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[aos] Dwarves V Beastmen

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#1 Thrang Thunderforge

Thrang Thunderforge

    Dwarf Hammerer

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 09:54 PM

Played my first game of AoS today, and I'm quite impressed with how my stout hearted throng did!

We played around seven hundred points, armies as follows;

Dwarf Lord Frerin Thunderforge
Runic axe, no shield

Runelord Govan Thunderforge
with Anvil of Doom (no Kraggi)

10 x Hammerers
with Champion and Musician

10 x Longbeards
with Greataxes and shields, Champion/Musician/Standard

10 x Clansmen
with hand axes, shields, champion, musician and standard

My noble opponent fielded Beastmen of the most feeble and uncleanly nature;

Mr Gutrot Spume

10 x Plaguebearers

10 x Centigors

20 x Gors

3 x Minotaurs

#2 Thrang Thunderforge

Thrang Thunderforge

    Dwarf Hammerer

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Posted 15 May 2017 - 10:37 PM

We played the scenario with two objectives, so I clustered my force limpet-like to the ancient dwarven waymarker centred in my deployment zone.
The Centigors circled to the left flank, the minotaurs stomped steadily in on the right. The Gors stampeded in to the centre, but unsupported, for the filthy plague lord skulked at the back with his daemons.

The Gors charged straight into the axes of my clansmen and lord, who stood to the fore; they took down four and carved a chunk out of the lord, but thanks to the swift blades of Frerin they were all but annihilated. Those not killed fled the field, there was nothing left of the goat-faced buggers!

We regrouped, Runelord Govan swung his hammer around and cast the Rune of Missing The Sodding Anvil That's Right In Front of You. The longbeards guarding the left flank prepared to take the Centigor charge, Greatbeard Ethwing Axehandle grumbling at how long they'd had to wait for them to arrive.

Then it hit, in a fierce clatter of hooves, spears, teeth and badly rolled dice... once the dust had settled only one longbeard had been lost!

On the rightish flank the three Minotaurs roared into the dwarf lord and the remaining clansmen. For every clansman that fell, Lord Thunderforge avenged in wounds with wrath, until there was but one remaining.

Alas time fell short as the mists of Uglu fell across the battlefield, and battle was brought to an early end (the club was closing), as a final gambit Runelord Govan raised his hammer and brought it cracking down upon the Rune of Shooty Lightning. A bolt of Grimnir's wrath scorched the helmets of the bored Hammerers, between the few remaining clansmen and tore the remaining Minotaur into bits of fluff.

The bloated blight lord smirked as he strode onward, backed up by his daemons. But as the mists began to close in his smirk turned to dismay, for he had left the foetid herdstone behind, too eager to sieze the dwarven objective. But my instinct to hold fast prevailed, we still held our objective and thus won the game!

Luckily I had a good acquaintance who (metaphorically) held my hand through it all; thanks Matt!! :-)

Overall a really great game, and I got to understand how the buffs can stack up to make hard units damn near unbreakable!

#3 Pendrakk


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Posted 18 May 2017 - 01:10 AM

Glorious recount of your battle. Bravo for you. I have only used Ungrim instead of the Warden King choice, his buff is great for hammerers

#4 Kriegriss


    Young 'Un

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 02:01 AM

Ungrimm practically makes hammerers spit fire love that guy

#5 Killer Angel

Killer Angel

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Posted 13 August 2017 - 02:39 PM

Well, kudos for your solid victory!


I'm surprised my the beastmens bad performance, though.

I have seen minotaurs in action, and when they charge there's almost nothing that can stand their fury. But some bad luck upon our enemies is just a different sign of Valaya's blessing, I suppose...

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