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1500Pt List New Player

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#1 AJ032594


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Posted 31 August 2017 - 08:31 PM

So this is my first shot a Kings of War list. I got the dwarfs from the two player starter set, and am looking at getting the "cheaper" dwarf army set (not the mega one). So this list mostly revolves around making use of miniatures from the two. I haven't really played much table top games prior either so I don't have anything I can really proxy for units. I'm basically trying to take the cheapest but most effective route, since part of this is seeing how much I really want to get into table top games. But at the same time I wanna win some of course haha!



Ironclad reg Mastiffs

Ironclad reg Diadem

Shieldbreakers Mastiffs and Brew of Sharpness

Ironwatch Rifles troop Fourwinds

Ironwatch Rifles reg Brew of Keen-eyeness

2 Jarrun Bombard

King w Wings


Herneas' rangers w Gem of Zellak


I was thinking of doing a gun line and forcing my enemies toward me. The Bombards at the back to hit starting turn one. In front I've got Iron clad w Diadem, Shieldbreakers, Ironclad, then Ironwatch w Keen-eyeness in that order as my main force setup side by side but with gaps so the Bombards can shoot between regiments. Depending on the setup of the enemy and the help of the Gem of Zellak, I have the Ironwatch with Fourwinds set up on one of the flanks of my main force to keep pressure from the get go if possible, then probably Herneas and his rangers set up on the opposite side using vanguard to push up and be in range from turn one to further more force enemies towards me as well. If I was playing an objective and I had to move towards, then the rangers come in handy to start with some units in or closer to an objective, while the main force eases up. The king then can fly around helping where help is needed. Then the mastiffs and the Diadem are to mess with units trying to get into charge range of my front lines.


All advice is much appreciated! Cheers!

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#2 jtrowell


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Posted 11 September 2017 - 08:02 AM

You will need eitheir some mobility (the flying king is a very good start, and the rangers can serve a similar role, but a mounted berserker lord and/or some brock riders will be a welcome addition) and/or some chaff.


The second point is very important : you are slow, you expect your ennemy to get the initial charge. Dwarves ar tough, and in some cases you will simply be able to accept and soak the initial charge, but in some situations where your opponent will come with overwelming force and still have the initiative, they might be able to fill anything in the initial charge.


For those situations, you want something cheap to put in front of your more expensive units and die to give your the initiative back (the ennemy charge the screen unit, kill it, and then your second line behing it is in charge range to avenge them)


Simple ironclad troops can do the trick, the only problem is that they are slow so you must eitheir takje many of them, or deploy them with care where you know you will need them (have several cheap unit is also a good way to have more units to deploy that your opponent, allowing you more options)


In any case, be aware that a mainly infantry dwarf army is because of its slow speed an army that mainly plya by reacting to the opponent, so it's not the most popular way of playing them (it can be effective, but by letting the initiative to your opponent you need a really good plan and good tactics so it's not for everyone)



#3 Prince Ulfar

Prince Ulfar

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Posted 21 September 2017 - 10:45 AM

Jtrowell is worth listening too! Their advice is excellent.


I'm not very experienced at KoW, but I'd echo everything above. Things move fast in this game and you will not get much shooting in, unless you are very lucky. You need units, like crossbows, rifles or even ironclads to get hit and killed, so your second line of more powerful units can charge the enemy next turn. Shieldbreakers are good at this!


Speed is important, Brock Riders are fun and fast I can not love them enough. But even then they slow compared to other people's cavalry!


I'd take no more than 1 bombard, with average dice it will hit twice a game. Most of the time the enemy will be in combat with you in 2 turns. They don't last long enough to hit very often, unless you get lucky! I prefer the organ gun.


I'd also cut out some of the magic items, and play a smaller game. Magic items are fun, but not game changers.


I'd look to play some small point games, get to know the rules, don't get upset when you lose, and learn your army.

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