked on Facebook: What Loyalist Primarch do you see yourself as?

I think I’d be more like Sindermann – shaping people’s view of the universe 😃

Corax-by-Gav-Thorpe-Black-Library-Horus-Nicholas and I had an interesting exchange on Facebook about Corax:

Nicholas: What brought Corax from scoffing at Lorgar’s claims of what the Primarchs truly were to seemingly accepting it?

Gav: Seeing it for himself – in the possessed Word Bearers, the Sorcerer in Soulforge and th corrupted New Men in Ravenlord, and believing he had introduced it to the Raptors.

Nicholas: “Lies are the only weapons Chaos truly wields” became hollow to him?

Gav: Yes, because he realises it wasn’t a lie.

Nicholas: I guess what I’m having trouble understanding is how Corax could lose his faith in the Emperor like that. I can understand him not figuring out the Alpha Legion sabotaging the Raptor Project itself, the whole Heresy turns on “for want of a nail”, but the Emperor gave him the secrets of the Primarchs creation from his own mind. Why would Lorgar’s words ring more true than his father’s?

Gav: He doesn’t lose faith in the Emperor, he loses faith in himself.

Nicholas: So Corax sees himself as personally tainted, despite the best efforts of the Emperor? He projects the corruption of the Raptors into himself?

Gav: Yes, Corax knows that the Emperor used the warp in the creation of the Primarchs and now believes that anything warp-fashioned must be tainted. Not only from the Raptors, but seeing the start of the Word Bearers’ being corrupted, the sorcerer he encounters on Atlas and so forth.

He may be right…

Nicholas: So, is Corax the type to end his self-imposed exile to bring his traitorous brothers to account, and what kind of conflict does he get himself into with Guilliman?

Gav: He did swear to rid the galaxy of every Chaos-tainted foe. If he’s alive, and hears that his brothers are at large in the Imperium again, he would likely hunt them down. I’m not sure he would be too bothered what anyone was up to.


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