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+ Results Of Warmup9th Age List For The Etc Warmup In Herford

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#1 Pellegrim


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Posted 08 January 2017 - 08:31 PM

Hi guys,

I am not exactly sure how it happened, but I'm going to the ETC warm-ups in Herford, Germany with 7 countrymen, by the name of Team Josse.

I'm posting my list here, for inspection :)

  • Dragon Seeker (390pts) [Great Weapon, Monster Seeker, Paired Weapons] [Rune of Fury, Rune of Might, Rune of Precision]

  • Lords of Stone (560pts) King [Army General, Shield, Shield Bearers] [Aether Loathestone, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of Might]

  • Lords of Stone (306pts) Thane [Shield] [Battle Standard Bearer] [Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Iron, Rune of Smashing]

  • Engineer (144pts) [Shield, Forge Repeater]

  • Clan Warriors (810pts) [Champion, Musician] 37x Clan Warrior [Great Weapon,Heavy Armour] Standard Bearer [Veteran] [Gleaming Icon]

  • Clan Warriors (380pts) [Musician, Standard Bearer] 20x Clan Warrior [Heavy Armour, Shield, Spear]

  • Deep Watch (557pts) [Champion, Musician] 9x Deep Watch [Plate Armour, Shield] Standard Bearer [Aether Icon]

  • Seekers (260pts) [Champion, Skirmish] 10x Seeker [Great Weapon, Paired Weapons]

  • Vengeance Seeker (120pts)

  • Steam Copters (160pts) [Attack Copter, Shrapnel Grenades]

  • Steam Copters (160pts) [Attack Copter, Shrapnel Grenades]
  • Field Artillery (320pts) [3x Crew] Catapult [Rune Crafted]
  • Field Artillery (325pts) [3x Crew] Organ Gun [Rune Crafted]

Any questions, shoot. Any remarks, shoot too!


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#2 Pellegrim


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Posted 31 March 2017 - 07:34 PM

k, little change in plans, played some more games, focussed on three units and filled the rest of the list with "support"


My concept list for ETC warm-up:

  • Dragon Seeker, Great Weapon, Monster Seeker, Paired Weapons, Rune of Fury, Rune of Might, Rune of Precision
  • King, General, Shield, Shield Bearers, Aether Loathestone, Rune of Destruction, 2x Rune of Might
  • Thane, Shield, BSB, Rune of Dragon's Breath, Rune of Iron, Rune of Smashing
  • 28 Clan Warriors, Shields, Full Command, Runic Standard of Swiftness.
  • 10 Clan Warriors, Vanguard, Shield
  • 15 Clan Marksmen, Guild-Crafted Handguns, Musician, Shields
  • 10 Miners, Pistols, Musician
  • 10 Miners, Pistols, Musician
  • 10 Seekers, Champion, Skirmish, Vanguard
  • 22 Seekers, Vanguard
  • Vengeance Seeker
  • Vengeance Seeker
  • Steam Copters
  • Organ Gun, Rune Crafted

The idea is King and Thane join shield warriors, so much punching power in staying power, with vanguardDragon Seekers goes in skirmishing Seekers, also vanguard. Then 22 Seekers as a third combat block, also vanguard. Then two ambushing miners for scoring and mobile threat. 2 Vengeance Seekers, copter and 10 shield vanguard warriors as redirectors / chaff. Guild crafted gunners and OG as rear guard, back-up fire.

I think I like how this will play, and its rather cost efficient.



#3 Shaun


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Posted 08 April 2017 - 06:40 PM

I am not familiar with 9th but the fundamentals seem much the same ... personally i would see those clansmen that arent crossbowdwarfs a.k.a quarellers as potentially wasted crossbow bolts. It is a fine list and from what little ive had time to learn of 9th (ive just recently returned to Warhammer Fantasy hobby), it is similair to WHFB and shouldnt you have a rune of spellbreaking or several? Gyrocopters (steamcopters?) are great things and you might wish to have a second at the expense of some of those Miners. Seekers are Slayers i am supposing? Be careful not to be outshot and beware Slayers lack of armour - Crossbowdwarves and Ironbreakers are my personal favourite troop types and IMO your army lacks Cannons ... but ah well - thinking up a "perfect" army list is an impossibility and i can see and appreciate the strengths of yours ... but yes please remember magic defense. Good luck in your battles.

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#4 Pellegrim


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Posted 09 April 2017 - 01:35 PM

Thanks Shaun, solid feedback. I have the Aether Icon and Loathstone, which is basically a +2 generic dispell and an auto dispell. The marksmen have the special upgrade which ignore the long range penalty, so I'll be hitting targets on 4+ with S4 ap1 attacks. Icw the runed up Organ Gun I hope to control one flank at least. My King, Thane and Dragon Seeker all threaten monsteous stuff. The Dragon Seeker is downright dirty with 7 S6 attacks at i6 and multiwound 2 versus anything monstrous. The copter are a try-out, as I am fielding a unit of 2 skirmishing copters for the first time. 8 S5 BS4 quick to fire shot can be fun to peel off some wounds, but I'm not sure about it yet.

#5 Shaun


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Posted 15 April 2017 - 05:18 PM

Ah yep, something akin to the old Master Rune of Valaya and the Rune of Warding hey? Nice 😊 Let me know how your army goes on the table dude, good luck.

#6 Pellegrim


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Posted 16 April 2017 - 12:04 PM

Sort of, but not really. The Aether Icon is a banner every army can field and grants a +2 to dispell. The Loathstone is indeed your average dispeller. 9th balance out magic in a way it's not mandatory but rather allows you to build an army around it. Except for armies like Vamprire Counts and Undying Dynasties, that will need magic to function normally.

Played my first test game versus a Saurian Ancient list with alotta those pesky shooty monsters, and three solid infantry blocks. Held it's own and the shooting didn't dissapoint!

#7 Pellegrim


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Posted 04 May 2017 - 11:36 AM

Dwarven Holds Lists ETC/Warmup 1/Herford

Nils Reinke
470 - [lexicon]King[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Plate Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Destruction[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Smashing[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon] (x2), [lexicon]Rune of Steel[/lexicon]
236 - [lexicon]Thane[/lexicon], [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon], [lexicon]Plate Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Aether Loathestone[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon]
160 - [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon], [lexicon]Plate Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Forge Repeater[/lexicon]
722 - 28x [lexicon]Greybeards[/lexicon], [lexicon]Heavy Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], M, C, S, [lexicon]War Standard[/lexicon]
140 - 3x 10 [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Heavy Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon]
557 - 19x [lexicon]Deep Watch[/lexicon], [lexicon]Plate Armour[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], M, C, S, A ether Icon
230 - 3x 10 [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], [lexicon]Pistol[/lexicon], [lexicon]Heavy Armour[/lexicon]
325 - [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon] - [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]
320 - [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon] - [lexicon]Catapult[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]
300 - 2x 2 Steam Attack

Joris van Soest Pellegrim
580 – Lord of Stone, [lexicon]King[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield Bearers[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Aether Loathestone[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Destruction[/lexicon], 2xRune of [lexicon]Might[/lexicon]
306 – Lord of Stone, [lexicon]Thane[/lexicon], [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], Rune of Dragons Breath, [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Smashing[/lexicon]
390 – [lexicon]Dragon Seeker[/lexicon], [lexicon]Monster[/lexicon] Seeker, [lexicon]Rune of Fury[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Might[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Precision[/lexicon]
538 – 28 x [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], M, C, S, [lexicon]Veteran Standard Bearer[/lexicon], Banner of Swiftness
160 – 10 x [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon]
557 – 19 x [lexicon]Deep Watch[/lexicon], M, C, S, [lexicon]Aether Icon[/lexicon]
560 – 20 x [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon], M, C
244 – 8 x [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon], [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon], C
120 – [lexicon]Vengeance Seeker[/lexicon]
300 – 2 x Attack Copters, [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon]
325 – [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]
440 – [lexicon]Clan Marksmen[/lexicon], [lexicon]Guild-Crafted Handguns[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], M

Fluffbunnies (Germany local):
Michael Wustmann
360 - [lexicon]Dragon Seeker[/lexicon], [lexicon]Monster[/lexicon] Seeker, [lexicon]Rune of Quickening[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Smashing[/lexicon]
800 - [lexicon]King[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]War Throne[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Craftsmanship[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Destruction[/lexicon], Rune of [lexicon]Dragon[/lexicon]'s Breath,
[lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Might[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of the Forge[/lexicon]
267 - [lexicon]Runic Smith[/lexicon], [lexicon]Great Weapon[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Devouring[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of the Forge[/lexicon]
920 - 30x [lexicon]Greybeards[/lexicon], Great Weapons, [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], M, S, C
222 - 11x [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], Great Weapons, [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon]
210 - 10x [lexicon]Clan Marksmen[/lexicon], Handguns
308 - 11x [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon], [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon]
270 - 10x [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], Pistols, M, C
160 - 2x [lexicon]Steam Copter[/lexicon], [lexicon]Attack Copter[/lexicon]
270 - 2x [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon], [lexicon]Cannon[/lexicon]
280 - 1x [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon], [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon]

Mathias Eriksson
260 - [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Forge Repeater[/lexicon], [lexicon]Aether Loathestone[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Retribution[/lexicon]
140 - 10x Warriors, M
140 - 10x Warriors, M
850 - 30x [lexicon]Greybeards[/lexicon], M, S, [lexicon]GW[/lexicon], [lexicon]Gleaming icon[/lexicon]
570 - 2x25 [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], M
548 - 24 [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], M
300 - 2x2 Steam Copters, [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon]
200 - [lexicon]Steam Bomber[/lexicon]
320 - [lexicon]Catapult[/lexicon], Runecrafted
300 - 10x [lexicon]Forge Wardens[/lexicon], M

Czech A:
Michal Malý
199 - [lexicon]Runic Smith[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon]
300 - [lexicon]Anvil of Power[/lexicon], Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, [lexicon]Rune of Resolve[/lexicon]
180 - 5x10 [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], [lexicon]Throwing Weapons[/lexicon], M
230 - 10x [lexicon]Clan Marksmen[/lexicon], M
230 - 2x10 [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], Pistols
300 - 2x2 Attack Copters, [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon]
200 - Steambomber
370 - 2x1 [lexicon]Grudge Buster[/lexicon]
270 - 2x [lexicon]Cannon[/lexicon]
325 - [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]

Czech PRO:
Matěj Malý
199 – [lexicon]Runic Smith[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon]
300 – [lexicon]Anvil of Power[/lexicon], Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, Rune of Cleansing
588 – 21x Grey Beards, CH, M, [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], [lexicon]Throwing Weapons[/lexicon]
544 – 18x [lexicon]Clan Marksmen[/lexicon], CH, M, [lexicon]Guild-Crafted Handguns[/lexicon]
564 – 18x [lexicon]Rangers[/lexicon], CH, M, Crossbows, Great Weapons
230 – 2x10 [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], Pistols
270 – 2x1 [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon], [lexicon]Cannon[/lexicon]
325 – [lexicon]Field Artillery[/lexicon], [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]
370 – 2x1 [lexicon]Grudge Buster[/lexicon]
120 – 2x1 [lexicon]Vengeance Seeker[/lexicon]

Paul Berclaz
164 - [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], [lexicon]forge repeater[/lexicon], [lexicon]shield[/lexicon]
300 - [lexicon]Anvil of Power[/lexicon], Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, [lexicon]Rune of Gleaming[/lexicon]
160 - [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon], [lexicon]forge repeater[/lexicon]
650 - 22 [lexicon]greybeards[/lexicon], [lexicon]shield[/lexicon], throwing weapon, M, S, C, [lexicon]gleaming icon[/lexicon]
160 - 2x10 [lexicon]Clan warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]shield[/lexicon], M
156 - 11 [lexicon]Clan warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]shield[/lexicon]
370 - 2x1 [lexicon]grudge buster[/lexicon]
120 - 1 [lexicon]vengeance seeker[/lexicon]
300 - 2x2 [lexicon]Attack Copter[/lexicon], [lexicon]skirmish[/lexicon]
250 - 3x10 [lexicon]miners[/lexicon], M, pistols
270 - 2x1 [lexicon]cannon[/lexicon]

Piotr Kuczyński
175 - [lexicon]Runesmith[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon]
300 - [lexicon]Anvil of Power[/lexicon], Rune of Storms, Rune of Shattering, [lexicon]Rune of Resolve[/lexicon]
198 - 3x11 [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Musician[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Throwing Weapons[/lexicon]
180 - 3x10 [lexicon]Clan Warriors[/lexicon], [lexicon]Musician[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon], [lexicon]Throwing Weapons[/lexicon]
300 - 2x2 Steam Attack Copters, [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon]
200 - [lexicon]Steam Bomber[/lexicon]
370 - 2x1 [lexicon]Grudge Buster[/lexicon]
250 - 2x10 [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], [lexicon]Musician[/lexicon], Pistols
270 - [lexicon]Cannon[/lexicon]
170 - 2x1 [lexicon]Flame Cannon[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]
120 - 2x1 [lexicon]Dwarf Ballista[/lexicon]

Some Fnarr
480 - [lexicon]King[/lexicon]: [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon]; Runes of Destruction, Smashing, Fury; Runes of Iron, Iron, Bronze
226 - [lexicon]Thane[/lexicon]: [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon]; [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon]; Runes of Iron, Iron
359 - [lexicon]Runic Smith[/lexicon]: [lexicon]Shield[/lexicon]; [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon]; [lexicon]Rune of Denial[/lexicon]; Runes of Resilience, Gleaming, Resolve
390 - [lexicon]Dragon Seeker[/lexicon]: [lexicon]Monster[/lexicon] Seeker; Runes of Precision, [lexicon]Might[/lexicon], Fury
300 - [lexicon]Anvil of Power[/lexicon]: Runes of Shattering, Storms, Resolve
785 - 25 Marksmen: GWs, [lexicon]FC[/lexicon], Banner of Swiftness
180 - 10 Warriors: [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], lThrowing Weapons , [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon]
160 - 10 Warriors: [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], [lexicon]Throwing Weapons[/lexicon]
230 - 10 [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon]: Pistols
150 - 5 [lexicon]Rangers[/lexicon]: Crossbows; [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon]
200 - 2 x [lexicon]Steam Bomber[/lexicon]
300 - 10 [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon]: [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon]; [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon]; [lexicon]Champion[/lexicon]
270 - 2 x [lexicon]Cannon[/lexicon]
Total: 4500

Northern Hammers (Germany local):

Thorsten Path
309 – [lexicon]Runic Smith[/lexicon], [lexicon]General[/lexicon], 2x [lexicon]Rune of Iron[/lexicon], Aether Loadstone, 2x [lexicon]Rune of Shielding[/lexicon]
340 – [lexicon]Thane[/lexicon], [lexicon]BSB[/lexicon], [lexicon]Great Weapon[/lexicon], 3x [lexicon]Rune of Shielding[/lexicon], Stalker´s Standard
400 – [lexicon]Dragon Seeker[/lexicon], [lexicon]Monster[/lexicon] Seeker, [lexicon]Rune of Precision[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Quickening[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune of Smashing[/lexicon]
140 – [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon]
140 – [lexicon]Engineer[/lexicon]
694 – 26 x [lexicon]Greybeards[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], M, C, S, [lexicon]Banner of Speed[/lexicon]
468 – 16 x Clan Marksman, [lexicon]Guild-Crafted Handguns[/lexicon], [lexicon]Shields[/lexicon], M
216 – 7 x [lexicon]Seekers[/lexicon], [lexicon]Skirmish[/lexicon], [lexicon]Vanguard[/lexicon], [lexicon]Champion[/lexicon]
120 – Vengenace Seeker
120 – Vengenace Seeker
200 – [lexicon]Steam Bomber[/lexicon]
250 – 10x [lexicon]Miners[/lexicon], Pistols, M
488 – 16x [lexicon]Rangers[/lexicon], Crossbows, Great Weapons, M
290 – [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Flaming Shot[/lexicon]
320 – [lexicon]Organ Gun[/lexicon], [lexicon]Rune Crafted[/lexicon]




Results in descending order (by victory points).

Paul @polux​ Berclaz (Team Switzerland)
16-4 vs DE (Team This is Sparta)
19-1 vs [lexicon]DL[/lexicon] (Team Czech Pro)
9-11 vs VC ( @Szaitis​ from Team Poland)
15-5 vs [lexicon]DL[/lexicon] (Team Germany)
8-12 vs [lexicon]DL[/lexicon] (Team Denmark)
14-6 vs ID (Team Memory of C.C.Capwell)
Total 81/120

@Fnarrr​ (Team Wales)
10-10 vs VC (Team Josse 4Evvah!)
5-15 vs VS (Team Pokemons Return)
6-14 vs UD (probably @corkydk​ from Team Denmark)
20-0 vs DH (Team Fluffbunnies)
17-3 vs EoS (Team Memory of C.C.Capwell)
14-6 vs VS (Team Czech A)
Total 72/120

Nils Reinke (Team Germany)
5-15 vs SE ( @Laik​ from Team Poland)
11-9 vs VC (Team Memory of C.C. Capwell)
9-11 vs WDG (Team FBJ)
13-7 vs HE (Team Switzerland)
14-6 vs ID (Team WBT)
15-5 vs HE (Team Fluffbunnies)
Total 67/120

Michal Malý (Team Czech A)
10-10 vs VS (Team Die fiesen Otternasen)
14-6 vs VC (Team Netherlands)
13-7 vs DH (Team Fluffbunnies)
8-12 vs DE (Team Czech Pro)
10-10 vs VC (Team This is Sparta)
10-10 vs KoE (Team Wales)
Total 65/120

Mathias Eriksson (Team Sweden)
10-10 vs EoS (Team Memory of C.C.Capwell)
6-14 vs WDG ( @Janus​ from Team Poland)
20-0 vs DE ( @Malda​ from Team Czech Pro)
10-10 vs [lexicon]DL[/lexicon] (Team Denmark)
11-9 vs [lexicon]Dl[/lexicon] ( @AlexCat​ from Team Pokemons Return)
4-16 vs ID (Team England)
Total 61/120

Guldur (Team Poland)
6-14 vs HE ( @Scrub​ from Team Germany)
5-15 vs [lexicon]SA[/lexicon] (Team Sweden)
6-14 vs OnG (Team Switzerland)
5-15 vs OK (Team Pokemons Return)
16-4 vs [lexicon]SA[/lexicon] ( @Ipower​ from Team England)
14-6 vs EoS (Team WBT)
Total 52/120

Thorsten Path (Team Northern Hammers)
9-11 vs OK (Team FBJ)
3-17 vs ID (Team WBT)
8-12 vs UD (Team Borderlands)
4-16 vs VC (Team Memory of C.C.Capwell)
11-9 vs DH ( @Pellegrim​ from Team Josse 4Evvah!)
5-15 vs OK (Team Netherlands)
Total 40/120

@Pellegrim​ (Team Josse 4Evvah!)
20-0 vs ID (Team Wales)
0-20 vs [lexicon]SA[/lexicon] ( @Ipower​ from Team England)
0-20 vs EoS (Team Memory of C.C. Capwell)
2-18 vs WDG (Team Borderlands)
9-11 vs DH (Team Northern Hammer)
8-12 vs [lexicon]DL[/lexicon] (Team This is Sparta)
Total 39/120

Matěj Malý (Team Czech Pro)
10-10 vs [lexicon]SA[/lexicon] (Team Borderlands)
7-13 vs VC (Team Switzerland)
1-19 vs VS (Team Sweden)
10-10 vs HE (Team Czech A)
8-12 vs ID (Team FBJ)
2-18 vs HE (Team Die fiesen Otternasen)
Total 38/120

Michael Wustmann (Team Fluffbunnies)
1-19 vs SE (Team Netherlands)
0-20 vs VS (Team Die fiesen Otternasen)
7-13 vs DH (Team Czech A)
0-20 vs DH ( @Fnarrr​ from Team Wales)
6-14 vs UD (Team Borderlands)
0-20 vs VS (Team Germany)
Total 14/120

Aaaand Team Sweden apparently runs OK instead of DH so basically there is 9/20 DH lists present.

Nope, there is error in TournyKeeper, Team Sweden runs DH according to @Malda​ (DE from Team Czech Pro) and @Janus​ (WDG from Team Poland).
Danrakh wrote:
DH results: here (click!)​

Quick overview (for what its worth):
10/20 Teams with DH
best DH general with 81/120
worst score 14/120
5 DH players with score above average (including best DH general)
out of TOP5 Teams Poland (Team 1st, DH 52/120), Switzerland (Team 3rd, DH 81/120) and Sweden (Team 4rth, DH 61/120) bring DH
@Pellegrim​ @Fnarrr​ and rest of you guys: congrats and we are waiting for detailed battlereps ;)

Updated with Team Sweden DH (TournyKeeper error)

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