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Gav Thorpe Blog - Eldar Q&a € Part One

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Posted 18 May 2017 - 08:00 AM

Jain-Zar-by-Gav-Thorpe-Limited-Edition-BIt’s become customary when I have a new book out for me to blog my thoughts on putting the story together or writing on a particular subject. For the release of Jain Zar I decided to take a slightly different approach and hand over the mic (as it were) to readers across the world.

I asked people to post their (non rules-related) eldar questions over on my Facebook Page. It proved quite popular, so I’ll probably have to answer them over two blogs posts. If you missed the call for questions, don’t worry, leave a comment below and I’ll answer it as part of my normal monthly Q&A (although you might want to wait until part two has been published in case it has already been asked).

For other Q&As from the past, have a look at those I did for the Dark Elves and Dark Angels (it’s a relief that this wasn’t for Dark Eldar!).

Samantha asked: Call me crazy, but I could have sworn that back in the late 90’s when they first did the fall of Cadia, that Eldrad Ulthuan died… Did he actually have his backstory retconned to not die during that event?

During the closing events of the Eye of Terror campaign, when the 13th Black crusade of Abaddon was first introduced, Eldrad did indeed ‘die’. Or rather, his spirit stone fused with a Black Fortress and he was deemed lost. That version of events was allowed to slip into memory and the 13th Black Crusade as depicted in the Gathering Storm narrative is now the One and True Account. So, Eldrad not dead, (partially) resurrected a God of the Dead instead!

Dmitry asked: Given what we’ve seen from Yvrainne in terms of her ability to restore the dead….and given one loyalist Primarch cannot hope to hold back the tide of Angron Mortarion Fulgrim Lorgar….and the Lord of Iron Perturabo, what are the chances that the high priestess of Ynnead would venture to the Gorgons tomb……realistically it makes as much sense as anything else, and let’s be honest if one has returned so can the others.

It’s potentially possible. Nowhere near my pay grade to make that decision. In favour of it is the fact that Guilliman himself rated Ferrus Manus as one of the best allies he could have… If he wanted one of his brothers back (assuming that Sanguinius is absolutely gone, which I do) then he might bend his will to making that happen.

I can only imagine the crowing from neglected Iron Hands players if they got their Primarch back before, say, Russ or the Lion 1f600.png

Austin asked: When can we see some new Phoenix Lords? Surely leaving things locked in from 92 or 94 is unnecessary…

I don’t think we’ll see anything new anytime soon, but have a read of my interview with Jes Goodwin to see what he thinks.

Path-of-the-Eldar-by-Gav-Thorpe-Black-LiLuiz asked: Gav, will this story tie in some way with the Path of The Eldar series?

Events-wise, not really. However, readers will be familiar with one of the main characters – a certain adventurous spirit by the name of Maensith.

Miguel asked: Can we get plastic aspect warriors and plastic Phoenix Lord’s?

I’d love that, but totally out of my sphere of influence these days.

Mark-Anthony asked: How do you approach writing the Eldar pre-Fall and post-Fall? Will you write about non-Codex Phoenix Lords such as the Phoenix Lord of the Warp Spiders and the Shining Spears?

I see the Fall as a prism that splits the aeldari into the various kindreds of the eldar – the craftworlders, commoraghans, exodites, etc. Pre-fall aeldari are prone to the extremism and drama of their species without any of the checks and balances of the Path, or the existential dread of the Soul Hunger. I try not to generalise though, so someone caught up in the cults like Jain Zar (before she was Jain Zar) is quite different to an aeldari that was less tainted (like pre-Asurmen).

There is no grand plan for the series at this stage, but I certainly would prefer to cover the original Asur before a book was dedicated to one of the newer additions. For a start, we would need to work out how they fit into the cosmology of the Phoenix lords bearing in mind they weren’t among the first pupils of Asurmen. But they might show up in other ways.

Kevin commented: Man, I gotta read Asurmen, then I can buy Jain Zar! I love yer Eldar books. Path of the Warrior broke me outta my funk years ago and got me painting my own Craftworld Eldar, Arithym. So thanks for that Gav!

Yes you do! And thanks for those kind words, have fun with your craftworld.

OK, that’s it for part one. I’ll try and get part two up on the blog in the next few days.

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