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Gav Thorpe Blog - June 2017 € Q&a (part 1)

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Posted 15 June 2017 - 10:40 AM

Gav-Cuppa-Small-200x300.jpgThis is a compilation of questions that have been emailed and messaged to me recently. You may remember that I didn’t do a May Q&A as instead I published one specifically for the Eldar. As there are now lots of questions to catch up on, the June Q&A will come in two parts (and apologies to those who are still waiting for me to respond).

If you want to ask anything, you can post a comment here or get in touch through the contact page (and newsletter subscribers can just reply to any of my emails).

I’ve been posting Q&As for a while now, so if you’ve found this one interesting, you can look back at previous Q&As here.

Dmitry emailed via the website: I’m quite curious about one specific issue concerning Black Library’s periodic open submissions – do they consider candidates from foreign countries, i.e. non-residents of the UK and EU’s states while conducting submission windows for short stories?

As far as I am aware there are no issues with a writer’s nationality or country of working when it comes to the submissions window or working for BL. As a freelancer you are not looking for residency in the UK, which is where most work permit and visa issues arise. I’m not sure, but there may be tax forms you have to fill in to confirm you are non-resident (like the W8 from the USA) but being a UK citizen I wouldn’t know!

Best thing to do is write something awesome, submit it, and then worry about the details later 1f642.png

seer-runes-e1497521102605-230x158.jpgJeff asked on Facebook: What does a rune of Morai Heg even look like? I’ve never seen a visual representation.

I think someone else asked me for any info recently and there wasn’t anything that came to mind. My only thought is that the Farseers (in my head canon) evolved out of a cult of Morai Heg oracles, and so perhaps their rune is a more streamlined version of the original rune of the Hag Goddess.

Patrik emailed: I have a dream project of depicting the scene between Horus and Sanguinus in a diorama (large scale) and am looking for source material on this. So if you have the time, could you help point me in the right direction for:

1. What did these giants look like at this time – Sanguinus all shiny still, Horus totally creepy (yes, the old artwork is there, but not really to the level of detail a book is)?

2. Is there any depiction of this battle other than the very old and brief description in the Chaos book from the 90s?

1. Sanguinius would be in full vengeful angel mode, Horus channelling Emperor Palpatine attacking Luke at the end of Return of the Jedi. There are three pieces of art depicting the following scene; the older drawing from Adrian Smith and an updated painting by the same artist, and a newer piece by Neil Roberts. Thoughtfully they are all collected in this post on The Astronomican website (you’ll have to click the arrows to scroll through the pictures).

2. Not yet. There have been a few flash forwards / flashbacks connected to the Blood Angels, but nothing definitive.


Adrian Smith drawing of The Emperor Vs Horus

Bruce messaged me on Facebook: How likely is it for an author lets say you to continue a story arch/series left by another author? Is it possible? Is there too much red tape involved?

Authors do occasionally pick up other writers’ series – when Bill King finished on the Gotrek and Felix books Nathan Long, and then David Guymer and Josh Reynolds continued them. However, it’s very unlikely unless for a major ‘franchise’ or by personal arrangement between the authors and Black Library. For instance, Matthew Farrer is writing a second Iron Snakes novel, working with Dan Abnett as the original creator.

Conversely, it has always been my idea that other authors might contribute to the Phoenix Lords series – I certainly had interest from Guy Haley and Aaron Dembski-Bowden – but whether that will be the case remains to be seen. I may end up writing them all.

Path-of-the-Eldar-by-Gav-Thorpe-Black-LiBrendon contacted me about the Path of the Eldar: I’ve been re-reading the ‘Path’ series in the lead up to 8th Editions release, and something I was really wondering. ‘I just want to hide, to be away from all of this,’ Korlandril replied, eyes closed. ‘I am scared of what I have become’. The wish to hide is obviously what made the others believe he was to be a Striking Scorpion. How do you envision Eldar to be feeling before they join another Aspect? I suspect that perhaps they wish to flee, to run is what takes them to the Shining Spears, but what about the Fire Dragons? The Dire Avengers? The Dark Reapers?

That’s pretty much exactly what I had in mind. If we think of the Warrior Path as a means to expunge excessively powerful negative emotions, we can start to see what would drive different individuals to the various Aspects. I wouldn’t want it to be a definitive list, but some of the one’s I have considered:

Dire Avengers – Over-protectiveness.
Dark Reapers – Nihilistic destruction.
Fire Dragons – Explosive temperament – classic ‘anger issues’.
Howling Banshees – This is touched on in Jain Zar, the silent scream, of suppressed fear from abuse.

I could go on, but it’s better for people to create their own ideas too.

Inquisitor-Rule-Book-Cover-Games-WorkshoMatt asked, via Facebook: Hi Gav, I’d first like to say I’m a huge fan of your writing and work for GW. I have a couple of questions that I was wondering if you could answer. The first is, will Inquisitor ever make a comeback as a game? I never got the chance to play it when it came out and I’d love to see it return with additional classes, psychic powers, models etc. My second question relates to a short story I remember reading years ago. I think it was about the Last Chancers and had someone called Ox and some demolition woman (I think) who were defending a camp from a Tyranid attack. I can’t recall the story title or where I read it but I figured you would know if it was the Last Chancers!

I would be surprised if Inquisitor returned, although with the creation of a new Specialist Games department within Forge World, anything is possible. Maintaining the 54mm range of models is very intensive compared to Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Mordheim etc. There is a thriving Inq28 / Inquisimunda community, and if you’re interested in the 54mm scale side of things have a look at The Conclave (I have recently signed up but haven’t had a chance to post yet). As for further expansions, Inquisitor was written in such a way that it doesn’t need them – new characters obviously provide some guidance and shape for players and games masters, but the only thing that really limits what you can put in a warrior band is your modelling skills and imagination!

Regarding The Last Chancers, you may be conflating two things. There was a short story called Deliverance that had Kage and company facing the Tyranid threat, as a prequel to 13th Legion. Additionally, a squad of the Last Chancers were released for 40K over different editions, and there was a couple of pieces of ‘colour text’ stories and a battle report in White Dwarf. Ox and Demolition Woman were among the characters there – a naming convention I later ‘borrowed’ for Kill Team. I don’t recall those being about Tyranids but my memory is hazy.

Mike asked on Facebook (in response to my Reader’s Guide): I’ve shared this page so many times when people have asked in FB groups. I’m on Master of Sanctity, but I don’t get why you say Ravenwing before Angels of Darkness.

Although not chronological it allows readers to experience the mystery on Piscina and then later find out the truth.

Hand-of-Darkness-by-Gav-Thorpe-Black-LibEric asked on Facebook: I really enjoyed the Hand of Darkness audio books, will we be seeing more Ynnari stories in the future?

Yes you will…

Devon asked on Facebook: Looking forward to this book [Jain Zar]. But please tell me there will be a Drazahr one too?

Not by me, for the time being.

Richard messaged me on Facebook: Do you ever think that with primarchs coming back that either sanguinius or ferrus manus will somehow come back?

Ferrus Manus is doable but unlikely – maybe Yvraine could grow him a new head!

Sanguinius I would say no, because AFAIK there are no remains and, thematically, his death is so tied up in the nature of the Blood Angels – the Black Rage – that his return would undo much of the Chapter’s appeal.

That said, we were always told the Primarchs would never be in 40k so I might be totally wrong.

Richard added: Ah there is the rumours that someone has ferrus’s dna and he could be brought back by cawl and sanguinius back by the sanguinor. i’m torn over robutte as he creates as much hate as he does love, where as someone like corax or the khan or even leman are all more freindly

None of those dudes could rebuild the Imperium though, as much as they might be better liked. That’s why Eldrad picked Guilliman – the empire builder. But it might be interesting if some of the others come back from the EoT…

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