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Posted 21 June 2017 - 09:50 AM


Warhammer 40K: An Inspiration-Rich Environment for Artists

“Warhammer 40K is an inspiration-rich environment for artists. It depicts wars on planetary scales, superhumans, xenos, traitors, dark gods, and boasts more books, stories, history, and fluff than you could poke a stick at. For me, Warhammer 40,000 is where my love of gritty sci-fi started, and the imagery that went with the rule books, novels, and issues of White Dwarf was a big part of what drove that new obsession in an 11 year old me. I reached out to some of the brilliant minds I’ve been fortunate enough to work with or interview through GdM to ask for their favourite 40K art pieces and why.”

~ Adrian Collins, Grimdark Magazine


Artist believed to be Steve Tappin

I don’t really do ‘favourites’ or all-time top 5s or that sort of thing because it varies with my mood, so for this particular choice I have picked a piece of art that triggers something each time I look at it. There are two things about this eldar piece from the first edition of Warhammer 40,000, Rogue Trader. The first is the sense of space. So much of the gothic nature of 40K is about claustrophobia, and lots of the original art is exceptionally dense with detail. This piece is very different, a world far removed from our own. Secondly is the reminder that 40K is most definitely space fantasy, not science fiction. When I see this earliest incarnation of the eldar I remember that, despite whatever developments have been made in imagery and backgorund, they are still elves in space. It’s the wings mainly, but also the otherworldly glow of their lift pack that says star-faeries.

~ Gav

If you want to find out which pieces of artwork were chosen by the likes of Graham McNeill and Andy Hall, you can read the full article over at the Grimdark Magazine website.

If you haven’t come across Grimdark Magazine before, it “deals specifically in the grittier nature of people in futuristic or fantasy settings” and features fiction, reviews, interviews and articles (including a short story from me – The Nu Thai Screwjob – in issue 7).

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