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2000Pts Dwarves & Empire Vs Skaven

skaven empire dwarves 2000pts

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#1 Baratheon


    Young 'Un

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Posted 04 March 2015 - 07:30 AM

Hi! I have a game today with two friends, an Empire player who is my ally and a Skaven player who we are fighting.

Me and the Empire have 1000pts each and then the Skaven has 2000pts.


Here is my list:




RoSpellbreaking, MRoBalance




BSB w/ Master rune of Grugni




Longbeards 20x

Full Command



Quarrelers 16x








Steam Gun


For now, I think both characters go into the longbeards but I'm not sure. At least the BSB does


The Empire list will be something like this


Captain/General on Horse


Master Engineer


40x Halberdiers 

w/ 10x Handgunners as detachment


3x Demigrypgh knights


2x Great Cannons


The Idea is that we'll outshoot his warp-artillery with our cannons and force him to come to us.

The Halberdiers and the Quarrelers will be inside the Longbeards Grugni bubble to help survive shooting and magic 

The Demigryphs will probably be on the passive side and then jump in wherever they're needed. Flank charging, protect own flank etc


I don't know what the Skaven list looks like but he will most likely have these units at least


Screaming Bell w/ Grey Seer


100x Clan rats

Warplock engineer w/ Doomrocket (I think that's what it was called)

6x Rat Ogres


EDIT: So I'm just curious what you veteran beards have to say about my list as it's my 4th or 5th game

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#2 Beardy


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Posted 04 March 2015 - 08:08 AM

Hello, and welcome to the brewery!


The list looks pretty good to me. Master Rune Of Balance, is not worth it's points though, in my opinion. Maybe take that out, and give Fiery ring to your runesmith. Also, against skaven, i'd highly recommend either an organ gun or a cannon, if you can find the points, but as I said, your list looks fine to me. to free up some points, you could change your longbeards to warriors with shields.


What you must do of course, is to target his bell with you and your friend's cannons, then the doomwheel. If there is a hellpit abomination on the field, you need some fire of some kind, so i'd put rune of fire on your cannon, just to be safe. The rat ogres aren't really that good, but they can hurt, make sure you whittle them down before they get into close combat. 


So priotiry target list: Screaming Bell; Hell Pit abomination; Doomwheel; lightning cannon (remember, the Ligthning cannon can shoot, even when you're in CC with his units) 

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#3 Baratheon


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Posted 04 March 2015 - 09:01 AM

Thanks for the reply!


Originally, I planned on having 2x Spellbreaking to try and lock down his spellcasting but i don't think the risk is worth taking when I only have 1000pts to work with and thats why I picked MRoBalance.


I tried swapping it for the ring as well as swap longbeards to warriors which freed up points to maybe add Valaya which would give us +4 on dispel attempts.

Unfortunately, the cannon is all the arty I have at the moment so no organ gun. I'll probably add the fire rune to the cannon seeing how cheap it is though.

#4 Beardy


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Posted 04 March 2015 - 09:06 AM

Valaya is never a bad choice! I prefer Groth One-eye, but I have used valaya if i know I am gonna bet bombarded by magic. And seeing as your friend is not using casters, Valaya is really a great choice, and might be the way to go.


Regarding artillery, if you only have a cannon to work with, then that settles it ;) For the future, I would probably invest in an organ gun, as it is that damn good!


Good luck with your game! I look forward to hearing how it ends!

#5 Baratheon


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Posted 05 March 2015 - 04:53 PM

Yeah change of plans. Another friend decided to join in at the last minute (he plays High Elves) so I allied with him and then the Skaven and Empire players were on the other team. This kind of forced us to go aggressively so I changed my list slightly.


I dropped the BSB thane and had a runesmith as my only character. I also added 10 miners with full command to deal with the Imperial cannons and his Engineer.


If shortened, this is what happened:


Turn 1.

We take out the Skaven warplock Engineer with bowfire before the doomfire rocket goes off and my cannon drops his Screaming Bell to 3 wounds.


My friends 20 Phoenix Guard get reduced to 3 by Dreaded 13th with irresistible force.


Turn 2.

I pop the miners right behind the Empire's cannons (he always places them next to each other) and we decimate a skaven horde with Lore of Life's Dwellers Bellow. To rub salt in the wound i drop a Dive Bomb into what's left and reduce them to 10-5 models and they panic towards 20 Sea Guard, RIP. My quarrelers kill his 10 handgunners to prevent short range S&S against our soon-to-be charging units.


Turn 3.

My 20 Warriors + runesmith and 7 Swordmasters succesfully charge their 40 Halberds + BSB and Warriorpriest. They flee off the board without inflicting any casualties on us. The Miners charge the Engineer and make short work of him. Things are looking pretty good so far.


The Skaven cast Plague and we underestimate it and it takes out a few Reavers and Sea Guard before stopping. They kill around 5 warriors with artillery and get one of our mages with a warplightning cannon. Another Dreaded 13th goes off with irresistible, killing only 8 warriors (luckily enough).


Final Turn

The Miners charge both cannons and take them out simultaneously. Our swordmasters and Warriors get charged by Demigryphs and the swordmasters get massacred. My runesmith survives along with a single warrior, denying points.


In the end it was a draw but easily one of the best games I've played. Elves and Empire lost their entire armies save for like one unit each. I actually didn't lose anything thanks to the warrior surviving combat. My cannon focused his bell the entire game and only got in one hit thanks to rolling a one when wounding it as well as the 4++ but oh well. :D


I ordered an Organ to my GW today so I'll pick it up in a week which is nice. ;) Probably gonna have an engineer with it next game.

Thanks for all the advice you provided, it helped! :)

#6 Beardy


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Posted 06 March 2015 - 05:41 PM

I'm glad to see you had fun!


That Dreaded 13th is hell, and Skaven are a hard match-up when they get that one through, so imho you did very well!


I am happy to have been of assistance!

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