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2400Pt Tournament Reports

tournament 2400 strollaz

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#1 Cuthbo


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Posted 01 June 2015 - 10:31 AM

So me and my very small gaming group (my brother and my buddy James) went to a fantastic tournament in Essex. It was 5 rounds. The comp was kinda custom but really didn't affect the tournament very much. End Times characters and junk allowed but normal magic and rules otherwise. 


Here was my list:


General Thori's Forlorn Hope (2400pts)


+ Heroes +


General Thori

Runesmith [Shield]

Fiery Ring of Thori, Rune of Spellbreaking, Rune of Stone, Rune of the Furnace



Mad Joe

Runesmith [Shield]

Rune of Spellbreakingx2, Rune of Stone



Lord Grey

Thane [Great Weapon]

Battle Standard Bearer [Master Rune of Grugni, Strollaz' Rune]



+ Core +


Mad Joe's Old Boys

29 x Longbeards w/Great Weapons [Full Command]

[Rune of Stoicism]



The 95th Rifles

10 x Thunderers w/Shields



+ Special +


"Big Bertha"

Cannon [Rune of Burning, Rune of Forging]



"Little John"

Cannon [Rune of Forging]



The Experimental Steam Contraption

Gyrocopter [Steam Gun]



The Royal Guard

25 x Hammerers [Full Command]

[Rune of Sanctuary, Strollaz' Rune]



The Slayers

24 x Slayers [Standard Bearer]

[Strollaz' Rune]



+ Rare +


Alebelly's Rangers

16 x Rangers



(here are pics of the army: http://www.bugmansbr...urnament-army/)





First opponent was super nice and friendly and really good at the game. He took 2 Slann Mages, a skinky wizard, big block of super tough lizards, loads of skinks, flying things. 


His army was incredibly beautiful too!


IMG 20150530 104453
IMG 20150530 105952

I deployed on the right flank, he deployed on the other side. It was satisfying to surprise him with Strollaz and my guys were all up in his grill turn 1. But he managed to back off a bit. My rangers also surprised him on turn 2 by making a really long (14") charge into the flank of his huge lizard horde. They tried to kill his fat Slann general but failed and bounced off. 


The rest of the game was basically him schooling me in tactics, magic and combat. 


LOSS: 5-15




Second guy (watch tower scenario) was really nice too and actually helped me a lot during the game with rules and tactics (he basically moved my Gyrocopter for me into the best positions as I wasn't too smart with it). 


Again, gorgeous army. 


20150530 153124
IMG 20150530 135543

I surprised him again with Strollaz ("woah what the hell, dwarfs in my face on turn 1!?")


But he had this deamon guy who could choose pretty much any spells in the game (8 I think!) and took Dwellers, Transmogrification, Purple Sun and some other really horrible spells. Even so I ravaged him in combat and managed to shrug off all his worst spells all game (basically I had to let him cast all his other spells and wait to repel those game-ending ones). 


Right at the end he got Dwellers off on my Hammerers and killed the General and half the unit. He also landed his demon on the watchtower (a hill in this game) and won an extra 500 points. He was a far better player than me and deserved to win way bigger.


LOSS: 9-11




This chap was also damned nice and friendly. He was taking almost identical list to my brother (Black Knight Bus) and so I felt confident (of losing, as I always do against Vampires heehee). 


The dice were against me so badly that Jack felt a little bad about it. I basically couldn't kill a zombie all game. Failed every single double-leadership 9 roll. Cannons exploded. It was a bloodbath. needless to say:


LOSS: 0-20




Also a great, friendly guy! This game was actually not that great and over extremely quickly. We were both hungover. Never played Brettonians before but they are really quite terrible. Ended around turn 3 with a complete massacre, barely any dead dwarfs and not a man alive. I didn't do anything clever (infact my tactics stank, as always) and he did everything right. He didn't get unlucky either...Brettonians just seem really bad. His entire army (3 huge units of cavalry with about 8 characters, buffed by magic) charged my single unit of hammerers. They basically bounced off. Check it out:


IMG 20150531 115416


WIN: 20-0




What a legend. Barry had brought the fluffiest, softest army in the tournament. I mean, they had to cap his PLUS comp at 10. Great, friendly guy. Cool, old models. 


This was easily the best game in the tournament. Turn 1, my guys strollaz and march right up to his lines. Zero tactics. But it was funny as hell - his guys all charged my slayers. Giant, 40 Savage orcs, 25 Black orcs. All at the Slayers. He then did FOOT OF GORK. It stomped 3 times. All big hits on my units. By the time it was done, there were 4 Hammerers left, 10 Longbeards. 


IMG 20150531 150337


Then his Giant started bawling and yelling, preventing the Slayers from being killed!


IMG 20150531 152535


My cannons failed to hit anything all tournament and this game was no exception. 


The slayers were finally wiped out and from then on it was just a matter of time. I tried my best to come back but....I failed about 3 Leadership 9/10 tests and most of my guys ran. It was a funny game with lots of ups and downs. Basically, even getting stomped by orcs is fun!


LOSS: 0-20

All in all my first tournament was a really fun experience. I think I came near the bottom of 34 players - perhaps even 34th. All 3 of us did quite badly but it was good to see all the fantastic armies and learn some useful tips and tricks from experienced players. I actually think I might stick with my current list for a while. I like it a lot and feel it has more to offer!

#2 Krudd Kraggsson

Krudd Kraggsson

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Posted 02 June 2015 - 01:21 AM

Always great to hear about an enjoyable tournament experience.

I think if you increased the size of your combat blocks you would see a notable improvement. They are much more likely to survive games and therefore deny the enemy points, as well as being more combat effective.

And its easy to be a good daemons player when you have kairos fateweaver in your list. That guy it a total "I swear too much" to play against!

#3 Cuthbo


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Posted 02 June 2015 - 10:59 AM

Thanks Krudd - I may try that with the combat blocks (could lose the thunderers and increase Longbeards to Deathstar levels!). I had no idea what to expect at a tournament so I was very pleasantly surprised by the friendly atmosphere :)

#4 Gandulag


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 08:35 PM

Glad to hear you had fun Cuthbo! I enjoyed your mini reports of each battle and think the pictures are a great addition - I'll try and add some my next bat-rep, seems to add a whole new dimension! Rough, getting stomped by a large stinky foot is never fun. I can't give an abundance of tactical insight as I'm still a beardling, but how did you find it was, fielding a large unit of slayers. The models are too cool and I'm thinking of painting up and fielding my own!

#5 Cuthbo


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Posted 03 June 2015 - 09:20 PM

Thanks Gandulag!


The Slayers were great. They died - all of them - in every game (apart from the Brettonian one). But they were easily the funnest thing in the army. Because even when you are getting the hell kicked out of you, those guys always got their attacks back (in death blow).


I won't leave home without them ;)

#6 Nihmwit


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 03:36 PM

Bretonnians are definitely a tougher army to play, but I wouldn't judge them by that game alone.  I've seen them mince dwarves; they have a nasty habit of running super-killy lords with Heroic Killing Blow.

#7 Cuthbo


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Posted 06 June 2015 - 11:37 PM

Weirdly he had that killing blow lord - but I had very few characters to kill ;)


I genuinely felt sorry for the bret player. His entire army, 8 characters and 40 cavalry, couldn't shift 20 dwarfs, sad :(

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