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9th age 9th army list list

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#1 Pellegrim


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Posted 16 September 2015 - 07:57 PM

System: The 9th Age (army: Dwarven Holds)

Version: Beta 0.6


Type: Plain infantry-heavy list with runic and artillery support - try out to get a feel with our new infantry

Not used: Copters, Oathbreakers, Scouts, Ambushers

Lord - 302 pts
Gear: shield, plate armour, 2 x Rune of Might, Rune of destruction, 3 x Rune of shielding, Palanquin (bearers)
Specs: 4 S6 attacks with D3 wounds each. 1+ armour save to the flanks, 1+ armour save up front, 4+ ward save, -1 to-be-hit due to parry, W4, 1 S4 impact hit, +1S on the charge, hatred for the whole army versus one enemy unit.
This dwarf hit's like an anvil: 4 S6 D3-wound attacks. 

Runic scribe - 147
Gear: shield, plate armour, Rune of Spell-Disrupting, 2 x Rune of shielding.
Specs: Can eat a spell, 3+ armour save to the flanks, 2+ armour save up front, 5+ ward save, -1 to-be-hit due to parry, 1 S4 impact hit, +1S on the charge, Can cast "reroll AS / extra 6" move / Stubborn" on its unit, has MR1.
I think I'll run him in my shield-veterans, they'll become the ultimate tarpit, with possible rerollable armour saves, while hitting with S4 AP1

25 Dwarf shield veterans - 354
Gear: shield, heavy armour, throwing weapons
Specs: 4+ armour save to the flanks, 3+ armour save up front, -1 to-be-hit due to parry, 1 S4 impact hit, +1S on the charge, two quick-to-fire missile attacks that hit on 3+ 4+/5+ when charged.
Tarpit, fighting at a 3+ AS, throwing out 24 attacks when charged. When joined by a smith they punch S4 AP1 attacks or S5 AP1 attack when they charge, or they can reroll armour saves. 

26 Dwarf great veterans - 344
Gear: great weapon, heavy armour
Specs: your standard S6 hitting veteran unit, +1S on the charge
Vulnerable unit, will draw alot of attention. Which is good news for the other units. 

20 Forge Fathers - 330
Gear: plate armour, Drake-raker
Specs: 4+ armour save, +1S on the charge, fires S5 AP1 quick-to-fire shots at BS4. 

Park these mothers fathers in front of your biggest threat and just move and shoot. Don't use them as a flank guard! Center them and use them to get rid of any big threat, cav, chariots, monsters, big heavy units: they all fall to the drake gun. 

25 Honor Guards - 350
Gear: plate armour, shield,
Specs: 2 S4 attacks each (S5 on the charge), 3+ armour save, 2+ to the front,, -1 to-be-hit due to parry, 1 S4 impact hit, triple marching speed (9")
Ultimate biting tarpit. If you get them to charge, you have 18 S5 attacks and 6 impact hits, if they get charged, enemies face a 2+ AS unit that provides a -1 to-be-hit. Amazing. I chose them over hammerers - I never did that before. Pack a scribe with them, and this unit can very well become invincible due to rerollable armour saves. 

Runeforging Anvil - 150
Gear: crew with SW5, great weapons and plate mail
Specs: 5+ ward save, T7 and W3. Can cast "reroll AS / extra 6" move / Stubborn" on unit's within 24".
Will spice up my shielded unit AND/OR provide welcome movement AND/OR stubborn. Calculations show that, when facing a level 4 enemy wizard, Dwarfs get 1 spell off  per turn, on average (slightly more), if taking a Anvil and Scribe. 

2 Dwarf runed Volley Canons - 280
What can I say? 2 X 2D6X2 S5 AP1 shots that have +1 to-wound and 30" reach. That's 28 S5 AP1 +1-to-wound shot per round.

1 Dwarf runed Fire Canon - 140
Fires a 3" template up to 15" away, that then moves D6 over a unit, hitting with S5 and D3 wounds.



Game plan: move up 9", clearing chaff and/or cav with shooting, empower unit's with the smith and anvil, charge!!!!!!

  • Ways to hurt the enemy's strong stuff:
    • Volley guns (28 S5 AP shots at +1 to wound)
    • Forge Fathers (20 S5 AP shots) "the expandables"
    • Great Veterans (12 S6/7 attacks) "the bag men"
    • Lord (4 S6 D3-wounds attacks)
  • Biting tarpits
    • Shield vet's (4+/3+ AS, -1 to-be-hit, S4/5 attacks) "the replacements"
    • Shield guards (3+/2+ AS, -1 to-be-hit, 2 S4/5 attacks) "the machine"


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#2 kgkid


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Posted 16 September 2015 - 08:39 PM

Those 2 Stand and Shoot S3 attacks would hit on 4+/5+ I guess.


No penalty for S&S.

Penalty for Long Range -1

Penalty for Multiple Shots -1 


Interesting list!

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