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2500 First Army

dwarf army 2500 rewelus 2500

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#1 Rewelus


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Posted 24 February 2015 - 05:21 PM

 1.   Runelord (226pts) GW, Shield, MRo Balance, Ro Spellbreaking 2x, Ro Stone


2.   Runesmith (116pts) GW, Shield, Ro Spellbreaking 2x, Ro Stone


3.   Thane (164pts) Dwarf Pistol, GW, Ostone, Shield, ,BSB MRo Valaya, Ro Sanctuary


4.   Master Engineer (95pts), Brace of Dw. pistols,  Ro Stone, Ro Impact


5.   Longbeards (450pts) 30x GW, Champion,  Musician, BS Ro Battle, Ro Sanctuary


6.   Quarrellers (254pts) 16x GW, Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer 


7.   Cannon (145pts) Ro Forging, 


8.   Cannon (150pts) Ro Forging, Ro Burning


9.   Gyrocopter (80pts) Steam Gun


10. Gyrocopter (100pts) Brimstone Gun, Vanguard 


11. Gyrobomber (125pts)


12. Irondrakes (330pts) 20x Irondrake, Musician 


13. Organ Gun (170pts) Ro Accuracy, Ro Forging 





This little army make 2497 points. This is my first army and I am not sure all is cool or all is really correct becouse I am newbe here but armybuild program told me all is correct for the 8th Dwarf AB. So I hope is is.  


Thy for your tips or upgrades. 


I wish you always sharp ax and lucky dice.


Rewelus from Karaz-a-Karak

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#2 Mjöllnir


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 10:43 AM

Hi Rewelus,


a new dwarven brother is always welcome here in the brewery !


Below you can find my comments on your list:


Troops selection:


GW Longbeards and GW quarrellers are both solid choice in my opinion. 


My objections are about the runic banner on longbeards (R of Battle + R of Sanctuary). R of batle is usually not worth and R of Sanctuary is probably redundant (magic resistance (1) provided by the banner sadly doesn't stack with the one provided by runesmith / runelord). In this case the best choice for me is a R of Stoicism to provide stubborn to your main combat block.


Irondrakes: personally I love them. They never let me down in my strollaz list. With double slowness this guys simply rocks. (To include a 2xSlowness you need to reduce the other points on rare troops. If you want to keep the Gyrobomber, for me the only option is to remove forging from the Organ Gun and a copule of IronDrakes).




Double cannon is good and and forging is simply a "must have".


Maybe if you want to add some versatility to your army, for the same price you can swap one cannon for a grudge trower with forging and penetration (same point cost of a cannon with forging). It is quite accurate against monsters with a large base and can also be deadly against rank and files troops. But this is really up to your preferences.


Double Gyros are gold (especially against elves) but I don't see the point for the brimston gun. Steam gun is way better in my experience (but maybe  you have a specific reason for it).


Gyrobomber: not a popular choice but it can be deadly against massed infantry army (skaven, O&G) or eleves (squishy and high priced). I never used it and so I'm curious to know how it will work for you.


Orgun Gun: Deadly, especially with a master eng. Just one thing, the R. of forging is a bit redundant here because the Master Eng. already provides re-roll for misfire (at least until he lives).





Runelord: in the old days, he used to be my general but with the coming of our new book I never used him again and sadly R of Balance is not what used to be in the good old days. Anyways, If your gaming group is crazy on magic you can try to swap him for 2 cheap runesmith (for a total of 3 runesmith with a spellbreaker / spelleater each). Usually 2 runesmith with a spellbreaker each in my games are enough to survive the storm.


If you want to keep the runelord in the list try to make him a little more tanky (in this way he can perform a double role: provide magic protection to your army and preventing enemy killy (but not to much killy!) characters to destroy your rank and files troops). Now he has only a 3+ AS and I don't think is enough for a lord level character.


BSB: to much squishy and expensive for my taste (4+ AS is not really a great thing) and worst of all is the oathstone (he MUST accept challenge, so you don't have any ways to save him once in combat). So, in my opinion you have to leave Mr of Valaya in your hold and swap it with:


1) If you want to keep the oathstone you character must be equipped to survive challenges. So no runic banner but armour and weapon runes (ex. R of Iron x2, R of Fournace and R of Parryng if you are looking to maximize his ability to survive).

2) Leave the oathstone in your karak and equip him with some nasty runic banner. My favurite is MR of grugni (mainly for the 4+ WS provided to the BSB) and the 5++ bubble is awesome. Maybe you can also add 2 x Slowness on top of Grugni if you are looking to maximize your turns of shooting.


Master Eng: really good for me.


Just my 2 cents.


Hope it helps!!





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#3 Rewelus


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Posted 25 February 2015 - 10:59 AM

Thank you master Mjöllnir. This is great experience. This was my first army I have build ever. And next will come. 

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