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[Aos] - Ka Skirmish Reports

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Killer Angel

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Posted 09 July 2017 - 06:13 PM

in THIS THREAD i will keep the BatReps of my large-scale battles, basically all the ones that I will play with AoS rules.


This thread will be dedicated to my BatReps with my warband, using AoS skirmish rules.



SO, here we go, my first rep with skirmish.


(NOTE: i will try to upload the pictures on Bugman's Gallery, and then link them here. Let's see how it works) 



The plan was to meet at our gaming store in 4 players: me, the other dwarfs player, and other 2 guys with FEC and Slaves to Darkness.

These last two, at the last moment called us they could not play, so in the end there were just 2 dwarven warbands.


Not what I would have likesd, but the lists were enough different to justify a try, so here we are.



Dwarfs vs Dwarfs _ 40 renowns


My list:


Runelord (general, Merciless Killer, Helm of authority)

3 x thunderers

1 x quarreler

1 x Gyrobomber


My opponent:


Auric Runefather

3 x Irondrakes

6 x Longbeards


Skirmish: Clash at dawn.


Bad scenario: The limitations on shooting range are not good for me, plus, we roll randomly how to place our units... this could be very bad for me, as my opponent could easily have local supremacy and could easily kill my shooters.




Anyway, we roll against any statistic: all my models are in the 2nd "square", except one (square n. 1). I put my warband on a building.

Also my opponent ends with all his models in the square n. 1, except for a single irondrake in the 4th square.


Skirmish 01 01
I can begin, and i decide to start first, to run back with my lone thunderer, that was at risk of charge, and was not under the protection of my shooting, due to LOS range penalty of the first round of battle.
My enemy runs forward with all.
I win the roll.
I use a double command ability with the crown (+1 to wound and reroll 1s to save) and the runelord also improves the rend of my bomber, that flyes over the other buildings. With my shooting, I kill the leaders of the ironbeards and of the irondrakes.
Skirmish 01 02
My opponent runs with the more distant models, tries to kill my thunderer veteran with Irondrake's shooting but I save, two longbeards charge my thunderer at the bottom of the tower, and one succeeds in delivering a successful "to wound". despite my save 4+ rerollable, rerolling also 1s, my thunderer dies.
My opponent wins the roll.
he moves but the two Irondrakes' shooting is ineffectual (i made a save at 6!); 2 longbeards charges my shooters' nest, but are unable to damage me, failing their Attacks
Skirmish 01 03
it's my turn:
the bomber comes home, and drops a bomb on the longbeard near my tower. 1 dead.
The shooting kills one of the longbeards that is in melee, and also another more distant longbeard.
the melee of my runelord kills the last attacker on the tower.
WIth 4 dead in this round, I've killed 6 models on 10, so the game ends with a crushing victory.
Skirmish 01 04
Let's put aside that I fought other dwarfs, I won for a number of reasons:
- luck in the casual set-up,
- bad moves from my opponents, that keep in the rear his melee general
- I also think that my list was overall stronger than his: the bomber is pretty solid in a skirmish, and yeah, 6 longbeards may be truly useful in certain scenarios (treasure hunt)... but melee models with a single wound are unreliable.







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#2 Killer Angel

Killer Angel

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Posted 19 August 2017 - 11:01 AM

Time for another Skirmish!


A friend of mine asked me to borrow some models to play skirmish, so I gave him a Empire list, mixed with some WE, that got some potential


Dwarfs vs Empire _ 40 renowns


My list:


Runelord (general, Merciless Killer, Helm of authority)

3 x thunderers

1 x quarreler

1 x Gyrobomber


tnx to merciless killer, my shooting group is decisely threatening, and the bomber should give me move and a good target selection



My opponent:


Freeguild general on horse (greatweapon, can re-roll to wound)

1 x handgunner (marksman w hochland rifle)

1 x handgunner

1 x crossbowman

1 x outrider (proxied model, using an elven rider... I left home the empire cavalry)


1 x Sister of the Thorn


This list got a good mobility, some shooting with a long distance sniper, and with a good CC general. The Sister is amazing, it's a wizard on horse for a mere 9 renowns! (granted, with save 5+ and just 2 wounds, but hey)





Skirmish: Conquer the relic.


the winner is the one with more models within 3" from the sanctuary at the end of the 5th round.

this is a running scenario: for me is bad because I've got less move than my opponent, for my opponent is bad because Empire shooters obtain bonuses if they don't move.






the sanctuary is the statue at the top right corner in the picture

my shooting group with the Runelord is near the lower right border, and I keep the bomber at my left, to protect and shoot.

my opponent places the warband near the top left border, and the marksman acts as "side detachment", probably to snipe my distant shooters





here we go...





Empire goes first. The marksman cannot shoot my Runelord for just one inch, so he goes for the bomber, but misses.

I move, and the shooting of my bomber kills the incautious sniper. Yeah!

(it was a bad move to place the sniper near my line. with 30" range, it should have been in the rear)







we just move closer to the objective.

the shooting of my bomber kills the crossbowman









The general gallops toward me, without support... he's bold, but he knows that I cannot match him in cc

He needs a 7 to charge at least my bomber, and he rolls a 11.

Could charge everything, but goes for the bomber (good for me).

Two successful hits, that I don't save, and the 2d3 inflicts me 4 wounds, and I save the horse's hit. The bomber is still there!

The bomber inflicts 1 wound with its counterattack!





My turn.

I activate also the helm, giving re-rolls of 1s "to hit" to all of my units.

I need to concentrate on the general... the most sensible move should be to leave the bomber in CC and shoot also with it, buffed by the Runelord, but I want to test the bombing, so i flee with the bomber and drop a bomb on the general. 1 mortal wound. meh.

The shooting of my gunners is good, but rolling to 2 saves at 5, the empire general remains with 1 wound. Not good. i regret my choice, and now I've got just one thing to do...


I Charge with the Runelord! For Grungni!





I hit once.... and the roll save is 2! The general has been killed!

With the Battleshock test, also the last handgunner flees.

The battle is basically in my hands, the only chance for my opponent (that actually controls the objective) could be to kill the copter with the outrider and diminish the number of my troop with a bolt...







...my opponent wins the roll, but fails in killing anything

I just run toward the objective with the dwarfs afoot, while the bomber kills also the outrider.








hope you enjoied it ;)

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