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The Dwarf Kingdoms As Of 2634Ic

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Posted 23 June 2016 - 04:15 AM

Note that before I start I refer to several novels, the Storm of Chaos and the "End Times" fluff in my writing.


Also note that, while I call the events leading up to the 2634 fluff as "The Storm", still calling it "The End Times" is appropriate. It's the end of the old world as we know it, only to be replaced with a new age.



Right with that out of the way lets start with the Bad news...



#1: The World's Edge Mountains were besieged. The Holds of Karak Azul, Karak Eight Peaks and even the mighty seat of the Dwarfs, Karaz-a-Karak, are attacked by the Skaven and Greenskins en-mass. 


In the north, Zhufbar and Karak Kadrin are attacked by Skaven and Night Goblins from below and Chaos Warriors from above.


#2: Karak Azul is once again assailed by Gorfang Rutgut. As the Warboss and his Greenskins stormed the Gates, The legendary King Kazador, led a cunning flanking maneuver, that smashed the orc rear, but note before Gorfang was able to break the main dwarf line and kill Dawi by the dozens.


With a great roar, Kazador threw himself at Gorfang,


The titanic duel that ensued, is one of the greatest ever recorded. Gorfang opened with a axe swing the would have shattered any manling weapon, only to be knocked away by Kazador's warhammer. Kazador returned the favor with a swing of his own only for that to be blocked.


This went on for several more moments as each swung and blocked, back and forth.


In the end it was Gorfang who made the final mistake and thrust when he should have slashed. All he got in reward was his brains on the floors of Karak Azul.


The victory was costly however, with Kazador losing over 40 percent of his forces.


And worse yet reports came that break away elements of Clan Mors and other Skaven Warlord Clans and broken through the Ironbreakers and Irondrakes.


Knowing that the green skins would return to take advantage of their weakened state and that the Skaven would not be stopped he had a hard choice to make.


With a heavy hart, Kazador, The Legendary King of Karak Azul, sealed off the lower half of the hold, gathered the treasures of the Hold and left hoping to return at a later date.


#4: King of Zhufbar, Morgrim Ironforge, fared little better with attacks from above and below and ultimately flooding the Hold of Engineers for the Skaven would not get their paws on Dawi engineering knowledge. 


#5 The Dwarf held areas of Karak Eight Peaks are quickly overrun by Clan Mors and the Night Goblin Crooked Moon Tribe.


Forced out a Karak Eight Peaks once again, Dawi moral begins to falter, despite King Belegar's efforts. 


#6: With the fall Zhufbar, Eight Peaks and Azul, Karaz-a-Karak is swamped in a deluge of Skaven and Greenskins.


That is it for this instalment I think. More to come.








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Posted 25 June 2016 - 10:26 AM

#7: As moral drops among Belegar's Warriors upon hearing of the Fall of Azul and the Siege of Karaz-a-Karak, Belegar proposed a challenge.


If any warrior could bring him the head of Queek, he would reward them with a cask of Bugman's finest.


#8: King Kazadors forces, who were moving as fast as possible to reach Karaz-a-Karak, were constantly harassed from Goblins on their way. A wounded and angry Kazadar eventually meets with Belegar and joins forces.


#9: Meanwhile in the far north of the Empire, King Ungrim Ironfist is locked in a deadly campaign within the wilds of Ostermark.


With his traditional allies, the Ostermark State Army, being hammered by Chaos Marauders in an effort to save fleeing Kislevites, Ungrim settles on a daring plan to slay Sigvald the Magnificent and Styrkaar of the Sortsvinaer Tribe in an effort to weaken the Slaanishi forces.  






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