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How Are Dwarfs Looking With The New Rules/abilities?

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 07:30 PM


Apologies for the derailment of the thread. 


That is quite alright! Not sure what I wanted to get out of this thread, I just made it because I thought a lot of people might just wanna talk themselves off because of all the drastic changes lately and so forth. There is no derailing this thread! Anything can be discussed that is related to Age of Sigmar & AoS Dwarfs :).

#62 Fanghawk


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Posted 07 July 2015 - 07:40 PM

@Monty and co. (Regarding the topic of Greenskins getting this re-rollable)


Possibly, and here is me partly wish-listing, seeing as they are handing out the warscrolls for free, electronically, they will be able to update them based on player feedback? 


That being said, MAYBE, depending on if they do or don't release formations, campaign narratives and the like etc. MAYBE they can even add point values if they notice the community is asking for it.


I doubt, well certainly hope not, (I haven't been around long enough to judge) that GW is ludicrous enough to release a broken game without the intention of fixing it/releasing things that patch it up in the future. 


I think they might have released AoS in order to get something out, show the folks that something 'big' is coming in the hopes to get peoples attention, which arguably it has, and then pump out things.


But this can just be me being the ever optimistic and naive beardling... Time will tell.

My take from what the GW rep reportedly said is that these warscrolls for the existing armies are just filler until the completely revamped races and armies for AoS come out. The rep apparently even stated that the nonsense rules in the warscrolls were intentional so that the old armies would be discouraged from being played in public (as opposed to just adding flavor as I'd originally assumed).  I would be incredibly (though pleasantly) surprised if we see any changes to these warscrolls in the future or any additional expenditure of resources on the part of GW to enhance the usability/playability of existing miniatures and Old World armies.  AoS may yet turn out to be a simple to learn/hard to master strategy game coup that sets the standard for fantasy miniature wargaming for years to come. I just don't think our old miniatures are going to have a place in that future.

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Posted 07 July 2015 - 08:13 PM

You can only flee or remain still as soon as you are within 3" of an enemy unit. So, we could retreat. I don't see a restriction on using our bombs on another unit if we fly over them while fleeing from the enemy, though. 


There is nothing to say a retreat has to be away from an enemy, just that it must end 3" away from any enemy unit.  Nothing to stop a gyro retreating over the unit it was engaged with, and dropping bombs as it does so....

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