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Tips For Fighting Chaos/lizardmen? [Beginner] (And General Tips For Dwarfs!)

begginer help needed & appreciated thanks for reading!; warriors of chaos lizardmen

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#1 Titaniumbeard


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Posted 19 June 2015 - 02:32 AM

Hey fellow dwarfs! Questions from a beginner dwarf player with very little overall Warhammer experience (due to mainly disliking RNG a lot but lately finding it more & more fun due to the chaotic nature of it all). I've recently purchased a 5000 point (un-upgraded) dwarf army on the Swedish version of Ebay (was dirt cheap) mainly because I like Dwarfs as a fantasy race & they look great on the shelf, but of course wanting to play some as well is a playing factor. However being a novice & knowing very little how they perform I was wondering if I could get some " good to know things " and especially advice how to beat Warriors of Chaos & Lizardmen?


My brother has played Warhammer since he was 11-12 and today he's 25 & I'm 19 so he has way more experience on this than me & his main team is Lizardmen however I have a 2000 point chaos army as well (I like the models) which he's borrowing for now while he's at my place which leads to Dwarfs Vs WoC. I've played a 600 point fight (I know it's stupidly low, was just to get an understanding of rules though ^^) against him & triumphed with an organ gun with rune of reforging/20x shieldbeards FC and a thane with great weapon/first strike rune vs his 12x WoC with some marks of nurgle(I think it's called?) and then marauders with frenzy + a exalted hero.


Today however we played a 1000 point army with no lords & I ran 20x hammerers and 1x organ gun with rune of reforging and the self destruct rune + 2x thanes with shield and with them I ran the slow rune (2) to stop his 5x knight cavalry from charging & the normal banner I ran 1+ extra combat resolve. His total army this game was 1 exalted hero/12 WoC and 5x knights/20 marauders (all with mark of nurgle or something) and he just decimated me. I rolled really poorly & I was lacking 200-ish points (which would of helped a lot) plus didn't really know what I was doing but it felt way to devastating to be fair. What did I do wrong? Was it bad running hammerers in this situation & what about the runes/banner choices? 


Please share all good to know "dwarf information" that you know or think I could find useful & also good tactics how to defeat his filthy Lizardmen or Warriors of Chaos (Especially warriors of chaos atm). Also please use full names of runes/stuff in general since I don't know a lot of the "short terms" like "WoC" for an example. Also if you know other good beginner posts/tutorials please share and explain why they're good ^^. 




As many tips as you can share for a beginning dwarf in as easy/basic language as possible ;D!

Good strategies & all around usefulness. 

Tips vs Warriors of Chaos.

Tips Vs Lizardmen.

Bad runes/units and stuff to avoid if you dislike losing immensly!

Best ways to eliminate RNG as much as possible!

Tips for writing army lists & knowing what is good in certain situations.

Potentially other well written Dwarf guides. 


Best regards, a novice beardling looking for some wisdom from the dwarfs of legend on Bugmans Brewery!  :chris:

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#2 Feldeghast


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Posted 19 June 2015 - 08:27 AM

I play v warriors quite a bit both fun and in tournament play - they are one of the hardest armies out there in this edition. Dwarves certainly do have weapons to hurt them however.

Development of your army list is one thing and how you use it quite another. Warriors will generally outmanoeuvre you, outfight you (in a level fight) and test you in the magic phase. They are one of the harder armies to fight in close combat and its right that they are - so you need to level the fight by playing to your army strengths, (shooting and hard to shift troops). Although you got battered above he hasn't brought the nastier stuff that chaos can bring, although mark of Nurgle is tough (skullcrushers, core chariots, Chimera, Hellcannon) so if you think he will bring a similar list, play to your advantage.


You would probably do better to post your full list so it can be critiqued - it seems a little short on points, have I read it right that you didn't spend 200pts?? If so, you cant play warriors without making full use of your points. From the list above you're really only playing numerically one close combat unit (hammerers) v 3 (marauders, knights, warriors) as good as hammerers are they wont win that. Id probably go with a second (preferably stubborn) close combat Unit rather than both Thanes if it comes down to that choice.


Target priority with the organ gun is key - Common sense but use it to thin the unit you feel you will struggle with most. Id probably focus on the warriors for these reasons - even your elites are hitting them on 5's (Nurgle), they can kill quite a few hammerers before we even get to swing, marauders will have a lower WS than our elites, the knights while hard to kill will not break steadfast quickly but if he leads them well ahead of his blocks I'd be tempted for an Organ gun volley as it could reduce them entirely if you roll well enough.  


Runes that are useful - stoicism (on non stubborn troops) so you can grind against their combat units, Ro accuracy on the organ gun, if you have the points perhaps a slowness rune on hammerers to give you another turn shooting or possibly get a charge off. I see he has no magic - if he had you will need a Runesmith with a spellbreaker minimum.

As for tips writing lists - its a little like an arms race v your opponent. You react to him, he then counters with his next list, you react thus. Its part of the fun. When you improve go to a few tournaments, they will strenuously test your list against a variety of opponents.

#3 Ozariig


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Posted 19 June 2015 - 09:21 AM

Good advice from Feldeghast.

If you're looking for lots of detail, you ought to check out the Bugman's School of Battle V2 subforum. Highlights include:

  • Army list theory (link also in my signature)
  • The 8th Edition Dwarf Handbook (includes ratings of army list choices and runes)
  • The Monty Mash tactica (A good example of a well-balanced Dwarf strategy)
  • Organ Gun rune stats (spoiler: Rune of Accuracy and Master Engineer are great with Organ Guns)

#4 Titaniumbeard


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Posted 20 June 2015 - 03:09 PM

Thanks for both replies! Is there anything more useful to know other than those posts/your information here? :)

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: begginer, help needed & appreciated, thanks for reading!;, warriors of chaos, lizardmen

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