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Stormcast Duardin Opinions

duardin stormcast age of sigmar conversion painting

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Posted 15 May 2016 - 03:11 PM

Alright, I had an idea to make a few very minor conversions and utilize the Ironbreaker/Irondrake and Hammer/Longbeard boxes to make a Stormcast Duardin army.  In theory I could field them as either Stormcast Eternals or Dispossessed, but I would likely ultimately field them primarily as Stormcast rules-wise at least until a new release comes out for the Duardin.  These are just my two test mini's to see which paint scheme I feel works best and I'd like to get some opinions.
First, as far as conversion is concerned, really all I've done here is used the Irondrake head to imitate the "mask" feel of the Stormcast helmets.  I would consider swapping the Ironbreaker hammers for Liberator hammers seeing as I want to see if I can use the Boltstorm Crossbows with the Irondrake arms and the various Paladin weapons on Hammerer bodies.  Otherwise I plan on buying and utilizing a lot of Irondrake heads or trying to very carefully clip and trim all the hair off the Ironbreaker heads.
As far as the painting is concerned I had two thoughts.  One, paint them as though they are Stormcast and so I followed (relatively closely) the Warhammer TV video for How To Paint Stormcast and just applied it to my Ironbreaker body.  I swapped the blues for greens and opted for an Eshin Grey on the handle wraps (though it's tough to see and I'll probably pick a different color later) and otherwise did the same Retributor to Auric to Liberator highlighting scheme on the armor.  I added Leadbelcher/Runefang to break up all that gold while still being clearly metallic.  Then I looked at some of the OTHER hosts and a few of them use primarily a solid color with metallic accents (Celestial Vindicators, Anvils of the Heldenhammer, etc.) and since I like green I thought I'd try my hand at that as well.
While I like them both I feel as if the golden armour is more Stormcast-ey than the green, but without converting it to the Liberator styled hammer I don't know if that and/or a Stormcast Shield would alter it enough to read Stormcast even painted green.  So I'm here for some opinions.  Should I add the Hammer and Shield from the Liberator box to further convert the Ironbreaker into a Stormcast look?  Would the golden armour be preferable to the green?
As an aside for those who might rail against using anything other than Duardin in an army, I DO plan on also fielding an Artillery detachment of cannons and an organ gun and the old Thorek warscroll to use my (still unassembled) OLD Anvil of Doom....probably with two small units of straight Warriors to shield both the artillery and the anvil from direct melee assault.  I just love the idea of someone pounding on an anvil and firing a "magic missile" into the enemy.  Feel my runes!!!
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