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First Kow Game Coming Up, Any Tips

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#1 jouke1988


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Posted 16 May 2017 - 08:34 AM

Well, this had to happen. In my search looking for players to play with my stunty ones, I walked into a player who asked me to play a game of Kings of War. I have watched a few videos but I am still unsure what to do with an army list. We are going to play this friday and I want to bring both a 500 and a 1000 point list. In the 1000 point list I have some BrockRiders that I want to use, and of course a King. Besides that, I am still blank. Any tips on what units to take and what units not to take? I'll post a first try at the list this evening... Cheers,

#2 Dubren


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Posted 16 May 2017 - 06:02 PM

well for the 1000 points list you can use a fair few things.

Ironclads are a must, they are a solid line and will keep their ground better then most units, if you use them as a Horde they will hold the line for a good while.

Ironguard is also a good choice but be mindful that you can wield them in either a troop or a regiment 

Shieldbreakers with Blade of Slashing seem like a good way of ruining a enemies day.

I'm kind of tempted to suggest Earth Elementals but it's probably better to use them in bigger games, since it's always better to have a Stone Priest around them to make them and i'm not sure if you would have enough regiments in you army to allow a second hero.

with misile units it depends on you enemy, rifles do more piercing damage but are of course more expensive.

Just remember that misile units are mainly there to soften up a enemy unit before they go in melee or finish them off when they are severely damaged.

For warmachines the Ironbelcher Organ Gun can do a lot of damage when you hit something, same goes for the Flame belcher

While i don't dislike the regular cannon, i do like the Jarrun Bombard more since it can be used as both a mortar and a cannon.


Hope that helps, i'm not really a expert, so if a said anything wrong or inaccurate, sap me on the back of the head and point it out please.


#3 Prince Ulfar

Prince Ulfar

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Posted 19 May 2017 - 11:06 AM

I played my first game of Kings of War a couple of weeks ago, so I’m no expert, but I’d echo much of what has already been said.


Brock Riders are great. If you can try and get a side (or even better a rear) charge in with them, they are brutal. I only had enough for a unit, a regiment should work even better. I had five models, I will have 10 for my next game (I used mounted Dwarfs, they fit better with my army, than badger ridding loonies).


Iron rifles are good, as is the organ gun, but don’t expect shooting to last long. EVERYTHING moves much faster than Warhammer, and units die faster. Dwarf lines crumble too easily for my liking!


Rangers are excellent. Good at shooting (and can move and shoot) and very good in combat too.


Shieldbreakers are great IF you get the charge in, which is rare. So, I would use them to counter charge units. Expect the organ gun and rifles to die fast, and use them to put your enemy in a position so the shieldbreakers can charge them next turn.


A  King is good. Battle Standard Bearer is a must for the points, and a Berserker Lord on Brock is fun to have, and a great character killer or warmachine hunter. I think a king with wings is also entertaining, but at 1,000 you will struggle to get 3 heroes in, let alone magic items.


Ironguard will hold the line, but they aren’t great in hurting anything! Use them to lock an enemy in place for a counter or flank charge. Don’t expect them to hold long against elite units. Keep the King or BSB nearby for the re-roles on them breaking.


I’ve battle report in the Kings of war section, which includes my observations on the differences to warhammer.


Have fun, its good game, I’m just getting used it and will play more of it!

#4 jouke1988


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Posted 20 May 2017 - 05:26 AM

Ok, well I had a lot of fun yesterday. My list for a 1000 points was this: 

Berserker Brock Riders 10, with the Hammer of Measured Force (this is a mistake, because of this I did not kill that much)

Ironguard 20


Shieldbreakers 20


Rangers 10


Organ Gun




Army Standard Bearer War bow of Kaba. 



If I should change it, I would do this:


Keep in the King and ASB, take out the Warsmith and remove the bow from the ASB, I would give him the healing item.
I would also take out the Ironguard and make the Shieldguards a Horde. I would have to change some other things but these are the main things. 

#5 Ironskar


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Posted 20 May 2017 - 08:08 PM

Looks good, I always give the healing item to my ASB, so annoying for an opponent when they have finally managed to damage a unit to then heal it!  He should be sat at the back doing nothing else anyway.  I like to have a king on beast extra move etc, although the special character 'Garrek' is pretty good value too.

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