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Glynns Dwarf Treasure Hunter Guide - More Models Less Shiny

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Glynns Dwarf Treasure Hunter Guide



Hey guys and gals! About a year ago when I first started hobbying I had the pleasure of starting with mordheim, it was the best of fun and I seemed to be pretty good at it! When participating in the Mordheim campaign at my local GW store  I had great success with my little stunties so I thought it would be worth giving a bit of a run down of the set up and the general idea behind the warband as there can never be enough guides! And I feel like my play style is a bit different to what I've read.

Contents (order of information)
- Where to get models from

- Pros and cons

- Actual build

- Justification

- Tactics

- Skill builds

- Summery

Buying Models

This was a point of contention for me, I'm a real cheapskate so finding models for the best price was hard, I found the cheapest way to cover everyone other than the slayers was the dwarf warrior box from GW and either raiding your box at the local store or using eBay to buy some crossbows and such.


As far as the slayers go I just got the gw dragon slayers and used them (edited the bases) but I only did that because I like the models and tbh it looks dumb having both of them in the same pose. I would think of getting the "I swear too much" metal slayers from gw to get a good amount for a better price, greenstuff them yourself if you are feeling ballsy or just proxy other things as them by renaming the hero to something else as long as everyone is fine with it.


Another option now could be the avatars of war berserkers and getting creative with some GreenStuff chainmail, that way you cover every unit.


EBay should always be your first option just because you can find such crazy deals.


The first thing that turns people off the dwarves is usually because in Mordheim Armour sucks and movement is important, since the dwarves move slow and one of their advantages is the cheap Gromrill Armour this is an Issue. A common trap that I've found people fall into is buying that god forsaken Gromril at the start of the game in bulk and having like two people warbands (bit over the top but you get the idea). DON'T DO THAT, every second item in Mordheim makes a mess of Armour and with the gold spent you could just get another body that gives you a 100% save since you can use it as cannon fodder. The movement is a bit annoying and it can be devastating if on the wound chart a hero loses movement points but as long as you are careful about deployment you should be fine, it also matters very little if you are defending since most Mordheim games will have clutter and you can just hold choke-points. It should also be noted that dwarves have a teeny tiny warband size and you pretty much have to get the halfing scout to compensate but you'll be rolling in cash (see below) by the time you need him. Speaking of cash dwarves are EXPENSIVE all that gold and expensive ale really makes it hard to get the ball rolling at the start of the game.

The best thing about dwarves is their over powered racial traits, Hard to kill is probably the BEST thing in the game, it makes it twice as hard to kill these stubborn little drunks a 1/6 chance rather than 1/3 is brilliant. The plus one Wyrdstone and the resource hunter skill is a wiz bang combo (it has been deemed the 'Phat stacks' combo) and you'll find that the dwarves quickly get very wealthy from the op same number rolls and extra wyrdstone, I found that this makes it not so important that they lack the max list of heroes (should probably put that in cons) and I completely forgot I didn't have 5 at the start. The dwarves also have solid stats, the leadership is an obvious one and I am yet to fail a test, that plus the extra toughness on beardlings makes them that little bit harder to take down. The dwarf axe is probably the only thing I'd start of with that is specific for dwarves, the parry is helpful but id only give it to one hero that you expect to throw down a lot and i like the idea of having a dwarf axe cause it looks pretty. The engi giving range weapons extra range can make your quarrelers pretty insane and I had one really successful game with one of them where the extra range actually won me the match. All and all the dwarves are a solid choice and were probably one of the most successful warbands in the campaign I took part in

Build (starting)
Should be noted that all these stunties have daggers but they are free so there is no need to mark it as far as I'm concerned

Dwarf axe

Pistol Brace


Slayer #1
2h Hammer (optional crit rules make you specify if it's a hammer sword or axe. I think the bludgeoning weapons are better but axe works too if you want to be more authentic)

Slayer #2
Dwarf axe

Beard force one (BEARDLINGS) x4
Hammer x2

Thunderbeards (QUARRELERS) x1
Cross Bow

That should be 500 coins on the dot I think (I'm running off memory here so cut me some slack if it's off ill edit it or whatever)


So as you can see I went quantity over quality. This is because in Mordheim it is important to have map control and you really can't run a viable warband with like 5 guys with heaps of gear because they will just get out diced and it's no fun knowing you are going to loose the first few games. It was tempting to get clansmen over the beardlings but they were to expensive for me.


The four beardlings provide enough support for my heroes if the get in a sticky situation and are replaceable pretty easily so I can loose one or two and not mind so much. The one quarreler is questionable, It may have been better to skimp on the brace of pistols and the dwarf axes/2h weapon to get an extra one but the pistols do come in handy and I had to have at least one dwarf axe just because they sound cool, the 2h weapon I got partially because I foam over big dwarf weapons (I can't say that in a non dirty way) and if there is a big enemy that needs to be taken down the extra strength is helpful.

After the initial games I get another quarreler just for them to take a side each then max out my beardlings and cross my fingers until i get a this lads got talent roll. once i reach the max size for my warband (12) I get a halfing scout then the next unit will depend on who the next strongest band is and what I feel needs bolstering (range or HTH).

My quarrelers block off an area each to try and kill off some weaker foes before they get to me while my warband is defending or if they are advancing to attack/taking objectives the quarrelers just prop up on a building and take pot shots until they either die or the game ends If they can't hit anyone I'll just slowly move them more towards choke points or to cover open areas to box an enemy in. Good placement of these two crossbows can make it a pain to cross even the tightest bit of open space for the bad man.

Then the beardlings will take the brunt of ranged fire and move up into choke points and take the objectives with my lord and engi near by, the engi will generally go towards the more open area to make use of his pistols and the op shooting skills I give him (I use him as ranged because he is too important to lose In HTH with that bonus ranged perk). When they all get into position my beardlings will be in range to intercept charges on my lord/engi and hide from shooting as much as possible.


My slayers are hard to place, they generally just split off with the groups but are the most likely members to go astray as I want them to get the most xp because of their death-wish and slayer skills and the profile fits well if I'm in a role-play mood, the 2h slayer will go to whatever side the most well armored enemy is and if there isn't one they will often go together to hunt heroes if I see an opportunity or they will just hide and provide support for each group when needed.

It's SUPER important with dwarves to make sure you deploy tactically, because of their low movement you really need to get your neck-beard on and pick your spots carefully to avoid loosing movement, they should be okay to take a shot or two in the open because of hard to kill but I'd avoid it whenever possible just as much as with other warbands.


If you are defending just castle an area or choke points, this is where the dwarves shine, a line of dwarves is pretty hard to break through, the only thing to be careful of is losing the heroes, just keep a dwarf or two at the ready to reinforce when you need to.

As the games go on you can change the beardlings to clansmen or whatever for the extra stats and hire whatever mercenaries (hired swords) you think you'll need. Again don't buy the Armour until you have a full roster and at least hammers for everyone, it should be used as an extra not be put before anything else.

Once you get about 6 or so games in this warband is very hard to beat and even if you loose you can replace most anything with the money you have hoarded.


When running it at the GW store I played against all manner of warbands and I didn't lose one game, the hard to kill and leadership is just too strong. In contrast another person played dwarves the polar opposite to me with 5 people that had crazy good gear and they didn't do very well (they also are much better at Warhammer than me so this was surprising).

Skill builds
Get resource hunter on at least two heroes early, it helps replace beardlings and slowly get more troops up.


My lord Id probably build to HTH, its easier to kill in HTH and you will want him near your troops just in case a leadership test goes bad for the beardlings.


The engi as said earlier go shooting, he does start with a higher WS but his ranged bonus is invaluable and losing him early can be devastating.


The 2h slayer obviously get the strongman first then just go towards HTH with both of them whatever you feel is necessary depending on how you've been going and the enemies you'll face, another good one is to get the sprint and leap combo for big charges on them (big for dwarves that is) but only do this if you are finding a lot of openings for charges on heroes and if you have trouble holding lines or are getting overwhelmed so they can run to the aid of the throng.


As far as the 5th hero goes it will depend on who levels up, you could run a hybrid ranged/HTH which is what your engi will probably end up as also but it really is up to you.

So the MAIN POINTS are, get as many units as you can and don't bother with the cheap Armour and such because it costs too much and can be canceled out super easy. Deploy tactically to make the most of what little movement you have. Make use of resource hunter and you should be rolling in cash. All and all the dwarves are a strong bet and will steamroll to victory if you give them time, if you follow this or at least use it as a guide you won't fall short (I had to I'm sorry).

Sorry if the guide jumps around a bit and I probably repeated myself a lot but this is the first guide I've done!
CC is welcome of course
Bare in mind I can see the appeal of having small but powerful warband (again the puns) but I don't think it is as fun or as strong.

Enjoy :thumbup:


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