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Strollaz Versus 9Th Mobile Dwarf Lists (0.6 Beta)

9th age 9th strollaz vanguard

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#1 Pellegrim


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Posted 16 September 2015 - 08:45 PM

Hi guys,


Please see a preliminary sketch on how our "traditional" Strollaz lists translate to the new option we have gotten in the 0.6 Beta version of The 9th Age. 


Former Strollaz lists in a nutshell (thnx Ozariig):

  • A block of Longbeards get Strollaz and fills out your core points
  • A block of Hammerers gets Strollaz and another rune to satisfy Rule of Pride, e.g. Slowness
  • Grungni and Strollaz on the BSB, to give Strollaz to one more unit of your choice
  • As many Gyrocopters with Vanguard as you can take
  • Plus a couple of 5-Ranger units to help guard your Vanguard moves

9th Mobile list, CONCEPT 0.1

  • 28 Scouting Great Veterans, fc., with the new tanky & killy Lord (with Scout), 666 points
  • 28 Scouting Shield Veterans, fc, 422 points 35 ambushing great warrios (miners), fc., 415
  • 28 Scouting Shield Guards, fc., with Runic Smith (with Scout and 4+ WS) 560 points - these guys will march 9" in turn one and attempt a magical 6" move from the Smith
  • 25 Vanguarding Deathseekers, 250 points
  • 25 Vanguarding Deathseekers, 250 points
  • 25 Vanguarding Deathseekers, 250 points OR 1 Copter burner and 2 Copter bombers

This means, that we can now bring any number of unit's, in any format / kit / gear we like, to the enemies half of the board, including 3 good-sized, unbreakable, swift-striding blocks of slayers EH Deathseekers. This means we can configure what we want to bring the the enemy, and we do not depend on unit's with runic-banner allowance of expensive BSB's. We still have access to Stubborn through Smith and the Anvil, if we really want that, but since three units are unbreakable to start with, that might not be worth it. Our mobile aggression has expanded to a level that we can think about how to corner the enemy. These are just my first sketches of a new mobile army, and I welcome the experts to give it a shot, there are many more options like using copters, etc. 





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#2 kgkid


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Posted 16 September 2015 - 09:08 PM

The Rune of Kinship, as written would give your Character Scout rule. He could then join Scouting unit. He would not confer the Scout Rule to his non-Scouting unit.


Guards do not have Scout option.

Only one Veteran unit could take Scout.


One Unit could become Ambushing.


The best you could take would be:


1x Scoutnig unit

1x Ambushing Unit

3x Vanguarding Deathseekers

Allowing more Scouts/Ambush Units, would be great. Since they are in core it is hardly going to happen, unless some restriction is made (like not counting toward Core). JMHO

#3 Pellegrim


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Posted 16 September 2015 - 09:18 PM

Glad you are our dwarf rep. for 9th :)




Made the changes above .... 

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