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Starting To Play With Competitive Builds

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#21 supergrimey


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Posted 31 May 2016 - 02:25 AM

And more winnowing - 

Ironclad Troop

Ironclad Troop

Ironclad Horde

Shieldbreaker Horde
Earth Elemental Horde

Brock Rider Regiment w/Strength
Greater Earth Elemental


3x Bombards

ASB with Diadem

Berserker Lord/Brock/Beast Slayer

Ranger Captain w Wings

Stone Priest with Bane and Inspire


Pretty much intend to plunk the two units of shields directly in front of my Shieldbreakers. The Bombards should draw them out of their hole if they try to hide. Then it will be counter punch after a charge. The ranger captain can go after war machines and the like. Stone Priest and ASB share the inspirational responsibility. Earth Elementals and Greater Elemental provide backfield protection.


Like it, pretty close to how I run my Dwarfs.


And I agree with all of your points in this thread when looking into Dwarfs for KoW.  I have come to many of those same conclusions playing this game since release of version 2. 


Artillery too expensive for being so unreliable.  I wish we had access to cheap crappier cannons / catapults (or a bolt thrower for crying out loud), then I would actually use my war machine slots.
Flying or the lack of it to be more specific.  People complain about my flying ranger captain, but then I ask them how else they would recommend I deal with 4+ bolt throwers.

Unkillable Point Sinks well we don't really have that dragon/chimera/greenlady/etc.  that can just smack a couple of units and be more than likely to survive the game.

#22 Eric Mason

Eric Mason

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Posted 05 June 2016 - 09:39 PM

Have you considered a second unit of brocks?  I know the brock lord is there to inspire and team up with your current unit, but a second unit would make your mobile contingent harder to shut down, and hit that much harder.


What about a heavy ranger contingent?   Speed, vanguard, shooting, crushing strength, and pathfinder, allow for pressuring the enemy earlier in the game.  Few other armies have such versatile vanguarding units available as both troops and regiments.  (I've got a plethora of dwarfs with great weapons from 8th edition, so I'm working on getting crossbows to glue to their backs, and adding a couple dwarfs with crossbows equipped to make additional ranger units.)

#23 jtrowell


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Posted 13 June 2016 - 01:41 PM

Remember that the bombard can fire indirectly (but is not forced too) and also has a longer range when they do than usual.
This means that you can easily put one in a corner, or even behing your front battle line.
In this last case, you won't be able to see above the head of the infantry at other height 1 units, but you will still be able to see bigger targets like cavalry, large infantry and monsters (and indirect will make you ignore cover)
So a bombard battery can be easily hidden from most light threath while they make a barrage on high prioity targets like big monsters and the like.
If you can manage to keep them alive long enough, you will get to do some impressive damage, especially if you get a lucky turn or two with 2+ hits.

#24 Montegue


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Posted 13 June 2016 - 07:03 PM

I think that's the primary reason the bombard is the best artillery unit for an all comers list. It's application against alternative unit types is clear across scenarios, terrain, etc. 

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